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User Review : Ferrari The Race Experience

  • Absolutely breathtaking graphics.
  • Easily the most value for money on Playstation Network.
  • Easily the most value for money on Playstation Network.
  • Generic title menus.
  • Music is uninspired when it's there.

Potentially the most value you'll ever get from PSN

Let's me start with the basic information on the game.

Title: Ferrari: The Race Experience
Platform: Playstation Network (PS3)
Price: £11.99
Developer: Eutechnyx

So now into my review. Well, actually this is more of a first-impressions but the thing is it's really easy to judge this game based on the first hour I've had with it. My score may shock you, and you'll likely - like I have myself - take into account certain racing games that are coming up.

Just hold back thoughts of other racers for a second. We need to be subjective before any game. Firstly this is a sequel to another Ferari game, I never played that so I can't give comparisons that way.

So what are the high points of the game?

The Price; this is put into context with the latter features.

-Every Ferrari you'd want. Ranges from classics like the 250GT to the newest (well, not actually NEWEST as last week or so Ferrari announced 3 new cars) 458 Italia.

-Lots of tracks. I haven't bothered to manually count but there are a lot. Classics like Spa and more traditional ones simply titled "calfornia".

-A decal editor. Yep. It has that too.

-Online with up to 16 players.

-A card "top trumps" esque game. It works how you think it would. It's really pretty damn fun. It also gives you history and statisitcs of Ferrari cars in a unique and less boring way than other games do it.

-3 driving styles. These are more like "difficulties" but with exceptions. Arcade for example is more challenging than other Arcade racers but it's not as hard as the simulation mode.

-Rain. AS PRETTY AS you'd think. Really. The Rain is BEAUTIFUL.

-Team, Nationality editing. This is so you can make authentic Ferrari race teams IF YOU CHOOSE.

So onto the meat of the review:

You start off with 30,000 credits. Doesn't seem like much but the diversity of Ferrari's on offer means you can start with a car you like. You obviously cant have an Enzo or 599XX to start with but you CAN have (to my shock) a Ferrari F430 Spyder. Which is the first car I opted for. -- Oh, and you get a trophy for buying your first car.

There are a slew of modes. I started with Career. In career there are numerous events that require a specific Ferrari. You will have to start with whatever Ferrari you chose. Winning races means credits, and credits mean you can RENT as well as buy new cars. It's a mode that'll take a long time to complete.

Next I chose "single player", here you have quick race: I chose this and this is where I was most impressed. Ferrari F430 in the RAIN. I was drooling when I saw the rain splatter on the windscreen and seeing the stream of water soaking tires. It was something to behold actually. Genuinely pretty game this is.

So I guess I should carry on from that last little paragraph and talk about the graphics :

Cars are rendered EXQUISITELY. As good as a full retail racing title. Sun shines in realistic ways, glare being evident and if you're on a track where the sun is shining you'll see it in the windscreen too. There is a HUGE amount of detail in this game.

Carrying on from my little diversion there, Single player also includes trophy races, time trail and arcade modes. All of which have their own completion standards.

Car handling is great in Arcade mode, which is the mode I've been playing mostly. But the full simulation mode is just as good as other simulators, but it has a distinct feel to it. You'll adjust to it within seconds.

Online scoreboards are up and running, but unfortunately there hasn't been an opportunity to play multiplayer yet. Well... it has been out for only 3 hours (as of writing this review).

Graphics are genuinely the best from ANY downloadable PSN title, but not just that. They match up to full retail games. The ferrari's even have the chassais (under carriage) modelled. Breath-taking sun + rain effects.
Engine sounds are a little washed out. Generic music.
Tons, and I mean tons, of options here. To suit the beginner (auto break and handling assist) to arcade (manual breaking and harsher handling) to simulation (fully realistic handling). Vinyl editor for the guy who likes making team variations. A unique card top trump game also included.
Fun Factor
Fun factor is completely ones opinion, which is why I'm giving it 10. I love simulators, arcade racers and everything inbetween. This is that. It will keep you hooked and coming back for more. Just to race on every track and use every car will take more than 5 hours.

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Majors4547d ago

Your having a laugh? graphics are terrible...
Reminds me of outrun on the psone..