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User Review : God of War 3

  • Presentation is unmatched
  • Amazing Boss Battles
  • Gameplay overhaul
  • Ending could have been better
  • The game isn't locked at 60fps
  • The conclusion to the trilogy :(

Kratos got his revenge

God of War 3 is an epic roller coaster ride, and prime example of what all video games should aspire to be. God of War 3 presentation is on par with blockbuster movies, and is a prime example of what videos should be.

God of War 3 keeps the formula that made the previous 2 games in the series successes. However, it evolves and expands upon those concepts so perfectly that it makes the other games feel as dated as they are.

The first major overhaul has been to the gameplay. The gameplay is fundamentally the same as God of War 2, however, additional moves like the the grabbing ram, and grappling with the chains of exile, and real time weapon switching make the combat so effortless that you forget that you're only using two buttons to attack. I've always felt that linearity and combat were God of War's weakest points, but Sony Santa Monica has done an excellent job turning those weakness around. The combat system has turned from being good enough into high quality gameplay. The new weapons and tools you obtain along the journey are all extremely useful, and combined with the items Kratos keeps from God of War 2 and a new magic meter specifically for items, God of War 3 can now comfortably compete with the other big games in the genre in terms of gameplay.

Speaking of linearity, God of War 3 doesn't change that formula. However, the game hides it very well. The entire game takes place on Mount Olympus, but this mountain has tons of nooks and crannies. You go from the top of the mountain to the pits of Hades, up through the mountain innards, to Poseidon's lair, through the mountains, into the realm of the Olympians, down to Tartarus, and more. And the game hides it's linearity by bridging each area together as if they're truly connected.

Another thing improved upon is the camera. The camera provide the most dynamic image available for every scene in the game. When you're scaling the mountain it zooms in on you, before panning out and letting you see just how far you've come. When you go in for the kill it zooms in letting blood splatter spray everywhere. The camera is like a character itself aiding Kratos show off his talents. The QTE's have also been revamped by having the button press appear in the sides of the screen as they're laid out on the controller. The makes it easy to perform the QTE's without missing any of the action on screen.

Finally Puzzles and Platforming are given more face time this go round, and both section are done well like every other part of the game.

Graphically God of War is a stunner. It's easily one of the Top 5 best looking games this gen. Highlights include the boss battles. Each one seems like a choreographed scene from a movie. The character models are also amazingly detailed especially the titans, but even common enemies vary from one another which is not seen in many games. Another thing to note is that while God of War 3 is aesthetically beautiful it's also a technical masterpiece. The game runs at 1080p at 60 fps. But that frame rate varies between 30 and 60 fps, however, the frame rate is never a problem because the drop occurs at times when it's never noticed. How SSM (Sony Santa Monica) did this I don't know, but they need to teach this technique to other devs. There's not enough that can be said about God of War 3's visuals so just play the game and see for yourself.

God of War has always had great audio and part 3 is no exception. As always TC Carlson ("Living Single", "Final Destination 2", and now a Macy's commercial) does an excellent job as Kratos, but everyone in this game is voiced well. And the music does an excellent job of moving the game along as well.

God of War 3 is an perfectly paced game, that unfortunately feels shorter than what it is simply because you don't want it to end. The game is around 10 - 12 hours long, and afterwards you can take on the Challenge of Olympus or replay the game uses the powers from the urns and items you've unlocked. So that's it, then end of the trilogy and how the series ends. It's been a great ride, but everything must come to an end sooner or later, and God of War is leaving on a high note. God of War 3 along with the franchise will go down as one of the best of all time.

The PS3 does it again. Overall God of War 3 is a great looking game, but when you thrown in moments like fighting on titans, and the details in Kratos and some of the bosses character models your eyes will see one of the best looking ever.
God of War has always had great voice acting, and music and God of War 3 doesn't change that formula.
I've always thought God of War's gameplay was it's weakest point. It's good, really good, but not on par with the competition. God of War 3 corrects that. Fundamentally it's the same as the previous games, but the tweaks and additions bring it up to the competitions standards.
Fun Factor
God of War 3 is a roller coaster ride, that you never want to end. Everything about this game is epic. Those who have been with our anti-hero will be pleased with God of War 3 in every way, until the ride ends.
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ilikestuff2891d ago

good review, i agree with the ending, i wanted something better, and the last boss fight was a disappointment, but everything else was !0 out of 10. well written buddy boy

Christopher2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

After the massive boss fights with Poseidon, Hades, and Cronus, I was kind of disappointed in the "mortal sized" battle with Zeus. It also felt more like a 2d fighter game than a 3D action game like the rest of the game.

IMHO, Zeus should have been a very long battle with Kratos having to use a lot of terrain and similar elements to take him out. It just wasn't a massive ending like I expected. That was alongside the fact that his revenge ended up just leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

blackburn52891d ago

I kinda agree with the last boss fight. It was good but in comparison to the battles between Hades in GOW1 and Zeus in GOW2, it was truely lacking

zez2891d ago

Loved it! easily the best hack n' slash of 2010. Bring on GOW4!

Three_Sisters2888d ago

its more like the best VIOLENT hack n' slash :)

Oh my! the blood in the game!!

zez2887d ago

Show me a better hack n slash game released this gen. I've played most of them :)

ABizzel12891d ago

Thanks everyone, I haven't posted a review in a long time so I picked one of my favorite games to review. I thought the fight with Zeus was fine, it wasn't the best, but the whole wrap up to the story was weird.

But it was still an amazing game.

awesomeperson2891d ago

I thought the fight was fine, but I think that other fights DURING GoW3 were better, for example I found Poseidens fight at the beginning just... wow.

shnarbis2891d ago

AGREEEEE with awesomeperson
zeus battle was EPIC
but Poseidon battle at the beginning just had to be one of the most incredible opening scenes of biblical proportions i have EVER witnessed!

GeneGodHand2891d ago

Nothing like it not even close.

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