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User Review : God of War 3

  • Best Boss Fights ever. EVER
  • One of the most beautiful games of all time.
  • A loving goodbye to all God of War fans.
  • Ending could have been better
  • The game doesn't run at 60fps through the entire game
  • The last game in the trilogy

God of War 3: A year after the hype, does this game still deliver

I pre-ordered God of War 3 over a year before it was even truly announced. I got the early demo, and played it about 100 times. I bought God of War Collection to recall the events prior to the final part of the Trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed the PSP game Chains of Olympus, but couldn't complete Ghost of Sparta thanks to my PSP 2000 drive dying. :(

So as you can clearly see I like the God of War franchise....A LOT. So while PSN was down I decided to play through all of my old games, and get my trophy score up, and the second game I went to was God of War 3 (Resident Evil 5 was first since they were the easiest to get). But moving on along, I put the disc in, no updates, were off to a good start already. And as soon as I started playing it again I realized for the second time just how incredible this game is.

God of War may not have the best combat system in it's genre, it may not have the most enemies on screen, or tons of weapons and powers, but it is THE BEST GAME IN IT'S GENRE BY FAR.

Let's get the graphics out of the way. God of War 3 still holds up as one of the best looking games EVER. Even after the likes of Killzone 3, Crysis 2, and upcoming arrivals like Uncharted 3, RAGE, Battlefield 3, and other big graphics games. I as well as other use to say it's the best looking game at time, but the problem with that thinking was that the times when we thought it wasn't was simply something like running through some random hallway to get to the next area, and even then the game trounces 90% of the games out there. There isn't a time in the game where you're really playing that the game doesn't look jaw dropping. Kratos character model is easily one of the best designed in any game, the enemy character models are well done, especially larger/deadlier enemies. The sense of scale destroys everything out there from the Titans, to the stages, to the puzzles. I never noticed it while playing, but Mount Olympus itself is nothing but one big puzzle, starting all the way from the Underworld, up to the top of the mountain, that's the kind of scale you get in God of War 3 and often.

The gameplay is God of War 3 is perfect. It may not be the most flashy combat system, or the most technical, but it is the most smooth, simplistic, and satisfying. You don't have to think about what you're doing to play God of War 3, and that to me is a testament of great gameplay and great controls allowing everyone to be able to learn the game in minutes. This is the same the same feeling I get when I play Uncharted 2, which is going to be compared to God of War 3 throughout this review often. You get 5 weapons over your journey (1 only gained through using Rage of the Titans) along with a specific magic power tied to each weapon, and 3 items to use as well. The weapons are all pretty similar at first glance, but they do offer unique differences.

The Blades of Exile your main weapons are similar to the blades Kratos has in every God of War game. It's magic summons fallen Spartans to shield you from attacks and stab every enemy nearby, after maxing out it summons the Spartans, and the rain down hundreds of arrows on all enemies nearby. The next weapon you receive are the Claws of Hades after defeating Hades which I'll get to later. These claws function similarly to the Blades of Exile, but the main difference is their ability to summon souls to aid you in battle. So you can summon many of the enemy types you defeat in the game as you power of the Blades, one thing that's disappointing is that you can't use Hades even though you stole his soul with them, but oh well. The Nemean Cetus are next, and the most varied of the weapons. They turn Kraots into a brawler allowing him to perform hand to hand combat, and cause tremors by hitting the groun, but they too are chained weapons. The final weapon is the Nemesis Whip, which are actually two whips the are good for setting up aerial combos, their magic shocks all nearby enemies and temporarily paralyzes them.

The items have received a huge upgrade from previous games by now having their own magic meter, that refills seconds after use. You obtain the bow of Apollo to shoot arrows or flaming arrow. Boot of Hermes which turn Kratos into a track star/basketball player as he speeds past enemies, jump up in the air, or runs up and across walls. The last item is the Head of Helios (yes the Head of the god himself) to bind enemies, light up dark areas, or find hidden treasure/paths. This item is so extremely useful, so make sure you learn to use it constantly on your first playthrough, because you're going to need it to beat the game on Titan Mode of the trophy, as well as to find all the hidden chest.

The audio of God of War 3 is very good. As always the voice acting is great, and all the performance are well done. The music fits the setting perfectly, and the weapons and sound effects are great as well with the exception of using the Cetus to hit the unbreakable blue crystal items, that just sounds a little cheap to me.

