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User Review : Doom

  • Awesome visuals, fast paced gunplay accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack
  • Great level editor
  • Cool upgradable weapons to play with
  • Interesting online multiplayer although not the best in the market

Fun gore-packed shooter!

Doom is sort of the modernized version of the classic shooter. The first thing that caught my eye when I started the game were the graphics. The visuals are fantastically rendered, monsters are super detailed and the environments are beautifully done, the lighting in the game is great too, there are lots of particle effects and all the current gen effects you expect in a properly done current game. This can all be appreciated in the cool photo mode in the game.

Gameplay is simply a fast paced run and gun shooter, with the usual fetch the keycard or key to open certain color specific doors. It's very much like the original but with all the current-gen bling and that is not a bad thing, it's in fact a breath of fresh air. Whereas other current shooters try to do lots of complicated things, Doom resorts to the basic blasting and basically tells you to kill everything that moves and get to next chapter. This is the mindless fun which I think the player can just grab the controller for a half hour or so, and just blast his way through hoards of monsters and demons, killing them with all sorts of cool weapons, many of which are the classic updated guns of the original. These are all fun to play with, you can upgrade the secondary fire of each weapon and the usual upgrades like damage, accuracy and the sorts. The suit can also be upgraded, these add some extra depth to the game, oh and you have a chainsaw that rips apart all the demons you encounter in style, love it.

The sound effects are great too, every weapon sounds the way it should be, dialogue is quite rare but it's good when it pops up (mind you your marine does not speak just like the other Doom iterations), but the highlight is the soundtrack. It's superbly done, metal music goes part and parcel with Doom, they're like bread and butter. It goes very well with the carnage and action on screen. Every battle you fight is fuelled by the music and pumps the adrenaline which makes Doom more badass.

Another cool feature that Doom offers is a level editor, it literally gives you the tools to build a level from scratch, with all the weapon and health pickups, doors, lightings and monsters at your disposal. If one invests some time in this mode, they can come up with some interesting levels which are then uploaded online for the community to play and enjoy.

Doom has all the best ingredients the original had topped with awesome visuals, mayhem and gore, a badass soundtrack that accompanies the player through the 10-15hr gore fest and last but not least a good solid online multiplayer which can add more hours to the already awesome single player mode. If you enjoy classic shooters, you'll love Doom.

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Sciurus_vulgaris510d ago

Great review, however, I personally wouldn't rate the Doom's audio so high. The directional audio, and some of the sound effects are weak (notably the multiplayer only weapons and plasma rifle). During my play-through, I noticed several sound mixing issues on PS4. Doom would of likely been, my 'Game of the Year" for 2016, if I thought the MP was any good. The MP simply wasn't well designed, nor did it live up to it's potential, due to it distancing itself form the campaign.

victimblue509d ago

I agree with Sciurus_vulgaris.. the audio is bad...what are you smoking?

Sciurus_vulgaris509d ago

I noticed the game largely lacked echoes and directional audio in multiplayer. In the campaign, o sound effects were occasionally barely audible. For example I could barely hear the Cyberdemon and its weapons, during its boss fight. I have no clue how the Game Awards gave Doom best music/sound design over Battelfield 1 (and even Gears of War 4 & Uncharted 4). Sure Doom had great music, but I don't think the audio was particularly great or well mixed.