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User Review : Castle Crashers

The best 2-d Side Scrolling Beat em Up ever? Maybe..

Castle Crashers is made by our friends at Behemoth Newgrounds personally owned Development team making games for profit.

Castle Crashers story is not going to win any awards. Get this you play as one of 4 knights to save PRINCESSES. I know it original out of its ass right? You also have to recapture some stone thing. Seriously you do not by this game for its story this game is just pure fun for 1200 microsoft points. The game is like double dragon and all of the knights have weapons. There are 4 knights at the beginning and later you can unlock more characters (up to 20+) Also did I mention these guys all have magical super powers? The Green Knight has control of acid. The Red one has Control of Lightning. The Blue one has control of Ice. Finally the Orange one has control of Fire.

The game has many levels in many different locals. The battlefield where you first start. Forest,Volcanoes, Deserts, and a Snowy out look up north. You have a level up system which lets you raise either Strength,Magic, Defense or Agility which adds a little diversity and strategy rather than mindless button mashing.

There also 2 things you probably wont see from other games in this genre that are in this game. Pets which boost either one of your 4 stats or add health or attack foes. Then there are over 50 weapons which are available which is nice.

Enemies..are probably the most important and funny things in the entire game. Ok ill just use a scenario as an example from the game. Your mission is to obtain a steering wheel so you can ride the boat to get across the water. Right before you get to obtain it you get attacked by a 2 headed beast behind a mountain and on the right is a giant sock puppet and on the left is a demon Hades looking thing ready to light you on fire and eat you. Yeah that is only one of the many crazy bosses that you will face. The standard enemies are hilarious as well as you will see.

This won't be a cake walk its made by behemoth remember the creators of Alien Hominid and Alien Hominid HD which is a hard game but this is easier its not a side scrolling shooter but, its still hard and is not made (in my opinion) for new comers to the genre but after awhile you can get used to it. The game after you beat it has and insane mode and it is insane.

Xbox Live? Yes and good amounts of it. Full Blown co-op all 4 players can compete online and offline and get the same amount of enjoyment rare in a lot of newer Xbox games. The mini games are fun that are available as well, Like all you can Quarff which is a eating mini game where you have to press the X and Y buttons in succession to progress and eat what is ever on your plate before the others do.

This is an XBLA game that everyone should own because it is just simply amazing although the difficulty and some of the jokes may not cater to some peoples taste


[N4G Edit]: This review was originally posted on September 12th 2008 on my Gamespot profile.

Fun Factor
I don't have my Xbox anymore but back when I played it the first few weeks were hell with online with connections could barely be stable once it got to more than 2 players. Still fun though when it worked.
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