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User Review : Destiny

Destiny, is it for you?

This will be an opinion piece, but an honest one. No I don't want your clicks, recognition, praise, hate; whatever the case, I just want to be honest about my experience with Destiny on the X360 version. Yes, x360, No I am not a M$ fanboy, it's just the platform I chose to play on. All consoles have their pros and cons and this is just what I choose to play Destiny on.

So who shouldn't buy it?

- If you prefer single player and soloing things
- If you don't like communication
- If you are expecting Halo/COD/Borderlands
- If you expect to be badass at PVP just because you've played ' COD/Halo/other generic shooters and get frustrated when you lose.
- This game sold a lot! The world is a big place, sadly there will be
13yr olds who are legitimately better than us 20 somethings or older.
So if you can't take a few losses and rage, well if you pizza when
you should've french fried, you're going to have a bad time.
- You want a story that has hours of cutscenes out the gate and lore
spoon fed to you through awesome expensive voice acting.
- If you don't enjoy Peter Dinklage's monotone voice (no one does), but
it's a minor irritation.
- If you frequently use walkthroughs, it only takes away and shortens
your time with the game.
- If you grief/troll/ and just like to watch the world burn. (Don't
bother, you aren't fun at parties)
- If you expect to be able to trade your money for a higher levels hard
earned gear/weapon.

So who should buy it?

- If you can see it as a NEW IP that promises new DLC and updates
- If you have friends that you party with and looking to try new things
- If you want a story that will take a full 10 years to fully
understand it and enjoy.
- If you enjoyed Unreal Tournaments fast paced multiplayer where one
miss will be the difference between getting a kill or getting killed
- If you are social, have friends, whether casual or hardcore. This
game has Patrol Missions/Strikes/Raids/Bountie s/Loot
- If you like the idea of UPGRADEABLE loot. Not just a new scope or a
different skin, but upgrading the weapon to do more damage
- It has 3 classes, which has other subclasses, so a reason to have
multiple characters.
- If you understand the beauty behind not being able to trade. Everyone
earned their own gear. You can't pay to win or trade to win. Earn it
like a champ.
- If you like stress, play PVP, if you want casual, play patrol

Basically I can add way more reasons to either side, but for now after a 12 hour workday and two 16 oz Red Bulls, I just wanted to say my piece. Unbiasedly biased.

So how was my experience? My friends didn't buy the game yet but they will. At the Tower in my first hour of the game I noticed a player waving at me and dancing. I waved back. Seconds later I had a friend request and party invite. Jumped into chat, introduced myself to him and vice versa. We did a few missions on Earth. Then we noticed we only got 2 of 5 chests. We wanted that gold sparrow, but refused to look up online the locations. Why screw myself on exploration because I want something and it is time consuming to look for it. That's where the fun really took off. Hunting for those chests. I wanted that damn sparrow. At This point I am LVL 8. My helmet is gold looking with something that resembles a unicorn horn, yes unicorn, because I am magical, whatever. I have a mighty need for it. Anyways, we eventually got all the gold chests, met some other players at the tower. Got into a party of 6 and away we went to the crucible. OMG THIS IS HARD. Why am I dying so fast? Why are the murdering us with ease? Alright, we got our bearings, started to coordinate positions. Playing Control. Two 3 man Teams. Each team sticks together to get A B or C. One group holds A, the other B. Enemy team isn't organized. We start winning. Continue to win. Match after match we are winning. Communication and tactics matter in this game. Don't forsake chat. IT MATTERS!
Guess what? Back to Venus. Feeling ballsy. Level 12. Me and bro I met on day 1 put it on a harder difficulty for first run through. Got to strike. HOLY SHIT, our 3rd guy wouldn't join chat, dropped from game during planet end boss. !^@# Bro and I have each others back. Communication is important. We are both Titans, however he is auto rifle man, I am the Scout Rifle man. We designate jobs. He handles mobs incoming through door. Blasting Knights left and right, keeping them off me as I snipe/scout rifle the wizards. Jesus the Wizards. There's 5 of them. Finally clear all mobs out and it's just Bro and I against Boss. Super is ineffective. Find the Critical spot. Eyes, head, stomach, ass? Where does the damage get done most at. We find it. We unload hell on boss, weaving through cover opposite of bro, boss' sends me to hell. Respawn in 30. Boss is walking all over corpse. I find myself calling out respawn time every 5 seconds. Don't die bro, hold position. 25....20...15.....10...5....Al right I'm back. Adrenaline pumping because who wants to restart? We will win. 15 minutes in now, boss has sliver of health left. Bro and I have Supers. We both Titan Super on top of boss opposite of each other. Without even planning too. Boss gets wrecked, dies. Mission complete. Sweet loot! Better go to the Cryptarch and check it out. Get to the tower, postmaster has news.
A bounty only a guardian can do? Go see bounty guy, new bounty. Bounty tells us to go and beat that same boss, on heoric difficulty just as we had done before. Feeling initially stilted because we had just done it. My Bro Tier gamer friend says, "Hey man, we can do it. We are badass" On the same page we get right back to it. Playing it again, this time a little higher leveled, with better upgraded guns. What's this? It's easier, but the mobs keep coming. We are powerful lords of destruction. Standing atop the level, just mowing them down left and right. Laughing having a good time. Bro has to work early the next day, as do I. We log out, say we will see each other online and wreck the game again tomorrow. Login today. "Hey bro, how was work?" "same old same old." "What you feel like today?" "Let's focus on doing Patrol Missions for a few to work towards awesome gear" "Sounds good man."

