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User Review : Days Gone

  • Great character development and solid story
  • Solid gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Technical and framerate issues hold the game back.

User Review : Days Gone

When Days Gone came out, the game got mixed reception from reviewers, but the game got praised by community. I was so conflicted and don’t know if I want to buy a game or not. I did bought the game and finished it in 1 week. So here my review of Days Gone.

The game set in post apocalyptic Bend Oregon where the virus aka Freaker spread the whole world. You play as Deacon St John who used to be a biker gang of mongrel with his buddy Boozer who used to be the same group. Now both of them are bounty hunters, drifters, mercenaries and survivors try to survive in this world. I won’t spoil too much about the story, but it’s pretty good and it will make you care main character and some others as well.

I’m no graphic expert. But I can tell you that the graphics is beautiful. The detail, environment and atmosphere are great. And the sound design is great expect the gun sound is a mixed.

About gameplay, it feel troubled at first but at the time goes on it feel satisfying and rewarding. Human AI can be stupid but the Freakers are not.

I hear people complaint about this game is technical issues and framerate issues. I almost have no issues with this game (PS4 Pro Version 1.07), but I think it need to be addressed and I hear Bend Studio are working on it.

Despite the technical issues and framerate issues, the gameplay, story, characters and graphics are all solid. Bend Studio made a solid game and set a solid foundation.

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