Now that the technical part of the review is out of the way, it's time to get into why this game is such a masterpiece. God of War 3 is like playing a Summer Blockbuster movie, the same way Uncharted 2 was. This game is CINEMATIC. The camera work is some of the best ever, and the QTE's offering some of the grueling, brutal, but entertaining moments in gaming. God of War 3 just offers so many great moments. I've literally played this game in front of several family members, and they were entertained so much that all they wanted to do was watch, and only one bothered to ask to play when I died for the first time. It's completely unbelievable what Sony Santa Monica has done with this game using the PS3's hardware. There are just so many moments in this game from simple things like, the multilayer puzzles, to the amazing architecture, to the incredible boss fights. Oh the boss fights. EVERY BOSS FIGHT IS INCREDIBLE. The very beginning of the game has one of the best Boss Fights in any God of War game, or any game ever for that matter. The Poseidon fight is a complete showcase for this game, for your PS3, and your HDTV. It's truly incredible, and the time and effort they put into it really shows, this battle sets the tone for the entire game. The next big fight is with Hades himself, and once again it's another incredible experience, the two of you are literally in a battle to the death for your souls, and it's one of the most artistic yet brutal boss fights ever. The Hermes chase was thrilling and a refreshing take on boss fight for the series. Fighting a 1,000 foot Titan was another moment to go down in history as one of the best Boss Fights ever. Pounding Hercules face in, all the way up to your final confrontation with Zeus which has so many layers to it it's ridiculous in a good way. God of War 3 is one of the best PS3 games, and one of the best games ever. Like Uncharted 2 before it, it's a perfect example of what ever other game in it's genre has to look up to, because it's sitting high above everything else. One of the best games ever.

This game is beautiful. Graphically this game is a masterpiece producing detailed character models, incredible architecture, and a huge sense of scale all running at 1080p @ 60fps (most of the time).
The music does a great job at keeping moments tense, amplifying moments where you can take a breather, there's even a music puzzle. But the voice actors are the star of this show.
Simple, Smooth, and Satisfying best describe God of War 3's gameplay. Yes you can button mash on lower difficulties, but try it on Titan, and see where it gets you.
Fun Factor
This is a thrill ride from the moment you press start game, until the very end.
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Jinxstar2709d ago

Nice review. I too am a huge GOW fan and pre ordered LONG before as well. Midnight launched and everything. I was a little concerned when I saw "God of War may not have the best combat system in it's genre, it may not have the most enemies on screen" I thought exactly what you put in your score section "Did you play it on easy then?" because well... Isn't that what would make the game "Easy" because the harder modes can be seriously hard as you or anyone who tried it knows. Also number of enemies on screen can get pretty high.

About 1:30 in. I mean it's not 100 but there are time in the game where there are 20+ enemies with no hitching or noticeable framerate drops. I can't think of a game besides Dynasty warriors(Such a bad example because graphics and gameplay are not on par in anyway)That has more active AI enemies trying to take you out at any given time. Dead Rising has a lot on screen but until you get close to them they aren't actively trying to get you... I dunno thats just my 2 cents.

Great review though bro. GOW3 is my game of the decade for last decade. Best game I feel like I have ever played...

Game on bro.

ABizzel12709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Thanks and I'm glad everyone enjoyed the review. Look for more throwback reviews over the next couple of weeks.


Just mentioning dynasty warriors leads me to believe you're a fan of hack and slash, so I'm going to explain what I meant, only because you seem to know the genre. From a combat standpoint Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta have a better combat system. They're simply more diverse, and force you to learn them in order to play the game well. God of War is a pick up and play game, the gameplay is still great and easily top 5 for the genre, but not quite on the same level as those 3 IMO.

As far as enemies that didn't bother me at all, because there were plenty of them at times (skeletons, harpys, and little monsters) I only said that because that's a selling point for some games like the last fight in heavenly sword.

I played it on Titan and I'm on my to getting my platinum, but like I said in my review people who play on easy, can play the game without any problems and it makes getting trophies easier, that's why they say you can beat the game by bashing square, but if they play on titan trying to button mash they're going to die.

First and foremost this is not an attack or me being defensive at all. I appreciate you taking the time out to read my review, but I wanted to correct any misunderstandings about my review. Even though I think other games do some things better, I still think the god of war franchise is the best in its genre by far right now. Again thanks for really reading and not just commenting on the score :) hopefully Sony Santa Monica shows off their new game at E3, can't wait.

Jinxstar2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Hey it's all good bro. I am a fan of hack and slash.

