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User Review : Final Fantasy XIII

  • Graphics
  • New Battle System
  • Interestng Story
  • lack of sidequest
  • "lack of "Freedom" in the game
  • some irritating characters

A Final Fantasy with multiple leading characters

The countdown for the wait of another long developed game is over, and that is Final Fantasy XIII.

The game features 6 main characters, the cover girl of the game, Lightning, seems to share spotlights with her comrades as leading character that sometimes she is overshadowed. Perhaps this is really the design of the game.

The story at the first part of the game will really leave you feel an outcast of the Final Fantasy XIII world. But as you go deeper in the game, the more you'll understand and discover the deepness of the story on which makes it a lot interesting.

The graphics of the game is the best at its genre. You barely notice any aliasing issue throughout the game. the facial modeling of all characters are excellent but the toll for this is that some body parts of the characters are at low-polygon modeling. Environments are brilliant as always just like typical Final Fantasy games

The gameplay has been the main issue of this game. Final Fantasy series has been known to be an open-world game, on where you can go to multiple towns, access secret areas in the world map, talk to some people for some side quests.

But in this game, you will be disappointed, there is totally no world map running around, lack of side quests, lack of total freedom unlike in the previous installment. The gameplay is linear, literally, the map that you'll be running is designed "straight". The game lacks sidequests, worse is that it only appears way later in the game. One of the biggest change made is that the level-up system was removed and reaplaced with skill points system on which you acquire after every battle on which you can spend to acquire new attributes to each of your characters which feels somewhat welcoming as this also leads you to execute battles more strategical. The new battle system is an excellent feature of the game, you only control the leader in a party that is composed of 3 party members. Your other 2 members are controlled by ai on which makes moves accordingly on what role you set them. There are 5 types of role available in the game, but in the early part of the game, your characters will only have 1 or 2 roles each, but later in the game they will acquire more roles. Commando is a role that is focused on making damage on the enemy, Ravager is focused on raising your chain combo or damage multiplier but doesn't produce damage as strong as the Commando. Saboteur role is focused on weakening your enemies by putting status ailments and lowering attributes. Synergy is performing the opposite of exact opposite of Saboteur. Sentinel role is focused on greatly improving your defensive capabilites and the Medic simply cures your party members. Reward system is introduced to the game, as it shows you how efficient you performed in your battles.

In summary, Final Fantasy XIII still has depth on story and an excellent new battle system despite the subtraction of the features previous Final Fantasy Installments have. Its a game that will give you around 40 - 50 hours of story gameplay.

Low-polygon hands is the only noticeable issue, you barely notice any aliasing
another excellent soundtrack from Final Fantasy! some mistimed voice dubbing
The lack of freedom and sidequests to the game makes this game feel very different from previous final fantasy installment. The new Battle System is great.
Fun Factor
The feel of this game being different from the previous installation makes no doubt makes feel less.
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oneangle2839d ago

I tried really hard to like this game as I'm a fan of the previous installments and yes I did play roughly over 30hrs, but still couldn't commit myself to finish it. SE pretty much discarded or altered many elements that made Final Fantasy charming presumably to engage newcomers to try it out. I agree with your review except that I'd knock a few more pts for the cons. If this game wasn't titled Final Fantasy I would most likely give it a higher score considering where I left off. I honestly feel like SE cheated on this one and slapped Final Fantasy for a title name and I was just dumb enough to get caught by the bait.

Honestly don't think this is a bad game, just not a good Final Fantasy game.

Otheros002839d ago

All the "main characters" are more like "side characters".

From Wikipedia
MAIN CHARACTER: whom the events of the narrative's plot revolve and with whom the audience is intended to share the most empathy.

Three_Sisters2839d ago

I see your point...I feel funny on what square enix did in promoting FFXIII, a lot of Lightning pictures but after playing the game it feels like all of them should be in each picture of FFXIII...