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User Review : Dark Souls

  • Titanic Heavy Armour Sets
  • NPC's Incorporation
  • Mysterious Lore
  • Blighttown Bugs
  • Swift Ending
  • Redundant Unique Weaponry

I slipped a little something in your Estus Flask.

You know when you go through an absolute gaming drought? So you pay one or two visits to your nearest game selling establishment throughout the week. Wondering if you'll find a hidden gem amongst the rubble of awfulness that gets produced today. When's that new innovative Call of Brilliance out anyway?

That's what happened when I found Dark Souls. At this point I had no idea of it's critical acclaim (I don't spend that much time on the internet for those reasons) and gave it a spin in my Xbox, continuing my quest of praying to the Aztec god Tlaloc for a glorious downpour that would quench that drought. I traded it in the next sorry I sold it on Ebay. Have to be austere in this economic climate.

The thing was, I was too used to be a death-defying juggernaut in everything I play for this. Where was my initial feeling of 'I'm the underdog now, but I’ll work my way through this weary world and become ruler of the realms and all things, and when this happens all will bow, oh and peasant I enjoy plums... and truffles'. It plainly was not in plain sight, as much as anyone could question on what sort of game you start off already dead, You're in an asylum, with no memory of what vile crime you committed to be there after school closing hours on that fateful day (but that was just cause to you wasn't it?) there are also no truffles in sight.

My brother purchased this anomaly a few months later and persuasively told me to reconsider. I got my hands on a Prepare to Die Edition and gave it it's dues, one thing that instantly caught my attention was the music on the character selection/creation screen. It reminded me of old PC and 3DO (Those who can remember that) games I used to play like Escape from Monster Manor, because of it's old and haunting dark setting effect that falls upon one's ears.

Well, I say play these nostalgic personal treasures, I was very young and gleaming with innocence, sat on the sofa next to my brother who was venturing in this god forsaken 32-bit. Refusing to touch the control pad for fear of real death if that paper-ghost got closer to the screen. I received a similar notion from Dark Souls, watching my battered knight run as fast as he could in trifling armour from 12-foot bull men with mallets, military trained-skeletons and another player throwing electric decapitations at me.

For me Dark Souls touches on a more traditionalist way of RPG game design, you'll trawl through some hellish expanses, see some things that change who you are, and pick up some gruesomely awe-inspiring gear. You don't have to spend all your time comparing what is the best (Unless that's your sort of thing) and just subconsciously enjoy the violating waiting for you around every corner (Freud was right all along.) with a small cough massive serving of whiskey.

Bonfires are for fairies and treasonous usurpers of the throne.

Surprised me in parts e.g. cutscenes. But found to be a bit choppy on gameplay in certain area's. Game seemed to slow down in places such as Blighttown probably due to the view distance or other factors.
Accordingly, for a dark RPG fantasy I don't really want background music to a high degree in the game itself, small or subtle use conveyed a level of loneliness that I believe is vital to the core experience. Sound Effects of mobs, surroundings etc. are what you want to hear to help keep you alive.
I could not give this anything less, my initial judgment was unfair, but because this breaks away from the usual simplicity of common games today it deserves brownie points. This was a gamble to produce in the gaming market and was turned away many times for being too difficult.
Fun Factor
This is no fun matter.
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Blacktric2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

"Redundant Unique Weaponry"

Say that to my face in Anor Londo and not in Undead Burg and see what happens.

Joking aside (not really), great review.

UnderageSalmon2478d ago

I've just been indicted...was that you? :)

DragonKnight2478d ago

What does "redundant unique weaponry" refer to? I would say that the normal weapons have redundancies more than the unique weapons.

A 1.0 for fun? I take it that's a joke right? Or perhaps the type of fun is lost due to the crap that are called games of this gen?

0 for online? Really? It has the most unique online experience of the entire gen?

I mean, yeah it's your opinion and you clearly admitted that it wasn't really your kind of game the first time, which shows more honesty than all professional reviewers combined, but as you can plainly see I disagree with those 3 assessments. It's probably because I'm a huge fan and started with the much more difficult Demon's Souls on the PS3. Great review though. You should submit it to sites like IGN and show them how real reviews are done.

UnderageSalmon2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Hey DragonKnight,

Thanks for the input and compliment, I'll enlighten on redundant unique weaponry by referring to boss soul weapons, I found a lot of them to be useless in comparison to 'normal' weapon you pick up and can upgrade.

And did I enjoy the game? Praise the Sun :)

landog2478d ago

demons and dark souls are two of my top 10 games of all time!!!

if you can, grab the pc prepare to die edition, 8 new areas/bosses, WAY better graphics, no framerate problems, but still all of the great awesomeness of the original and tons of new content, amazon has it for $15 all the time if you watch for deals

Cam9772477d ago

Why is a swift ending bad? IT ALLOWS US TO DO IT ALL. OVER. AGAIN.