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User Review : darksiders

  • Gameplay{Story{Graphics
  • Some soul farming required to platinum{A few inconsistencies in the story

Sleeper game scores big in gameplay and story.

*Limited Spoiler Alert* Nothing you will read will reveal anything on the game you wouldnt already find out through any other reviewer site. Before I get started, you should know that this game wasnt even on my radar until a friend recommended it and I put in on my Gamefly list.

Darksiders puts you in control of War, one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. Through a series of devious events, Heaven and Hell get pitted against each other on Earth with mankind stuck in the middle. War is sent to restore the balance on earth between good and evil and in the process uncovers a conspiracy implicating him as a traitor. Wars mission to uncover the truth, avenge his honor and regain his former strength are the driving forces behind the game.

Story wise, Darksiders excels in a compelling story that drives the player and the game forward. Flirting between religious prophecy and creative fiction, the story introduces several characters within the game, both allie and enemie, that play off each other and also set up for a sequel to the game.

The amazing aspect of this game to me is the extreme gameplay diversity. From the combat to the platforming to the almost devious puzzle solving. Darksiders takes gameplay elements from games such as Zelda, God of War, Resident Evil, Dark Sector, Prince of Persia and even Portal.

While not on the Uncharted 2 level, the graphics still do impress and the sheer size and epicness of the game make it even more impressive. Some issues with screen tearing and slipping do happen but they are infrequent enough not to detract from the overall game experience.

Artifact, enhancements armor pieces and legendary enhancement collection add replay value to the game if you didnt get them all the first play through. If you are an experienced action/adventure gamer I would recommend starting on the hardest difficulty (Apocalyptic). Also additional replay value is starting with the Abyssal Armor on a second playthrough if you collected all the pieces on your previous playthrough.

This game came out of no where for me and literally blew me away. Ill just say that even though I have just platinumed the game a few days ago and returned it to Gamefly, I am sure I will buy the game some day just to have it in my game library. My rating for Darksiders is as follows-

Story- 9.0
Gameplay- 9.5
Graphics- 8.0
Fun Factor- 9.5

Overall- 9/10 Great game, minimum rental but safe buy

Fun Factor
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SeanRL3185d ago

Nice review, I might actually check this game out. I thought it was going to flop.

RohanLee3183d ago

Nice review dude,

This turned out to be one of the best games in recent history.

definitely a buy.

Raimond3181d ago

I really enjoyed Darksiders. Even though it borrowed lots of things from other games, it was still an awesome package.

So I agree with your review. Nice one.