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User Review : Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition

  • Engaging story{Interesting characters{Lots to do
  • Freezing issues{Glitches and bugs

Life after nuclear holocaust can be fun!

Hello faithful N4G community, I'd like to start by saying that this is my first review, so I'm sorry if it's not the best. With that out of the way, I will now proceed to saying WOW. This game is simply amazing, an engaging story, interesting characters, hours of content and tons of DLC! I got the fallout 3 GOTY edition just a couple months ago, this was my second time buying the game, as the first time I owned it my save file was accidentally deleted and there was no DLC to keep me from giving it to a friend. When I got it back I started a new game and quickly became addicted all over again. You start off the game with quite an interesting set of tutorial levels, the first 19 years of your life. As you grow up, you choose your name, design your character, deal with bullies and get a good education. Sounds boring right? Wrong, the tutorials only make you become more attached to your character and the people around him/her. This makes it even more painful when you are forced to leave the radiation free vault you live in when your dad disappears.

Forced to leave your home, you escape into the wasteland, a horrible place filled with horrible people. You then come across a town called megaton, this is where you will make your first major choice, and it' where your journey begins. The long story filled with literally hundreds of interesting characters is only made longer with the addition of the Broken Steel expansion pack. I found the main story, combined with all the add-ons, lasted 50 hours, and I didn't even explore a lot of the wasteland or do many of the side quests. This is a potential 200+ hour game in my opinion, you will become lost in the world Bethesda has put before you, something they are very good at doing.

Of course, no game is perfect. The PS3 version of Fallout 3 has freezing problems and does lag sometimes. I noticed much more freezing than on Xbox 360 versions. There are also many other glitches and bugs(in both versions) that can be potentially game-breaking, and can even cause the death of your character. In one instance, I was in a small shack, I had my super mutant friend and my dog in with me. Then, three mercenary's came in looking to kill me. At this point, the shack had six characters packed inside of it. Things started to shake, the shack itself seemed as if it would fall apart, and then, BAM! I shot up into the the roof as the floor glitched up and down, concussing and killing my player. However, these glitches usually aren't enough to ruin the game, just be careful with save files! This is why I have chosen to give Fallout 3 GOTY edition a ten out of ten.

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Michael Scott4845d ago

But I think the graphics should have received more points. Bethesda really did beautifully nail that post-apocalyptic world look. Character models could've been better, but damn, the environment was gorgeous.

SeanRL4816d ago

The graphics were definitely good, just not amazing.

Oldsnake0074844d ago

Fallout 3 is the BEST game this gen.