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User Review : Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Great presentation
  • Invigorating MP
  • Solid mission variation
  • No co-op
  • A few MP inconsistencies

Infinity Ward Creates Another Stellar Sequel

With the yearly CoD release calendar in full stride, Infinity Ward is in the driver's seat again taking Call of Duty to the modern setting. With this new premise on combat comes the satisfaction as seeing a series take new strides towards exploring unfamiliar territory to them. Does that mean the game can live up to these expectations?

As stated before, the game takes place in a modern setting revolving around modern dilemmas: Certain countries hate their leaders, the threat of nuclear war is always pervalent, and the top dogs (USA and UK) have to take matters into their own hands.

You play as a few different characters in this game: 2 SAS operatives(Capt. Price in flashbacks and FNG Soap Mactavish), a USMC sergeant, and an AC-130 gunmen for 1 mission. These characters all play pivotal key roles in trying to stop a radical group, consisting of Russian and Middle Eastern ethnicities, from killing millions of innocent lives. The end result is quite satisfying and it has a story to boot. While it may contain nothing new in that regard, the great pacing and intense scenes makes CoD4 one of the most intense shooters for its time.

Once again the Call of Duty sets its graphical bar high in thanks to the variety of settings, smooth framerate, and great lighting effects. Many effects are also held highly thanks to the amount of outside sound made throughout the battlefield. Very few soundless seconds go by throughout your heavy-handed battles, from gunshots to tank batteries. The only quarrels I may have with gfx and sound are minor. Certain bland textures are disappointing to see but it's nothing major.

The gameplay formula doesn't stray far from the old CoD engine, it just adds the modern weapons you'd expect. Certain additions and improvements include knife melee, sprint button to all modes, bullets penetrating through weak objects, and modern weapons (from grenade launchers to ACOG scopes). Overall, the core gameplay (excluding MP) really goes with a facelift instead of a new makeover. With that said, it's still one of the smoothest systems around.

With such an invigorating SP, it's also pleasing to see the MP be a breath of fresh air to the series. The best way to describe CoD4's new "perks" system is it being a personal class-based system. You have a variety of different weapons which have different unlockables: different scopes, grenade launchers, or shotgun attatchments. Added upon those are perks which give you certain strategic advantages that range from increased health to being able to sprint for farther distances.

Another addition to the CoD MP is killstreaks. 3 kills gives you UAV (ability to find all enemies on map unless they have a certain perk), 5 kills gives you an airstrike to a certain part of the map, and 7 kills awards you a helicopter than encircles the map. In the end, Call of Duty 4: MW's multiplayer offers a cooking pot of different FPS MP ideas which results in a formula it can call its own. The major problem in the system is the lack of polish in regards to unbalanced ideas that really harm the core experience.

Call of Duty 4 is a very welcoming entry to the CoD series to both the veterans and newcomers. Call of Duty 4 offers some solid gameplay modes with little blemishes. However, one of the most lacking options that was becoming a norm for its time was co-op which is not in this game. Besides that and other faults, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a game I can strongly recommend to any FPS fan or any adenaline junkie for that matter.

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coolbeans' 2007 Game of the Year Nominee

Runs smoothly with some great gfx for its time.
Very immersive sounds for majority of the game.
The addition of modern elements and bullet penetration gives the feeling of never being safe throught the campaign and MP.
Fun Factor
Although it would've been nice to see co-op, CoD4's still an great shooter.
The new perk system to CoD's online is great, but unbalanced.
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coolbeans3031d ago

Hope you enjoyed the review :D.

ShabzS3021d ago

its a brilliant game ... never a dull moment ...

coolbeans3003d ago

It certainly has some amazing moments. However, it does have problems. It presented the shortest campaign (still the shortest) to the main series w/out co-op (which was coming into full stride back then), and MP balancing issues (most were minor though).

Focus to the end of my review, I still recommend this FPS to anyone who enjoys shooting games.