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User Review : Fallout 3

  • lots of stuff to do.
  • Lots of places to explore.
  • Interesting people of the wasteland.
  • To many bugs.

Just fixing my review

My last review was on Fallout New Vegas. I said Fallout New Vegas was better that Fallout 3; but I did that before I had ever played Fallout 3. In my opinion Fallout 3 is better. I think this because there is more to do and more odd things to discover about the post apocalyptic future. This game takes place in a vault non-other than Vault 101.

In the start of the game you are born and you go through some of your life. From 1 year old to 10 year old to 16 year old to 19 year old. At 19 this is when your father leaves the vault and it's time for you to leave before the Overseer's vault security can kill you like they did a lifelong family friend. After leaving the vault the 1st place you discover is Megaton.

This town is rather loopy. There is a cult in this town called the child of Atom. They worship a nuke that did not explode A NUKE. This is where you must decide to help a man named Mr. Burk blow up Megaton or undetonated the bomb and save Megaton. This is how you get your 1 and only in-game player home. Explore the Ruins of Washington Dc and choose to be either a do-gooder or a villain.

I wouldn't forget that this is Game of the Year Edition so let’s speak of DLC's. The 1st is Operation: Anchorage. Once you find the Brotherhood Outcast headquarters (after fighting a hoard of super mutants) you will be given a suit that allows you to enter an Anchorage Alaska simulation. You do this to open an armory for the Outcasts. You start this on the side of a snow caped mountain with winterized combat armor, a 10mm pistol, and a Trench knife.
After blowing up the Chinese Artillery guns you end up in a tent with your general. When you leave you must command your "suicide squad" to take over Chinese held locations in Anchorage. This is where the Anchorage picture was taken that they made a statue of in the Capital Wasteland known as the Anchorage Memorial. At the end of this DLC you and the T-51b Power Armor Unit must kill General Jingwie and stop the Red Chinese forces. Now that you have liberated Alaska you open the Armory (find out what’s in it yourself). This is also the ending of the so called Great War. I don't know if that’s right but its the only info given on that topic but I do know it was 2 hours long.

The next DLC would be known as The Pitt, this DLC is the 2nd best. You go to this place with a man named Werhner of course it's called The Pitt. When you go through the radiated Pitt you find a barricade place full of raiders and slaves. Once there you meet a man that takes all your stuff and forces you back into the slave pin. Long story short you go through a lot of stuff and you end up in an arena fighting for your life literally you are fighting to the death for freedom and you end up meeting a man named Ashur and that is when you will chose the faith of the Pitt.

The next DLC would be Mother ship Zeta. Once you find an Alien space ship a blue tractor beam takes you off the ground. You wake up in a chair to 3 aliens looking down at you with their tools. After a drill drills you in the face you wake up in a small room with someone. The aliens took all your stuff of course so after a claw picks someone up you and her start fighting to get the aliens down and they open your cell and after you kill them you take their weapons and go to a room with all your stuff in it. After this you find a little girl after you get her out of her cell she helps you get to a place called the Engine Core. Once there you find a cowboy, a samurai, a U.S. army Medic, and a dead Astronaut.
You will need his suit so take it and destroy the 3 generator type machines. After this you go out into space and after killing a lot of aliens you will find a trail of dead aliens leading to the runaway samurai. This is when you can either kill him and take his stuff or just leave him. You end up in the front of the ship which is where the alien captain is. After killing him another alien ship appears da da daaaaaaa.
Of course you must destroy it and this is why you must keep every 1 else alive. They help you destroy the ship, then if you want to kill them and take your stuff then you can but I would recommend letting the aliens kill Paulson if you don’t want a lot of your karma to go down.
Then a homing beacon lands in the Capital Wasteland and that’s how you get back thus ending another DLC.

The next DLC is Broken Steel alls this does is increase your level cap to 30. The main thing it does is it just adds a few new missions that you can do with Liberty Prime and of course the Brotherhood of Steel. The last DLC is Point Lookout (my personal favorite). This adds an entirely new map, new people, and new quests.

All in all I have no complaints about Fallout 3 so get out of that vault, get some sunlight, and see the sights of the beautiful Capital Wasteland.

The graphics aren't really good but they just seem fitting to the game.
The sound bugs to like randomly there will be gattling laser sounds the whole time. Other than that the sounds good exspecially the radio.
This is the best game I've ever played. There is a lot of stuff to do, a lot of places to explores, and a lot of people to meet. But it can also be all ruined because the game crashes a lot.
Fun Factor
I don't feel the need to explain that this game is amazing because i already have.
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