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User Review : Gears 5

  • Many ways to play
  • Amazing campaign
  • cross play
  • has micro-transactions
  • bad tutorial
  • a lot of dedication sometimes feeling like a job to get special rewards.

Time to REV up your chainsaw and get to cutting through Gears 5

Gears 5 was one of my most anticipated games of 2019, and it has yet to disappoint me it has 4 major modes Campaign ,horde ,multiplayer and escape .I personally started on campaign and cut a major chunk out of the campaign on my first night mainly because multiplayer was having some serious issues .The campaign does a excellent job of making sure you know what is going on with a great recap of gears 4 and drops you in a convenient spot a couple months or a year after gears 4 the timing and spacing of the campaign is spectacular with linear acts and 2 open world acts where you get to use a sciff which is super enjoyable and personally got me really engaged with whats happening and got to connect with the characters more and actually feel for them as you explore and find yourself in interesting situations and none of the secondary objectives felt forced on you .3 player coop is in campaign where someone plays as the robot and 2 humans jack is better for new players and adds a new layer to the campaign where you can take things slow or fast and have a strategy for most situations you get yourself into .The actual story was breathtaking and personally my favorite gears campaign getting you really attached to the characters and makes me really excited for gears 6.

Now time for the one of the main attractions MULTIPLAYER. Multiplayer does not hold back in the slightest making you feel like you made an actual difference on the battlefield or you are the main reason you lost . They're many game types to choose from there is 2 tiers casual play and ranked om casual there is arcade casual and coop vs AI, in ranked there is Team death-match, king of the hill, escalation, guardian ,execution in ranked there are some people who really try hard in any game-modes and it constantly feels like teammates are not even playing and its really bad bots another big criticism i have with ranked is there is no penalty for leaving which sucks for committed players there is not a whole lot new with the multiplayer except the tour of duty which adds challenges to do and adds ranks to rank up in getting special rewards it is essentially a battlepass of sorts and mainly for consistent players to keep them busy on all game modes except campaign.

Horde is a classic game mode where friends and some randoms get together to fend of waves of DBs or Swarm where you build up your defenses and hope you can put up a worth while fighting effort . With a new character system where your character matters because they have a class skill passive and special loadout,my personal favorite character is jack who can help out your fellow comrades and can give you the edge you need to when the game or at least get you through a couple rounds.There are mini perks that only last in your current game which can give you more health or faster health regeneration which can be very helpful in the later rounds .There is a card system like in 4 to get your character unique skills to progress you though the match and they are pretty easy to earn at least the green and blue after intermediate difficulty you have a chance to get rarer cards at the cost of harder challenges added in like no respawns or less ammo you can play with up to 5 people in game my biggest problem with horde is the scoreboard it sits there for a minute it feels longer and takes up time in which you could be preparing your defenses or taking the power out of your power taps to get more currency for defense or perk an weapons.

Escape is a new game mode where you get captured intentionally to destroy an enemy base with a total of 3 players escaping a gauntlet against overwhelming odds with limited ammo and scions and sires in most corners it can be very difficult even on casual difficulty there are multiple characters due to dlc character with different abilities it takes hordes card system for each character most of the characters have life saving abilities which is almost always necessary to use to get out of the base and into the king raven. A new and really neat feature is the map builder mode for escape where you can make and play community maps whether its a joke map or an insane trial you can add a theme and make a unique atmosphere, the map building can be really tedious and confusing because you can not mix two map sets which can be annoying but its really cool to see your own made map and having you and your friends play it together for a nice experience.

Gears 5 is one of my most enjoyed games of 2019 with new ways to play with friends and ,multiple game modes to have fun and not get bored with i would highly suggest getting ultimate game-pass to get ultimate edition on PC or Xbox and get to killing the opposition in any game mode you choose.

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top tier graphics for a gears game.
there are some minor sound glithes where it cuts out but overall pretty great
plays well with some misreads when it comes to rolling or cover. also has some player issues a lot of game modes so playerbase can be spread thin sometimes
Fun Factor
can make you lose interest if you go against very hard opponents which happens quite a bit.
it can be hard to find a match sometimes for certain gamemodes
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