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User Review : Drawn to Death

  • Well Optimized
  • Dev Support
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Lag
  • Steep Learning Curve

More than meets the eye.

If anyone is familiar with the work of David Jaffe, you'd understand and recognize the formula of this game immediately . Drawn to Death is an evolved take on the arena style shooter that has been missing for some time. I use the term "evolved" because the game takes that very familiar, very frantic, and very chaotic formula and adds character abilities to the game. So instead of picking a "skin" for your character, each one has special abilities that make him or her unique in different ways. This to me is why the game is so interesting and unique, while to some others its part of the reason the game isn't being received too well.

The biggest issue with Drawn to Death is that this game doesn't hold your hand in a lot of ways. It isn't going to make getting kills easy (Unless you unlock homing weapons), and it isn't going to give you any more than a video showing off the characters abilities. With that in mind, its hard to imagine how a lot of people could get into the idea of learning a character and figuring out how to play the game instead of just instantly rage quitting to never turn the game on again. Sadly this is the double edge sword for the game. Most gamers these days are so use to hand holding and high aim assist they rely on instant gratification to keep them in the game.

Drawn to Death is relentless, and the longer you wait to play it the harder of a time you will have. Think of a MOBA such as Paragon, or League of Legends in the sense that the longer you're out of the game the better other people are getting at the game. Thankfully the developers are always tweaking the game, and tweaking the way matchmaking works so hopefully you won't get into a lobby with a rank 25 whos about to annihilate you.

I have put roughly 25 hours into the game since I got it on PSN (For free until next month) and let me tell you, I was horrible at the game for the first 2-4 hours. Shooting felt different, jumping felt floaty, I knew nothing about weapons and abilities, It was an experience I haven't felt from a shooter in a while. It was learning how to adapt, learning the maps and where the health pickups were, learning what the best weapons were. It was, in my opinion an experience I have been waiting for, for some time. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to see myself becoming better and better at a game, but in this case a game that rewards you for learning characters, and not just picking up a gun and shooting.

The game is immature, and its intended to be, the announcer is mean to you, and gross, and hysterical. I love the games tone, because it has a theme. A very clear, and focused theme. You are playing characters DRAWN inside of a teenagers notebook. Its relatable to most adults and teenagers, in the sense that when we were young in class we often did things to distract us from the boring parts of school. This mark is missed by a lot of people sadly, and they take points off the game for being what it is, and in my opinion that is just wrong. IF the game isn't for you, than you shouldn't be the one reviewing it. I don't understand Journalism these days, and the fact that they throw random games at these guys and tell them to review them. Last time I checked I wasn't about to review a game like Barbies Fun Time Adventures, and give it a good score because..well I am not interested at all in it.

Drawn to Death is much more than it seems to be, at its core the game is a deep arena shooter, much deeper than games like Quake and Unreal Tournament. I think that gets lost a bit in the overall tone of the game, and I want people who love competitive shooters to give the game a chance. Yeah, you're going to die a lot in the beginning. Yeah, you're going to struggle on some maps with some characters, but thats the point, and thats what also makes the game so much fun.

The game gives you a lot to do. You can earn keys to unlock weapons, and earn mystery boxes for skins, and taunts. Or you can buy mystery boxes. Its up to you. The mystery boxes aren't too steep however, it only takes 150 kills to get a box, no other requirements like winning, or doing specific tasks. Each character has a set of missions you can do to unlock skins,taunts, and other things. There is a lot to do in Drawn to Death if you're into that sort of thing.

In conclusion, I urge anyone with PlayStation 4 to give the game a shot, and maybe you'll love it, maybe you wont. Who knows? Games like these come around so few and far between that I would love to see this game succeed and get a lot of support from the community. The Devs are so personal with the community its astounding, just go on twitter and you'll see what I mean. They ask you directly how you feel about things, they are very open to tweaking and changing for balances and fairness. The passion these guys have for their game is something I haven't seen in years. Maybe that is because of the guy at the helm of all this and that is, the one and only David Jaffe.

Jaffe took a formula some of us are familiar with (Twisted Metal) and evolved it into an arena shooter. In many ways you can see how this game is an evolution to a series that was popular so long ago. The differences are obviously noticeable but the core of the game is about fun. This isn't Call of Duty, and Battlefield, and please for the love of whatever you believe in. STOP COMPARING IT TO OVERWATCH.


Drawn to Death is a stylistic evolved Arena shooter, Isn't afraid to show its tone, and punishes you for being a noob (in a good way). There is depth here that goes beyond shooting a gun, but it takes you the gamer to figure that part out if you're willing to. It'll take time to learn the game and "get good" but once you're there, you'll see the potential to keep coming back. Also, its not Overwatch.

Here is a short video of me playing the game, to get an idea of how it is.

The game has a stylistic choice to be the artwork of a teenager in high school, they pulled it off incredibly well. The art style isn't to everyone's liking, but they pulled off what they wanted.
I love the announcer, I love the one liners from the characters, I just wish the game had some intense background music much like the old school arena shooters did.
I love how fast the game is, I love the chaos, and I love the variety of weapons, finding health and learning maps and maneuverability is important. The gameplay is nice, once you understand it.
Fun Factor
Not once did I play a match that I wasn't having fun in, even if i was getting my S!#T kicked in. The game has a steep learning curve, and thats fun to some, while others might hate that. Hence why its both a pro/con
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svoulis548d ago

Thanks for approving my review guys :D

DefenderOfDoom2546d ago

Good review , i have only played for a hour and i am having a rough time getting points (kills) but starting to figure some stuff out . As someone who played a lot of QUAKE 2 multiplayer in the 90's ,DRAWN TO DEATH is a breath of fresh air.

svoulis545d ago

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and yes give it more time for sure. The game is certainly a breath of fresh air. Also the way the developers are so transparent with gamers is something hardly seen.

sparced546d ago

9.0 graphics LOL. How about a 0.9.

svoulis545d ago

The game is pages taken out of a teenagers notebook. A bunch of "doodles" so to speak. It is not refined for that reason, and it does what it sets to do very well. IF you see a picture of Drawn to Death the first thing that comes to mind is...doodles from a notebook. It works.

I give scores based off what the developers are trying to achieve, NOT what "gamers" think looks good and bad. For example Mass Effect failed in the graphics department cause it TRIED to go with a more realistic look but turned out to look like a bunch of mannequins and horrible animation.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read.

545d ago
SonyWarrior545d ago

this game is pretty bad jeffe should stop making multiplayer games when he focuses on mp the game is bad

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