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User Review : Crackdown 2

We will celebrate the life of our late friend here present Crackdown 2.

Hello reader AOG, thank you for coming to this office. I am the Father Fox, Abbey of the Holy Brothers of Pad. We will celebrate the life of our late friend here present Crackdown 2. Son of Crackdown, it is with great sadness that the family told us he had been murdered. Only Dr. Man was able to prove his parentage, after several further analysis. In Nomine Pattern, and Wi-Fi, and Spiritu ASCII. Oh God Dammit ...

When You'll See It, You'll Shit Brixx

So here we are in Pacific City, as always subject to a brothel from the cataclysmic first episode. You are an agent of the Agency - I know it's stupid, but there it is - And you'll have to put the city in order with your armor scalable. The old gang are no more, but of course there is a new threat, The Cell, which ruled that the city needed barricades and other lights to appear a little more dilapidated. Add to that a horde of monsters worthy of anxiety 5 rue Césame, the Freaks, Night of infected mores quarrelsome and tactile, and you have a winning combo, or not.

To be kind, we say that Crackdown 2 has a realization very average textures of a bygone age, and a development non-existent for over 3 years. To be frank, we say that Crackdown, but with less features. The game offers 4 choices of faces, unnecessary since passed the level 2 of evolution, we no longer see the face of his hero. It was extremely pleased to be entitled to four colors of characters, a total luxury in these times of scarcity videogame! And after? Well, not much. The city is always open, it has not changed except for some barricades and dilapidated buildings, a small smoothing general, and then nothing. What about the evolution chart? Uh sorry, we have not found my Chief Warrant. The level design is simple, the various effects limited, and disarray.

Soundtrack, finally, half soundtrack to our late friend, since only the voices of the main characters are doubled, all other voices in the game are in English. Sounds generals have not changed since three years is good, but nothing more.

No Shit Sherlock?

Gameplay Crackdown 2 has not budged an inch, open-world like GTA, you accomplish missions for the Agency, we get orbits, and it makes the skin to the evil that roam the city. Everything would be fine if the errors of his predecessor had been corrected, and if the damn camera was fluid. But no, instead of that, we must never compromise between the various limitations inherent to the gameplay fascist and frequent questions about the duration of punishment. However, if you continue as you please, continue. The Agency, a provider of military equipment since 1942 knows to please. It is a string of machine guns, pumps, nozzles balls, grenades and various venues that your pognes Agent overboosted. Add to that the arms taken from the cell, and special guns left in forgotten places, and you have enough shave Berlin in less than an hour.

Your character evolves through the use of his gifts, firearms, explosives, melee combat, and conduct. Only the agility of it is subject to search of agility orbs if you want to jump higher, and it is essential to the pursuit of adventure. 6 levels of progression are available, but your appearance and your bonus will only change up to 5, do not ask me why 6 then, I ponder the question. To become stronger, you can also go in search of hidden orbs, providing a cocktail of orbits for all your abilities, and different races and challenges.

Side missions, you must destroy the cell by taking the old parts of Crackdown transformed into fortresses, close gaps Freaks with explosives, and restore a power system responsible for destroying infected areas Freaks. Then came the classic races on the roofs, in those vehicles, and hunting newspapers audio you will learn more about the history or not. Note the futility of vehicles that are only going to overwrite Freaks night, the rest of the time by dropping a small helicopter is much less tedious and long.

Campaign mode is only a concatenation of missions without passion, played with four friends, he offers a bit more fun, mostly due to the presence of such persons with whom delirium. To many, it is entirely possible to go into a spin to get to parts of anything, giving a bit of fresh air in this game tight and gasping for breath. The multiplayer modes offer classic games and uninviting. A method akin to Continue Ballistics Skull Halo 3, where we play with a rocket launcher in a limited area of play, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. You are entitled to four additional colors in these modes playable up to 16 players, even of luxury. These modes are reserved for big fans of the game, for others, no interest.

Regarding the scenario, the disease seems to affect the kitchen table our friends who are writers less and less. It weaves a stammering excuse for action, we drop the audio logs to believe in the depth, and then God will. Although this is not the purpose of these games, we must recognize that the whole is greater than minimal and is hard to see.

It takes about 15 hours to finish the solo Crackdown 2 takes 20 hours to recover the hidden orbs and agility that you have not reserved for Achievement whores, and crazy.

To summarize, Crackdown 2 is Crackdown, but with less features.

Crackdown 2, Crackdown is not as good, there is nothing more to say, keep your money for Deniers of worship, here comes the Sister Who Quest.

By : Fox

Nothing has changed since three years, it takes the same thing and it changes a little sloppy.
We put the same sounds as in 1, and we do not finish the French dubbing, ashamed.
It's Crackdown, but strangely, it is worse, the camera sucked, boredom.
Fun Factor
Enough to play 35 hours, but you really have faith to do so.
If you have friends, it may be fun, otherwise, it sucks.
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Kingdom Come3035d ago

The wingsuit?
Four player Co-Op?
Verus Multiplayer?
New weapons?
New Vehicles?
New enemies?
New skills (like Barge ability)?

This is a truly terrible review and I'm starting to wonder if you've even played the game...

3033d ago