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User Review : Devil May Cry 4

  • Graphics{The dialogue (I loved the sarcasism){Gameplay
  • Camera at times{No block button

Only through about 7 missions.

My favorite action game is NG so needlessly I compare this game to that one, I know that they are different but they are alot alike. Would I consider this better than NG, IMO no I wouldn't. So I say all of this as being a big NG fan. This is the first DMC game I have ever owned and really ever played, because I played DMC3 just a little. Anyways, like I said I have only made it through 7 missions and up to this point, it is lots of fun. I personally don't like button mashers, God of War being the exception really just because it was just so cool, but this game isn't exactly a button masher, but it is no NG. For one I hate there is no block button, I guess Dante has a block feature but Nero does not. So I hate that I can't block. But for everytime that you can't block, you can pull off some spectacular moves. The camera in the game isn't normally a problem, except when you are fighting the creatures that can go through walls. Really those are my only gripes with the game. The game itself is amazingly fun and very addictive. Once you get the controls down you really can do some insane combos and I really like the grading aspect. I don't play anygame on easy level when I first start and nor do I put and helping feature on, as in automatic in this game. The combos for the most part are basiclly easy to pull off as they are just the same button just in a timely mannor. Visually the game is very beautiful I don't really see anything wrong with it, I have read in some reviews that the shadows are bad. I guess if you are looking for saomething to nitpick about you say that, but seriously, how often are you playing a game and are like, "man these shadows in this high action game sure are bad?" Me? Never. I got this game for the PS3 because it was developed for the PS3 first, and I heard that the load times were basically non exsistant. Well, there are load times during the game that are a few seconds, and they are fine and all at first but after a while it just get annoying, now maybe this wouldn't be as annoying if you didn't have to wait 20 minutes at the start of the game for it to load, who knows? All and all I was very impressed and I would say for anyone on the fence about this game, definetly buy it and don't rent it because I definetly see replay value in the game.

Hate not having a block button, but just so damn fun.
Beautiful game.
Never really paid much attention which is good, because I didn't notice anything bad.
Fun Factor
Super fun.
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BlazinMethod3959d ago

I absolutely hated this game. I had received in gamefly, played up to the third level. And found it tedious, just another hack and slash with very lame combos, and a bunch of un needed backtracking making it no fun!! I don't see how you could possibly like it. I am very open to a lot of games and usually never dislike a game with such distaste. Fortunately Ninja Gaiden 2 is coming out this year and will hopefully be better. I just cant stand pressing the Y button a bunch of times. Oh yah and playing the same bosses over and over!