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User Review : Dead Rising 2

  • Zombies
  • Action
  • Combo Weapons
  • Buggy
  • No Run Button
  • Poor Framerate

Zombie & "Bug" Infested But Lots Of Fun

This game is A LOT of fun and I enjoyed it greatly even though it is a slightly long game. You are in the shoes of Chuck Greene as you make your way through this zombie infested adventure. Your one main mission is to keep Chuck's daughter Katie alive by making sure she receives her daily dose of Zombrex every 24 hours. This in itself seems easy enough however, with loads of side missions, great combo weapons to make, insane clothing items to change into and the endless hordes of zombies in your path you are easily distracted from your main objective. No need to fret though, as each case/mission has a set time limit to it and must be completed during the time it is available or else it's gone forever or at least until you reload from your last save point. Saving is one thing I recommend you should do often in this game so don't be afraid to visit a restroom every now and then. Time is an important detail in Chuck's world as you find yourself constantly checking his watch in order to plan your attack for the missions you choose to complete. I found the wristwatch to be a very helpful tool throughout this game as well as the case/mission interface used in the game. It's simple but gets the job done with little confusion. Another tool you will be using throughout the game is the map and arrow navigation tool; but I did find that on occasion the arrow was kind of fickle and would lead me a little of my charted path. Even with little hiccups like that which do happen throughout the game, the fun and experience created by Dead Rising 2 is not lost or hinder because of them.

Dead Rising 2 is all about Zombies and in Fortune City there are tons and tons of them. This game is filled with more zombies than I have ever seen in any one game and because of this there are many pros and cons. The amount of zombies that filtrate this game is unmatched. Around every corner, in every room and behind every door you will find them lurking waiting for Chuck to slowly jog past. The zombies are pretty well made, they are forever manifesting, and seem to be able to pick up a burst of speed at an calculated time. The graphics in this game suffer from them as rendering hordes of zombies clearly takes its toll on the aesthetics of this game. Graphics are sometimes blocky and ridged. The frame rate is often slow and sometimes it seems as if you are moving in slow motion, but again its because of the zombies. I love that there are so many of them but I do wish that these zombies regenerated at a certain pace. After running through the same area a few times and taking out hundreds of zombies I feel that area should be somewhat clear, just a few less zombies in this area for a certain period of time. This way the frame rate wont be as affected and the graphics would pick up as well. I also wish that Chuck could run, with this many zombies around, there is no way in hell we shouldn't have a run button or at least a speed burst. The zombies themselves seem to have a way of becoming mini track stars as they perform a burst of speed and grab your neck as you slowly jog past them. This can become very annoying as you are sometimes not eve close to them and yet they are given a chance to zap some of your health away. Like I said this game has many hiccups and there still a lot that can be done to enhance the gameplay so maybe they will work out more bugs with the next installment of Dead Rising.

Even with my minor complaints, this game is a good one. It's fun, and the story is actually really good. You truly become invested in Chuck's mission to clear his name and keep his little girl Katie alive. The one really great thing about this game are the combo weapons and all the interesting things Chuck can make with a little duct tape. Some of the amazing combo weapons are the classic spiked bat, boomstick, paddlesaw, electric chair, knife gloves and flamethrower. These combo weapons are very useful as they help you level up faster and they seem to not break as you more zombies kills for your buck. Leveling up is not too hard to do but it is somewhat of an uphill battle until your around level 12 or so. The new multi-player co-op adds some spice to the game as it is basically the host gamer's storyline with an identical Chuck helping you fight your way through this Zombie overruned city. This can actually be fun and helpful as some of the boss fights can be long and again annoying so a helping hand is always welcomed. There are many facets to this game that makes it well worth a play through and for those of you who are unsure, renting would be the way to go at first. I would say that if you love zombies, killing, action, slow jogging, and just a fun time then this is certainly a game you should play and maybe even think about buying.

Graphics in this game ate often blocky and under par. Graphics could have been a lot better.
Good sound quality, cool zombie sound effects. Elevator music that plays throughout the mall is realistic and soothing in the mist of battle.
Gampeplay was lots of fun. Killing loads of zombies in this game is awesome. Combo weapons add spice to the fighting as well.
Fun Factor
A city overrun with zombies and you have three days to kill as many as you want. What could be more fun than that.
Multiplayer function adds something new to the gameplay as having a fellow chuck watching your back brings the fun to a whole new level.
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