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User Review : Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

A great Adventure/Strategy game for the DS, A great addition to the DQ universe.

Positves- Colorful Graphics, Great Tank battles and lots of charecters

Negatives- Some might be turned off by the somewhat kiddy music and graphics, and areas seemed more like levels, than places, and fighting the opposition as a Slime seemed way to easy.

Gameplay- is excellent no control issues what so ever, except for the fact that you are a slime you have to bump into things and knock them on your back to carry them XD. As for the Tank Battles (which you dont recive till about the 3rd stage) they are about 50/50 chance because sometimes you can just load ammo one after another and defeat your opponent or your tank is totally destroyed and you are trying to keep your tank alive while still trying to destroy your oppnents tank. So the gameplay is excellent. It also kinda faulters in use of the touch screen...but it does make use of both screens with menus.

Graphics- Looks Great, except for the fact that it almosts looks like a GBA game...but the Tank battles do look like they are in 3-d, and when the tanks blow up it looks great to.

Sound is average at best it sounds like an old adventure game for the SNES but its not terrible, but i expected more from Square.

Value- Is great just need a little more than tank battles.

Tilt-Gets boring once you beat it but using alchmey to make the rest of the weapons and finding diffrent strategies to deafeat oppnents can be rewarding.

Overall- A great Adventure Tank Battle (sounds weird.) game that almost any gamer can get into.

[N4G Edit]: This was originally posted on December 23 2006 on my Gamespot profile with slight edits on this version.

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