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User Review : Gran Turismo 5

  • Stunning Premium Cars Visuals
  • Range of Cars- 1000+
  • Perfect Handling
  • Online could be better
  • Standard cars lack cockpit view
  • Loading times

King of Racing Simulators ?

Since it was first revealed at E3 2005, it’s been 5 long years since we’ve waited for GT5. But the main question is, was it worth the wait?

From the moment you put the game in your Playstation 3, GT5 doesn’t make a good impression, and it’ll take at least 45-60 minutes to install the game before your ready to set off.

Things get even worse with the lengthy loading times, you’d think with the long 1 hour wait, it would be sorted, but I honestly can’t see the point in the huge 8GB install at all.

However things get much better once you get to the main menu. From here you can choose to do as you please. You could either jump straight into arcade mode and break the speed limit with the premium cars, or enter the main aspect of the game, GT mode.

Unfortunately the 1000+ cars that the game offers are split into two categories, premium and standard. The standard cars make the majority of the 1000+ cars, and are basically rendered HD versions of the cars found in Gran Turismo 4. These standard cars don’t look terrible and suffer from not having a cockpit view, but get behind the wheel in a premium car, and your jaw will drop.

It’s clear to see where all those years in development went into. The attention to detail is stunning, from the stitching on the dashboard (in the cockpit view) to the reflections that glide across the body work.

Things get even better when you take one of the 200 premium cars to Photo Travel Mode; this is where you have the opportunity to truly see the detail, you wouldn’t be wrong to say that the cars look the same, if not better than the real thing.

From GT mode, you can either get behind the wheel in the challenging A Spec Mode, or create a driver and guide him through races to victory in B Spec mode.
B Spec isn’t great and can get boring very quickly; however it’s a great way to earn even more money or credits towards your next car. A Spec mode is where you’ll probably be spending most of your time, racing through different events with the difficulty increasing as you progress.

Gran Turismo 5 also offers night racing, making races even more challenging when you’re at top speed, struggling to see the next corner. It’s this sense of fear of crashing that makes night racing so exhilarating.

Another great addition is the ability to drive Go Karts, and they’re insanely fun to drive. Thanks to Polyphony’s obsession with realism, these karts can be very challenging to drive, one sharp turn and it could lose you the race. They’re great fun to drive and a nice break from driving cars, so it’s disappointing when you find out that there aren’t many events to keep you going.

These go karts could easily have been something truly great, if only Polyphony had expanded the events available to them.

Nevertheless they are a great addition to the series that I’d love to see in GT6, but the same can’t be said with the introduction of damage, drive over 200 mph straight into a barrier and you’ll be lucky to see the front bumper hanging a bit loose. When you compare the damage modelling to games such as GRID, GT5 is clearly behind.

On the other hand, Gran Turismo has never been about damage, but more about the driving thrill, and as always, it delivers. Having a Logitech wheel at your side will give you the best simulator experience ever, making the game even more challenging, yet so rewarding. Or you can get behind an everyday car such as a Ford Focus, and tune it until it turns into something completely different. However tune it to much and you’ll be struggling to keep the car on the track because of that V8 engine you fitted in.

As I said earlier, the cars look great, especially the ones in the premium range, so what about the environment and tracks? On some tracks, mainly real life tracks, the visuals look great. Take a car down the Nurburgring in Germany and it clearly resembles the real thing but take a drive down the Original High Speed Ring, and you won’t be as amazed due to the low amount of detail, making the track looking rather dull.

Online racing also makes it first debut to GT5. Races with up to 16 players are perfectly stable, with the whole race running smoothly without any problems. It’s a shame it’s not very user friendly, try inviting your friends to your lobby and things can get complicated. Having said that, with this minor issue sorted, the online is a great way to show off your skills to the rest of the world and to your mates. Hopefully Polyphony will bring out patches in the future to help unlock the multiplayer to its full potential.

I have spent a lot of time on playing GT5 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Saying that, GT5 still has its own share of problems, from the unfriendly multiplayer experience, the long loading times, to the odd screen tearing and the poor shadows. Kazunori Yamauchi had said throughout the games development that he wanted to create the perfect racing game, and it was quite obvious he was obsessed about the graphics and detail.

It’s a shame then how these little bugs ruin Kazunori’s dream. It seems as if Polyphony had focused way too much on the premium cars, rather than anything else. What I can say, is that the game is a near perfect simulator. Once you get into the game, you will appreciate everything GT5 has to offer, and forget that those little issues ever existed.

GT5 might not appeal to those who play arcade racers such as the Need for Speed series, but for those who have fantasised about driving the world’s most exotic cars; this game is definitely worth the purchase. The same can also be said for those who are loyal to the series. Although a lot of the game feels similar to its counterparts, there is enough new content in this game to keep me going until Gran Turismo 6, whenever that comes out.

Overall, Gran Turismo 5 still retains the crown of being the best racing simulator, and as to the question at the start, Gran Turismo 5 was easily worth the wait.
This is by far the most realistic racing simulator available to date, and the fact that this game offers more than any other racing game available, makes this game a bargain for what its worth.

From the stunning Premium cars, to the detail in some of the Tracks. This is one brilliant looking game. Without the standard cars, this would be near a perfect 10.
Alot of the Engine sounds sound similar, and the music tracks aren't the best. However there are a cars within the garage that give out a brutal yet satisfying sound.
Its all simulation. The game handles and plays like a beauty.
Fun Factor
With the amount of content available, there is alot of fun to be had.
The online makes a nice entry to the series, but could be alot better to reach its potential.
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Information Minister2845d ago

Good review and good read, but your overall score doesn't seem to reflect what you wrote. I would probably give GT5 a score of 8,5. The game is graphically inconsistent and there are a number of technical issues, like the insane initial install and the flawed damage system.