In short I made a really good gamer friend out of no where. I had to deviate from my real life friends because they didn't have the game. His playstyle compliments mine and the game is just limitless amounts of fun to us. The stories we are creating from our experiences are unique. You won't find in a walkthrough. You won't find in tips and tricks. Only we experienced what we experienced. It was a unique meeting that developed into a unique friendship, where someone had my back and I had theirs in game. If I can't revive, instinctively we knew to hide for cover, kill enemies to keep them off so we can regenerate health. I made a FRIEND. This game is social in that aspect. I never played COD, Halo Reach, or any other game, where I find myself logging in and staying for hours to experience something similar and something unique each time. What stories and moments you can create are up to you and your imagination, your willingness to chat, your ability to adapt to new game mechanics or adjusting from what you already know about shooters, and tweaking it, making it a new experience and new feel. In short, if you made it to the end of this and my poor writing skills, if you don't already own Destiny, try it. Not just for 6 hours. You have to really play it. Not just pop in for 30 minutes here and there, but really play it. Really explore. Learn the levels like the back of your hand and I promise you, what others scream is a 10 hour game, can turn in to a 100 hour game. So what gamer are you? 10 hour or 100 hour? Casual or Hardcore? There's a little something for everyone and 10 years worth of support is all the more reason to hang on to and not trade it in. Why buy it twice? It's only uphill from here and the sky's the limit!

Loving the graphics. Familiar to an extent with that Bungie charm, though I play on the 360, every model and texture has detail that was created and added with love.
In a boss fight and you here that music and drums, Oh man. You know things are about to pop off.
Mechanics are there. Familiar, tight, borderline perfection when it comes to controlling your guardian. A.I. is not as stupid as you think. They will hunt you down if you aren't paying attention.
Fun Factor
FANTASTIC! That's all I can say. There is a lot you can do.
Be social with your fireteam. Whether its story missions or PVP. Those who are in your team are friendly. I haven't had a bad experience yet! Considering this game is always online, there are always people to play with.
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fei-hung2572d ago

I've got the game on ps4, but my friend, unlike the journalists out there, you get this game. You understand what it is that makes it like crack where you cannot let go. You understand how the game is designed to be played and because of that you appreciate

This is probably the best fps I've played and I've been gaming for 24 years.

Bimkoblerutso2571d ago

I'm glad you guys are able to get so much enjoyment out of this game, but can we cut the condescending bullcrap?

I've been playing through the whole game with a couple of my co-workers, and we all STILL find it repetitive. And yes, even having researched the lore, I still find the story (and it's lore) very dull, derivative, and overall just poorly presented, cutscenes or otherwise.

I don't hate the game, but is it really necessary to accuse people of not "getting" the game simply because they don't like it as much as you did?

NewMonday2571d ago

playing this game is kind of like the Anime SAO

thorstein2571d ago

So the new "hateboy" phrase of the day is "repetitive?"

Ugh. Is there a hateboy list for these terms, you know, so that the rest of us can keep up.

If it isn't "underwhelming," "overhyped," or "a letdown" it is now repetitive.

You seem to have been playing the game for awhile and certainly after awhile you are finding repetition with your friends. I can accept that opinion, but I have already read many comments containing that phrase and more than one of them have been by people who've only played 15 minutes.

So, I certainly see your point, I just find these hateboys (not you) are really getting annoying. It is a strange trend where people who genuinely just hate games are gaming and then writing about it.

GrandpaSnake2571d ago

i really really want to know your top 10 games right now. and i will nit pick them and will probably much more repetitive than destiny.

Bimkoblerutso2571d ago

I don't know what to say, really. Obviously there is a large chunk of gamers that feel the game is repetitive and I happen to be one of them.

You go to a planet. You do 6 or 7 missions that all feel remarkably similar, and then you move onto the next planet where you do essentially the same 6 or 7 missions again in a different environment. Leveling and loot really just feels like it determines what level enemies you are allowed to damage. Aside from the double / triple jumping stuff, none of my leveling has changed how I'm playing the game in the least.