Also I'm not as sensitive as most people on here. I know on N4G most people have to preface everything they say so others feelings don't get hurt but I ain't one of those guys =D. You opinion is your opinion and you don't need to preface anything.

Well let me know when you beat it on titan. It was A LOT harder for me then on medium. There was one point right near the 3 kings when you come back.... Where wave after wave of baddies come at you and the freaking cerberus that shoots you... Toughest part in the game imo. There were a few doozies but that one was beastly... Right before you break the chain with the nemian cestus. Let me know how you did. I probably died 20 times... Hopefully you breeze through it. =D

I have played and beat Ninja Giaden Sigma and I played black back in the day but never finished it. I played NGSigma 2 and Bayonetta. DMC1,3,4... Now there is a point of balance that a lot of people don't see.... I mean you can grind and grind and grind in DMC 1 right near the beginning and then it's a simple walk through... for the most part. Bayonetta was great all around. Except I feel like towards the end it dragged. Kinda like Dantes inferno... Some of those levels and areas felt like they were designed simply to extend play time.... NG was kinda like Demons souls. Designed to be very hard. You have to learn, practice and have a little luck on your side to win. Took me about 3 weeks to beat the first NG. The second one I just couldn't get into for some reason... And Dynasty Warriors... Nuff said there...

All that said none of them have the scope, scale, pacing, aesthetic, QA support, graphics or story the GOW does imo. The combat is but a small part. Puzzles, Mini games, QTE's (Pioneered by GOW) and tons of other things make it amazing start to finish (I'm also one of the few that liked the ending... call me crazy). It does things I have never seen in a video game. Blows my mind.

The combat to me is very deep. Extremely stylized and the weapons are super unique... At least in GOW 3... Some people say it leaves a lot to be desired. The same people say that about a game like Batman AA. However how many of those people can get through the challenge modes and have the trophies like "Link every move into one combo" I feel the same about GOW. yes on easy and even medium anyone can get through. You don't even need a block button. On anything above hard you absolutely need everything in you arsenal. Block, roll, repel, vertical, horizontal, medussa head, boots, right weapon for right enemy and patience for trial and error. Unless your just amazing, Which some people are, then the combat really does stand out.

I think for the majority though the game is designed for story, graphics and scope. I don't think they want to barrier to entry super high like itagaki or anything. They want people to not get frustrated and just keep going. I had friends come by for a whole day and play on easy just to see the whole story. They weren't looking for the challenge that someone like you or I would and so the game really does become a masher but tell me truly by the time you get your plat if you could really just "Mash buttons". Also the challenge modes offer some unique and crazy times.

I platinumed all 3 GOW's and still go back often enough to get my fix in. Can never get enough.

Also did you get your 1000 hit combo yet?

ABizzel12708d ago

Oh it's fine, I just didn't want to make it look like I was down on God of War at all, it's in my top 3 franchises (along with Zelda and Uncharted).

I know exactly what you're talking about with the 3 kings. You go back down there to break the chain and it's constant attack after attack. Also inside the Labyrinth where you have to fight off all those monsters, while dodging the spikes coming from the ground was horrible. Again that's why I said The Head of Helios will become your best friend. It gives you breathing room from the weaker enemies so you can kill them off, and focus on the stronger ones in a one on one battle. Another hard fight was on top of the Labyrinth box where those armored Cyclops keep coming down, and the horde of skeleton people keep jumping on it.

And yeah I beat it on Titan, I'm on to the Challenge of Olympus, and it's getting on my nerves :(

Yeah God of War destroys the other games in the genre in almost every way.

Jinxstar2708d ago

Yeah I used to be a huge Zelda fan. I'm not digging Skyward sword. I hated spirit tracks and wasn't a fan of phantom... Twilight princess was the last great game. Since then it's been nothing but disappointment for me though... Uncharted is fantastic but I would have to say for me it's Probably Street fighter(or any good 2d fighter. I love the skill required and amazing diversity of good fighting games. The competition, community and spirit is amazing. It's an underground world of just awesome), God of War and probably something like Twisted Metal... however that last changes based on hype of games and my current mood (Batman AC, LA Noire, Last Guardian, etc...) but TW looks amazing. Jaffe is a genius and TW is a fantastic competitive game. SF and GOW are always constant though. I must have beat every GOW at least 7 or 8 times by now... I only beat Ocarina like 4 times maybe...

Super excited to see what Sony Santa Monica are gonna show at E3.Sony is gonna have a great show... Minus the PSN issues they will have to address it should be an amazing show.