But then there's the driving. I've spent hours racing against the clock all by myself, just testing different cars and racing conditions on the Nordschleife. It's that good, and nothing else comes close. It makes you forget about all the flaws.

Here's what PD needs to do in GT6:
- customizable weather and time of day for all tracks
- improved damage system
- improved graphics, particularly the track detail
- a lot more premium cars, especially european cars
- work on the game's menu system and general presentation to make it more user friendly.

Tommykrem2845d ago

I agree that GT5 is flawed, but just like with Oblivion I think that the ambition level is set so high here that it is possible to forgive quite a lot. I'd say 9.6/10 myself.

And to the reviewer:
Job well done!

MintBerryCrunch2845d ago

am i the only one who feels that a game like GT5 just begs for commentators during the race...if you ever watch a sports game, you always have people commentating on the game...the same is done for races...make it an option that way you can turn it on and off...i would love an ability to create my own driver and turn him into the next Schumacher and with this have rivals throughout your career....i would also love a pre-race presentation where the commentators talk about the top cars/racers...get shots of the cars lining up/fans/race pits etc....the presentation could really immerse you in the game if they implemented some of these things

as for GT5, i hope they make the track creator waaay more robust

iPad2843d ago

LMAO are you serious? That menu is already user friendly. It's already as easy as it gets. Hell, GT3's Menu is more difficult than GT5, IMO

Terarmzar2845d ago

Great review my favorite game!
i agree with all of your ups and downs except for their music tracks. I really like the music in the game but of course not everyone likes the same sorta music. Nonetheless great review.

Max_Dissatisfaction2844d ago

Clearly not an average, the score I mean.
9.4 yet none of its parts gets more than a 9.2 from you. Weird.

The_Ultimate_Guy2844d ago

WOW a whole point difference between your end score and the calculated average. Seems like you didn't want the game to be an 8.4 so you bumped it up to a 9.4. Maybe to appease the Sony fanboys or your internal fanboyism. But a game that has a 7 for online and a 7 for sound should NOT be an overall 9.4.

Sorry, your review fails.

The_Ultimate_Guy2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Is asking if someone is "dumb" or "mad" now considered a valid rebuttal from the Sony Loyalists?

Is your IQ so low that you cannot see that there are 2 7's in the review yet overall is a 9.4? Think about it, that means the game is almost perfect yet 2 major aspects in the review are clearly less than near perfect.

You Sony fanboys crack me up.

Only 20% of the cars have interior views.
terrible 2D vegetation
broken online
cluttered menu system
800+ cars that look like PS2 ports
terrible flickering car shadows

Even the break down shows that the game is around an 8 which is where I put the score but putting it at a 9.4 when clearly the game is incomplete and having to bump up the score a whole extra point to put it at a 9.4 is clearly bias fanboyism.

If the average was an 8.7ish and was bumped up to a 9 then I could understand that, but a whole point...o.O LOL.

Bias review. Review fails.

LilDeja932844d ago

Please don't chat verbal Diarrhea.

theunleashed642844d ago

it's his review, his opinion. i'd like to see you say this if someone did a review for forza 3 claiming it's the king of driving sims.

LilDeja932844d ago

An overall score doesn't have to be an average on the other scores, but on what you feel the game deserves, the music and online doesn't bother me so much that I'm going to give it an 8.4.

In the end the only fail here is you. So don't chat gas.

Gran Touring2844d ago

A very thorough and honest review, well done on that.

I think my biggest gripe with the game, and you sort of mention this as well, was that they clearly had a ton of ideas for GT5, but for those that made the cut, very few of the features are fully fleshed-out.
If you run down the list of what the game supports, it seems pretty impressive, at least on paper it does...
-Dynamic Weather
-Day/Night System
-Progressive cosmetic and mechanical damage system
-Rally racing, Nascar,
-Track Creator
-Data Logger system (I think just the ISF supports this)
-Premium/Standard cars, and Low/High Detail Tracks
-The Exquisite Graphics...

The problem is, other than the driving engine itself (which is phenomenal), none of those features listed are implemented to full effect. The graphics engine took a hit since prologue, (you can watch comparison videos on YT too see) only some tracks support day/night transition or weather; if either. WRC and Nascar modes seem like small extraneous elements; Nascar racing in particular: there's only 2 tracks available and not one of the events supports a full 16 car grid. Actually, NONE of the events in the game support full 16 car grids while GT5P had them for every track.

With all that being said, there is still very high value to the GT5 package, and PD did address many of the major concerns the fans wanted. It's just that with it's development time, it's hard to justify certain things being incomplete. But in defense, it's even more difficult to find any racing game with half of the features GT5 has.

I think GT5 will serve as the "experiment" for future GT titles. Premium cars, higher-detailed tracks, dynamic weather, day/night, the track editor... these are all things I think we'll see "full" versions of in GT6. The GT series really doesn't have to add anything new at this point, it's functionally got everything the series will ever need. It just needs to complete and overhaul each of them.

LilDeja932844d ago

Well said and true, I reckon GT6 will be the game a Kazunori wanted GT5 to be, PERFECT.

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