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Days Gone Review

Days Gone is a game that has been long waited for first party PlayStation enthusiast, the game unfortunately falls short on what could have been promising adventure and here is why.

Days gone starts with a pandemic infection wiping out humanity and we skip right to a few years down the road from the start of the infection. You play as a bland one-dimensional character Deacon St John a bounty hunter who stayed in the Oregon region to find answers about his past. The game starts off like a Mad Max Situation, your bike is taken and stripped for parts, so your objective is to build your bike from scratch and make it the best bike in all the land. I progressed through the game at quite a slow pace and upgrading my bike seem to be more of a chore then an enjoyment, I feel this way because it seem to take a long time to build the trust up in the camps to get the parts I needed or wanted in this case. While I was not building up my bike, I was out performing what seem to be very mindless tasks and exploring the very bland world of Days Gone.

While its not all bad there is a lot of fun to be had when it comes to Days Gone, infiltrating drifter camps and taken them down silently with my boot knife never got old or tiring. The gun gameplay is unique on its own but can be a bit aggravating when it comes to unlocking them, just like the bike parts you must have a certain trust levels unlocked. Like The Last Of Us the melee combat is unique and very satisfying from crafting to brutal take downs with a piece of two by four with a saw blade in it; another thing that is like the last of us is the crafting system of collecting resources to craft things like Molotov cocktails and med kits.
The story in days gone is certainly a unique one, there is not really a certain one main story the closest thing that comes to it is trying to find out what happens to Deacons wife as you re live the past with their relationship and the events that transpired in it. But there are many story lines in the game, none that are very captivating, and it seems to take so long to complete these story lines an unnecessary amount of time. In Reality while playing this game I felt like I was going from one mind numbing mission to the other because I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over; not to say they were not fun but the fun came in spurts, the game feels longer then it should have been.
While you are not cruising around on your bike or going from mission to mission you are fighting off hordes off freaker’s. When fighting off the hordes having focus shot is a must and having a automatic rifle, extended clip and Molotov cocktails are vitals when it comes to focusing on this task and is a lot of fun.
Days Gone suffers from performance issues, the open world is very bland it would have done better as a linear game, and falls short when it comes to the fun factor. What could have been a great game seems like it tried too hard.
Days Gone 7/10
Reviewed by The Nerds Den

Fun Factor
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KillBill24d ago

How is online a 9? What online aspect were you even rating?

slayernz23d ago

.....maybe the trophies syncing to ps plus? That's kind of online lol

slayernz23d ago

Basically what I got from that was you want all the best stuff straight away and shouldn't have to do missions etc to unlock them. Ummmm ok!

I'm loving the game and been playing non stop since release

KillBill22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I think you missed the point maybe? He specified "because I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over" in point talking that the missions were basically the same thing each time. Missions aren't bad, just having to rinse and repeat mission themes is the bad thing.

Now some people don't mind repeatedly doing the same thing over and over in a game. That is why we have so many farming simulators and such.

supes_2423d ago

LOL, ok I'll play too!!!
Graphics: 9
Sound: 9 for me I love the tone, I find it very immersive
Gameplay: 8
Fun Factor: 10 I haven't had this much fun in an open world game ever (RDR2 sucked, GTAV I also loved and Herizon ZD was also amazing)
Online: ?????

skiggy3422d ago

Hang on... How did online get a 9? There is NO online.
Anyway, I like this game! Sure its nothing groundbreaking like we have come to love about PS this gen but its still a very decent game. I am about 12hrs into it and I can't wait to go home and continue playing it. I agree there are definitely aspects of the game that could have been better. Like buildings, they are bland,. The controls of the motorcycle suck and yes St John seems a bit blah. But overall its a very decent game. Graphics are extremely good! I would say this game is a 7.5-8