Game on bro and Add me on PSN if you like. Always good to have good people to game with.

ABizzel12708d ago

I understand about Zelda, some are hit and miss, but even those that aren't as great are still good. The Windwaker games turn me off, I don't like the art style, and I just can't get into them. Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite game, but we'll see if it still holds up when it comes out on 3DS, but I'm sure it does seeing how I beat it again on Wii when I had nothing to play during the first few months (Gamecube version). Majora's Mask was pretty good, but not as good of OofT. Twilight Princess was really good IMO as well, regardless of what reviewers/followers say. I'm hoping Skyward Sword is as good, but I'm not really digging the art style, it's workable, but they should have stuck with TP.

I've always liked Twisted Metal, part 2 was my favorite (loved playing with Twister).

As far as fighting games go I use to be a huge fighting game fan, but the games have been a let down for me this gen. Virtua Fighter 5 was good, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was good, and that's about it as far as hardcore fighting games go. SSF4 was only ok to me, and so was MK vs DC and the new one. I haven't played Capcom vs Tasunoko (I know I spelled it wrong), but I hear it's good. I'm a big Tekken fan, but Tekken 6 was a HUGE let down for me, it's still a good game, it just disappointed me. I don't know something just felt off about them, I felt like they could have done more story wise or something else (I'm a sucker for a good story).

But yeah it seems we have similar taste in games, so I'll add you. Is it Jinxstar? My PSN is ABizzel1. Well I must say it's nice to meet someone with some sense on n4g for once. I guess I'll see you on PSN.

Jinxstar2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I liked Wind Wakers Gameplay but art style was a little strange. A long time ago I actually bought the Gamecube promotional disc. It has Legend of Zelda, Links adventure, Ocarina of Time Master Quest and standard as well as Majoras Mask. Personally I'm not about to pay 40$ for a game I already own so 3DS is out for me. When it drops and if the system has more to offer I may buy it. Twilight was my favorite though. Great all around I think.

I loved TW2 and Black. The first time I put the disc in and heard that rolling stones paint it black song and saw the dark grittiness of it all... I loved it. Can't wait for the new one. I even have a TW black poster up in my garage. I tried to get Jaffe to sign it at comic con one year but could never find the guy...

AS far as Fighting games. I plan on writing a blog on here soon hopefully as I find it just so interesting all around. I feel like most gamers have no idea how deep the community goes and how cool it is just to even watch some high level play. I've been frequenting a lot just to see videos... I've been checking out mame sites and seeing amazing home made fight sticks and... It's pretty intense. like this guys work (Deadpool is probably my favorite. The eyes in the stick light up when you move it as well as all the buttons when you press them) Or project giant swords stuff.... Funny enough I have been thinking about having one of those places make me a God of War fight stick =P

I could never really get into Tekken. To me the characters are just really slow moving and it just doesn't appeal to me. I feel like recovery takes ages and punishment in that game is all there is... The new MK is very competitive but I still prefer MVC and SSF. new 3rd strike announcement has me excited...

Yeah it is Jinxstar. I should be on later but have a ton to do today. Thanks for the compliment and see you online bro =D

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Fylus2709d ago

I agree. I actually did just the same thing while the PSN was down. I played the hell out of God of War 3, Infamous, and Uncharted 2.

It's nice to see a review that's more of a "Remember how amazing this game was?" picture. It definitely makes me want to go back and play even more.

PSN going down was a perfect chance for everyone to have these kinds of moments with all of the great singleplayer games out there.

egidem2709d ago

This is a fantastic review! I also LONG preordered God of War 3, and I have played the demo well over 100 times. I just never got tired of how awesome it always was. I'll never forget how fantastic this game is. Really reminds you of those good times.

Hudahudahuda2709d ago

I'm a huge fanboy of this series. The game was fantastic but still I feel the 2nd was the best in the series and one of the best games of all time.

ABizzel12708d ago

The second was the best yo me as well, but being on the PS3 allowed this game to do so much more and do things better. I really liked chains of olympus as well.

sdtarm2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

my fav is the first one, the amazing storytelling and how it developed canT be topped by any other game of the series, kudos to jaffe!

Tyre2706d ago

Awesome review, very well written and 100% truth, thx dude i'm still in awe everytime i play it, God of War 3 is not been surpassed, i still cannot believe this is possible this Generation such magical graphics and overall experience, it truly is THE BEST on all departments, respect to Santa Monica Studios.