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User Review : Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Online perk system is very simple yet fun{Gameplay is easy to learn{The realism of the game draws players in
  • Single Player Campaign is short

A Twissted Review

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is a first person shooter developed by Infinity Ward for both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Call of Duty 4 takes in the player into the eyes of a British S.A.S soldier and a United States Marine. The single player missions are very well done and vary in different situations. For example the S.A.S missions tend to lead the player to do recon or stealth missions, while the Marine missions are about invading and eliminating Middle Eastern threats. The variety of these missions are well thought out and makes the player craving for more, is sad due to the fact that the campaign is fairly short.

The visuals in this game are very stunning, from the character models to the particle effects and even the sutble blurring effects when looking down the sights of the gun are well done and are polished up very nicely. The amazing about it is, is that this game runs in a sold 60 frames per second with out any noticable dips.

The gameplay uses the old Call of Duty style: Aim down the sight. This game utilizes this mechanic perfectly, and adds realism to the game, which is what this game is about. From holding your breath for sniper shots or the blurring effect of looking down your sight, Infinity Ward did they're best to make a very realistic game and they did.

Where this game shines, is the multiplayer. The online is very deep yet simple, and adds replay value from the sadly short campain. The online uses an rpg like leveling system with unlockables and "perks". These perks are realistic special abilites that can be utilized in online play. For example the "last stand" perk if an enemy were to shoot you down and you had this perk on you would pull out pistol and try to take them out before you die. It is simple stuff like this is what makes an online experience even better.

Aiming down the sight of a gun has never been so simple yet effective in any FPS game I have ever played.
One of the most stunning games I have ever seen, and it all runs in 60 frames.
The sound is very good, the caliburs of the guns in the game sound identical to there real life counterparts, and the voice acting is top notch as well.
Fun Factor
Extremely fun whether it be by yourself in campaign, with four friends with split screen, or even online.
The online is fun, perk system is new and effective, and the rpg leveling system just makes you want to play more.
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Nevers4601d ago

for a great game. Storymode didn't feel as short to me as everyone else but I threw myself up against Veteran. I agree with most of your high scoring yet I woulda docked it for lacking co-op in single player. IMO co-op story-modes should just be "a given" these days.