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User Review : Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

  • Combat System{Graphical Power and intricate story{Materia Fusion is something that should be rewarded
  • Camera Angles aren't great{Random battles are followed up by other random battles

Spoiler Free! Fun, but flawed nonetheless

Spoiler Free!
However, this may contain one discreet and ambiguous spoiler.

Firstly when I say that an FF game is flawed it doesn't mean that it’s bad or even average. It still is a very good game that will warrant a purchase. For starters the game is very long and the gameplay is very distance from what other games offer. So before the bad I will show you where the game shines.

The graphics department is where the game shows off the fruit of its efforts. At times you will ask yourself: How can you do this on a portable game? Those times will predominantly include the cutscenes. Which are rendered in a way that allows you to feel as if you are watching a movie. The cutscene involving *SOMEWHAT OF A SPOILER* the three friends fighting* shows off the graphical power of the game prompting you to quit the game just to watch that cutscene again.

This leads me to bring up another point. The game has an intricate story which is generally a trademark of the Final Fantasy games. The plot often foreshadows what is yet to come and offers insight on the world of the characters. The characters evolve, showing you that you are not always on the right side of morality and that sometimes your enemy possesses a greater cause. One thing that I did not like about the story is the fact that some elements (one in particular) appear to be repetitive and to do this without spoilers is almost impossible. So I will try my hardest. Sometimes things are not as they seem; however, the transition from how things seem to how things are is often the same.

Being this far into the review I feel that I have to say something about the gameplay. Okay, let's begin with the combat system. It is not turn based, but it is for the better. There are still unavoidable random battles which are particularly annoying. Now I will explain why. The ultimate flaw of random battles in this game is the fact that they will often repeat in the same place and that sometimes when you finish one you are taken to another. This makes it worse than other games involving random battles.

Something else is that the camera angle often misrepresents depth and you will be using up your magic striking nothing. Also some enemies are so small that you can't even tell when you are behind or in front of them. Another thing that is wrong is that some bosses have attacks that can take such a huge portion of your health and then finish you off with one attack, which in turn induces you to keep constantly healing yourself, which doesn't make for good combat.

The combat has a few positive things in its favor. For one the facts that the magic powers are generally accessible and so are the items. The loading times are almost nothing and all necessary loading times are hidden by a cutscene which will usually grab your attention. The Digital Mind Wave is a nice addition which keeps you on the edge of your seat and leveling up according you luck gives you the drive in order to not die and lose your progress. Another good thing is the soundtrack.

However, my favorite part of the whole game may be something that others do not enjoy and that is Materia Fusion. I'll explain the awesome potential which it holds now. This adds so much longevity to the game without it the game would receive a much lower score. The idea doesn't seem very interesting, but in practice the experience improves much more. You will be combining the strangest materia and items and supercharging you materia. I repeat this is the best part of the game.
One last thing that I don't like about this game is the fact that for a very long segment of the game you can't really use a significant fraction of your money.

To sum it all up yes this is a good game that is above average and deserves praise, but it is not exceptional to the extent where you will finish it saying this has got to be one of the best games ever made.

Flawed in a few areas, but the gameplay is generally smooth
Some of the better in game graphics and the best cutscene graphics available on the PSP.
Has a great soundtrack which compliments the game nicely. Overall the soundtrack is pretty good, but it repeats too often.
Fun Factor
Materia Fusion and a good combat system, give this game an edge in the fun factor, but sometimes the game is simply too linear.
ry-guy5548d ago

Nice edits and good work :)

SolidSnake935546d ago

Bubbles for your help!


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Nintentional257d ago

I think Tifa is better than both of them if you know what I mean 😏

GoodGuy09258d ago

Both are great. Zack was the reason how Cloud became who he is, is just a really fun character and had to go through a ton of struggle so I do rate him a bit higher. Can't wait for the two to perhaps fight with or against eachother in the next part or two in the remake games.

Brazz258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Cloud game is better, but i prefer Zack as protagonist.

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Immagaiden260d ago

“The Final Fantasy series is well known for its very specific brand of protagonists. They usually fall into one of three categories: brooding loners, secretly significant newcomers, and deuteragonists masquerading as the protagonists.”

While Zack is unique, I’d never go so far as to say all other Final Fantasy protags are cut from only three cloths

CrimsonWing69260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Unique in he road the special bus. I couldn’t believe how cartoony and over-the-top he was. Like, I get his whole “gung-ho get things done and be the best outlook”, but he was so comical. I personally think it’s his voice actor to blame as I heard the original PSP voice actor and he was a bit more grounded in his performance.

I hope to god they tone him down in Rebirth. I can’t tell you the amount of cringe I went through listening to him and mostly everyone in the game open their mouth. Sephiroth, Tseng, and Cissnei were the only characters I thought were great. I think it’d be awesome if Cissnei showed up in Rebirth.

Pyrofire95260d ago

Uniquely his new voice is notable worse...