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User Review : Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

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No longer head of the class

“He was open minded” One of the many one liners said by Sergeant Rex Power Colt as he blows an enemy’s head clean of with an explosive round sniper rifle.

Blood Dragon is set in a reimagined 2007 where the world is in trouble after a nuclear war between America and Russia. Players take control of a “Mark IV Cyber Commando” named Sergeant Rex Power Colt, who is sent to an unmade island with his partner who is also a cyber-soldier named Spider to investigate the activity of an elite agent and soldier Colonel Sloan. Sloan himself taught Rex everything he knows but still left a few moves for himself, which helps him to capture and dispose of Rex.

Sloan’s plan is to launch rockets filled with blood of the “blood dragons” to turn the world back to a prehistoric like state. After being tossed into a cave Rex is awoken by Sloan’s assistant Dr Darling, who can see the problems with his plan betrays him and now helps Rex to take Sloan out. Now it is up to Rex to do whatever he can to stop Sloan and save what is left of the world.

The controls and actions of Blood Dragon are the same as Far Cry 3 so if you have played that you will be right at home the same is said if you have played any other FPS apart from some action like chain take downs where you can stab multiple enemies one after the other or shuriken another one after stabbing one. There is also a skill tree included as well but instead of choosing skills from three different paths the new system is a straight selection of skills that are automatically chosen for you, you may see this as a bad move but the skills and bonuses from them are all good choices you can’t go wrong with and the crafting system is completely removed.

The game is still open world apart from the island you are on now is smaller than the one from Far Cry 3, you still have the same vehicles as well but you won’t need them as being a cyber-soldier you don’t run out of stamina and you sprint the same speed if not faster than the vehicles. Animals are in the game as well but they have a different look and hunting them to upgrade items like bags is not required but if you want to do all the challenges you will have to kill and skin them all.

The main story to the game is short only a few hours long but every mission was fun and left you wanting more and more which made it hard for me to put it down. There are a lot of collectables to get from animal skins, T.V’s, VHS tapes and notes from Dr Carlyle which give the game a couple extra hours. You can also do secondary missions such as killing targets, rescuing scientist and taking over bases to get money to buy upgrades and items.

The enemies have similar if not the exact A.I to the main game where they would attack you and your allies in groups, try to flank you and use everything they can get their hands on to kill you such as setting the grass on fire to flush you out from behind cover and in large groups can do some damage to you. There are also zombie/mind control enemies that move a lot quicker than the soldiers so I would advise you to keep moving and shooting or they can be around you in a large group quickly which is not fun for Rex. Some of the wild animals will also attack you on sight and the dragons can take as well as deal a whole lot of damage.

There is a nice selection of guns in the game including, pistol, shotgun, bow, shuriken and upgraded C4 named C4000, the weapons are fun to use and can be upgraded for more damage and be easier to use. The upgrades may seem like over kill in most games fits in perfectly well, I took to the shotgun and my love for the seemed right in the game upgrading it to a quad barrel semi auto shotgun the shoots fire rounds three things every shot gun should have. The upgrades had to be unlocked by completing objects or picking up collectables in the game and then still must be bought which was kind of annoying but having explosive rounds for a sniper rifle makes that go away quickly.

The graphics for the game are nice high in detailed and quality which makes the models look great. I was torn with the colours of the game it was very dark atmosphere but where there was colour in the game it was very bright and stood out which I was happy with and I get the darkness fits in with the post nuclear war theme but I would have liked there to have been more colour than there was in the game. The weapons models would change when you added an upgrade to them which was nice and helps to show you an actual change to the gun and not just the gun stats, the dragons looked great and the bright colour highlights adds an 80’s cheesy look which goes with the game’s theme.

The character models look like they were actually made to be in an 80’s action movie which made Rex look like your action hero badass, Sloan looked like an over worked out and compensating bad guy and for Dr Darling she looks like she was actually modelled after Sharon Stone when she was in Basic Instinct. The cut scenes where do in a pixel style theme using still images with audio playing in the background which was a nice change from the usual GCI and in game cut scenes.

I loved the voice acting in the game they all done a great job and it was fun listening to all the one liner and conversations between the characters sounded great, the guns also sounded great they packed a solid loud sound that made them sound threatening. Michael Biehn done the voice of Rex and if you didn’t know or realise played Kyle Reese in the first Terminator and aliens so I guess the experience of them helped. The sound track for the game is fantastic I could listen to the songs all day long and still have love for them so if you enjoy listening to game music I would highly recommend you give them a listen.

Overall I would give Blood Dragon 8 out of 10 I loved the story, characters, voice acting, setting, upgrades, music and the fact you play as a gun toting one line killing machine. I only wish the main story would have lasted longer and there would have been more new content but if you love shooters, cyborgs and 80’s action movies I suggest you pick this up, I would say it’s one of the few DLC’s that is actually worth more than is on the price tag also don’t worry you don’t need Far Cry 3 to play it so if you fancy it I say go for it buy it.

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DoomeDx1903d ago

Nothing about the humor :D?

One of the main things I liked about Blood Dragon was that good old 80's humor

ThisIsDoom1899d ago

Sadly not :( but I did love it

lex-10201898d ago

I really liked this "game". I felt like it had everything we loved about Farcry 3 without the waiting to get into it all. It felt faster. My biggest problem was that the game crashed on my every 30 minutes. And my computer can run everything on ultra with no problems.