The mechanics are tight and refined and I like shooting stuff with my friends. That's been enough to keep me coming back, but this is not a remarkable game by any means as far as I'm concerned. It's just a ridiculously beautiful, solid shooter.

If you are in love with the game, that's fine with me. But don't talk down to me like you've figured out something I haven't. I'm playing the exact same game as you guys.

UnwanteDreamz2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

What shooter isnt repetative in that way? How may maps do you get for mp? Same maps over and over same five game modes. SP campaigns boil down to go here shoot bad guys, go there shoot more bad guys, defend this posituon by guessed it shooting bad guys. Is this your first FPS? Destiny is getting slamed for being repetative even though its no more repetative then any FPS ive ever played. BioShock Infinate gets all types of praise even though the setting remains the same through its linear and repetative with only a handful of enemy character models. It gets all this praise and imo the only thing better about BSinfinate is the story. I think people cant get past the lackluster story in Destiny the first person shooting is top notch.

kaizokuspy2562d ago

eh, its not story oriented man. Its Gameplay oriented. Add me on 360. GT: AntiSpy
I am hard to get a hold of because I am always playing with full parties in fire team strikes or crucible.

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moegooner882570d ago

Wholeheartedly agreed, best fps I have played in the past 5 years. Gaming journalism has lost all its credibility long time ago.

CaspuR2571d ago

9.5? jesus.... your expectations for videos games must be really low then

CaspuR2571d ago

lmao whats even more funny i just read the fun factor section, it seems like everyone that supports destiny says that same line "theres alot that you can do". I think that line should say "there are a few things you can do, but youll be doing them over and over alot".

UnwanteDreamz2570d ago

How would you know? Daily missions multiple events listed for this month alone. You must not have any idea whats planned this game.

CaspuR2569d ago

daily missions like what? kill 80 vex on venus, orrr beat septics prime on heroic modifier? guys seriously, the only way i see anyone having fun with destiny's mmo qualities are people that never actually played ANY decent mmo in there lifetime, and for those people I truely feel bad for them because your missing out on a true social/teamwork experience. Theres nothing wrong with grinding but jesus, atleast let there be something for me at the end of the grind, not just a reskined weapon.

kaizokuspy2562d ago

If you do enough bounties you unlock Exotic Bounties. Lots to do man, lots.

Clown_Syndr0me2571d ago

I have to disagree.
I like most the things in the "If you like" list - but I found the Destiny Beta one of the worst games Ive played in a long time.
It was technically sound, ran beautifully and I cant say a bad word about its stability - it was more stable than most final releases, but my god the gameplay was so dull and boring! When you put the game into words on paper its great but playing it there was just no magic.

ScottyHoss2567d ago

If you have a friend who has the game go to their house, get them to explain their subclass abilities and such to you and give it another go, as the true game starts from level 12ish to 20 (it's fairly debatable that's why it's so wide in range). If you like it, great! If not that's alright too, no one game can please everyone and when that day comes developers will be out of a job ahahaha

Clown_Syndr0me2567d ago

He lives 200 miles away, and sold it already haha .
I think any game you have to try to like just isn't worth it, its not like I have money to just throw away anyway. There's already far too many games coming out between now and Christmas!

ScottyHoss2566d ago

I disagree, there are many games with good premise but awful game play, some may even say destiny is one (myself I'm addicted to it but to each their own). I really really liked the idea of watchdogs but after that disappointment Ubisoft isn't getting my money on the sequel. However, I had to try Wolfenstein to actually be convinced to buy it, as game play vids weren't cutting it. Personal experience will always be the most accurate depiction of the game, allowing the individual to judge it best.

kaizokuspy2562d ago

True game starts at 20. Like any mmo. thats why its compared to one. Outside of that, the raid is great. Really hard but great. Took 14 hours over the course of the week for my team to beat, but those who havent are jealous of our legendary shaders. The free game modes, raids, and what not I've played since I wrote this cracked out on redbull, only add to my point on why this game deserves a 10. If you picked it up on day one and turned it in already you missed the Agent of Nine exotic arms/gear dealer. The weekend new multiplayer modes, the Raid, the new bounty giver coming in 1 hour. I am so excited my balls will be blown off. you dont have to try to like it, but one friend playing with you wont sell you on this. LOTS of friends. Be social. Meet people on live or on companion app. Hell, add me. X360: AntiSpy

For the haters about PVP (not at you scotty in anyway. just general) I busted my nuts getting my gear in and out of pvp. if you feel its imbalanced, go and do strikes, exotic bounties, raids, and struggle like I did. This game still has me not getting enough sleep. Also why I am just getting to replying to everyone.