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User Review : Crysis 2

  • Great graphics
  • Cool Nanosuit Technology
  • Cool Nanosuit Technology
  • Server Technology
  • Not noob friendly

Don't Panic ! Its a Crysis 2 Multiplayer Review

Crysis 2 Multiplayer always looked like it was going to be a lot of fun - and it is!

I have played for about 10 hours and Crysis 2 Multiplayer Rocks! The environments are vibrant (though I like KillZone3's dark and dirty feel) and detailed. Each map is set in a war torn part of NYC and they vary from down town sky scrapers to roof top gardens and public parks, warehouses and shopping malls to derelict piers and boat yards.

Each location provides plenty of opportunity to make the best use of the Nanosuit's abilities; whether that be stealthy sniping or hiding cloaked in a dark corner, and there are plenty of opportunities to leap across huge gaps and scale buildings in a single bound. In fact the way you configure your NanoSuit could infact change depending on the map. I think custom tweaking of this awesome technology will come, but for now I am content with some basics - in particular the hologram attachment.

Simply point the gun where you want to go, activate the hologram and watch as he takes the path you were about to take. Often you will see the enemy break from cover so you can pick them off quickly as they rush into the open. Alternatively you will witness your other self hailed in bullets from on high - its not safe out there. Clever use of the hologram, the armor and cloaking modes of your NanoSuit will enable you to traverse the map without taking any damage.

If this sounds too easy - well it isn't! There are going to 6 guys on the other team doing the same to you and for starters they will be better at it. Crysis 2 provides a recruit level mode where you will only be pitted against ranks 10 or lower, ensuring (in theory) that all will be on the same skill level.

The Nanosuit is the best and worst thing about this game! It rewards players for longevity. Yes its a little unfair if you have just started out and you are playing against players who have been on line for a while. You need to unlock more than the basics to be really competitive in this game. That said a few evenings work and you will be happy with your load out I am sure.

I have only played for a few hours but I must say that this looks like the final nail in Black Ops coffin for me.

The graphics on the multiplayer are as good as the single player portion of this game. Astounding.
Comparable with other FPS.
What's not to like? Instant thrills like traditional FPS multiplayers and some cool SciFi options, like holograms, cloaking and huge leaps!
Fun Factor
Hugely entertaining because of the Nanosuit mainly.
Great fun. Servers can be a bit laggy. I don't know the technical terms but this is a peer to peer system, which is not the best set up.
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DrHouse2845d ago

Why doc points for it not being noob friendly? Would you prefer it to be another noob unbalanced mess like COD has become?

DrHouse2844d ago

I didnt even see what I did there.

BeaArthur2842d ago

I agree, it shouldn't loose points because it's not easy like Call of Duty.

shammgod2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

MP review...I thought it was cool