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User Review : Gran Turismo 5

  • Realistic
  • Fun
  • Lots of cars
  • Pop-in graphics
  • Bad crash sounds
  • No incentive to play online

The real driving simulator?

Gran Turismo 5, a game many have been waiting for for a very long time now. But was it worth the wait? Hopefully this review will address the games pros and cons and let you know whether or not it was. So fasten your seat belts, it's time to take off.

For a game that has had it's creator constantly bragging about "detail" and "great looks" the game has some obvious graphical problems. While the premium cars look great, the standard cars are really lacking. It's not noticeable when you're driving at 200km/h+ speeds, but it is quite obvious in photo mode, so much so that the developers removed the ability to zoom in to a close-up on all standard cars. However, the graphics overall are fairly pretty so a few jaggies on a car model is forgivable.

Almost everything is great in the sound. Car's sound really great' especially after they're given some upgrades. Crashing cars, however, does not produce the greatest sound and leaves more to be desired in this department.

The game is first and foremost a driving simulator, and it works great. It's fun to drive each new car you get and see how each one handles differently, I haven't noticed any screen tearing so far either. The game does suffer from background environments popping in a second or two after you turn a corner, it's not very noticeable, but it does take away from the experience.

Fun factor-
This game is very, very fun. From the feeling of overtaking an opponent at the last second of a race to getting a new car. Everything just feels good. There are definitely some shortcomings in the menu system though, and it can make the experience feel cumbersome, which can take away from the fun of the game itself.

The bad news, this is a weaker point of the game, there isn't a whole lot of incentive to play the game online. The good news, the game has online, it works, it might not give you a whole lot for playing it but it works well, you can play with your friends, and it's entertaining. So the weakest point of the game is still fairly strong.

Fun Factor
wissam4565d ago

Good review my friend. I am planing to pick it up soon.

SeanRL4564d ago

It really is a great game! Played for 18 hours straight with my friend just after getting it!

bunfighterii4564d ago

18 hours? Damn that's a long ass gaming session! I thought I pulled long ones clocking at 4-5 hours!

never_waste_a_bullet4563d ago

same here, played non stop 'til 5am most nights

GMWPS34560d ago

I played about 8 hours straight the first time. From 9pm till about 5:30am then continued at 11am till 7pm! Best driving game to date!

Kon_Artist 4560d ago

i came back from work at 8 and played it until 6:30 am. sometimes i feel bad for my ps3

SnakeRule4565d ago

Isn't playing with your friends a good enough incentive to play online? They're also adding leaderboards with an update soon

SeanRL4564d ago

Leaderboards would be nice, I meant like a cash and exp reward for completing a race online.

dirtydbz4565d ago

I love this game and can add to the gripes bit they should have left b-spec out still untill the ai is better the only tracks I can actually win on in b-spec are the longer tracks

SeanRL4564d ago

Get better in A-spec and then give your B-spec guy you're best car, then make sure he's calm and cool for all of the race. Should be fine

bunfighterii4564d ago

You didn't like online mode?

I've had a blast online. I played it online all Sunday. However, I can see where currently without matchmaking, online would fall down. My advantage is I have a bunch of friends with the game, and we all got together that day and played- but we also had random people joining in the fun so it was pretty good.

Online suffers (connection speed permitting) no lag and runs very smoothly with no graphical downgrades, and since the update the power/weight and other restrictions (such as the host being able to specifically choose which cars lobby members can drive) can really make for some thrilling races.