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User Review : Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Good Campaign
  • Okay Multiplayer
  • Nazi Zombies
  • Short Campaign
  • Bad Spawn System
  • No co-op campaign

New Call of Duty but did it make it or break it

Call of Duty is one of the most famous(if not the most famous) first person shooter franchise. This game continues the story from World at War, and you will even see some familiar faces, and of course some new ones. This game takes place during The Cold War, where the United States and The Soviet Union were in a nuclear arms race. Remember Reznov, well you will be meeting him in person again kind of. I have to say I really liked this games campaign, except it was a little to short. I have to say I also really like the characters, they each had there own personality and were unique and I have to say my favorite was Weaver. But the game is definitely not perfect. The multi player is definitely a mess, but not as bad as Modern Warfare 2. The spawn system is messed up for one, I'd be playing and I would spawn right next to 4 enemies, and I would just get dusted. Another thing is it looks like the graphics were downgraded. I know the engine is just a updated world at war engine but sometimes it looks like world at war has better graphics(but hey maybe that's just me). I like the kill streaks in this game but i wish they stacked and they also had a nuke(or an atomic bomb). I mean it could be higher than 25 kills in a row maybe like 30. Don't get my wrong I like the new customizable ideas like face paint, lots of camo for your gun, and the way your guy's character changes by what perk you pick. But I think that this game could have been so much better. Oh wait I almost forgot about Nazi Zombies. Yes it's back and better than ever. The maps for it are amazing and the your favorite characters are back to. Nazi Zombies is a lot better than Spec Ops from MW2. I only wish this game had co-op campaign like world at war.

Like I said before the graphics in this game look like they have been downgraded.
The sound in this game is pretty good. The voice-acting is very good and so isn't the song for Nazi zombies. The guns sound okay but sometimes they don't sound that realistic.
The gameplay is your typical fist person shooter, but this shooter like almost every call of duty brings something extra to the table with its perks and killstreaks.
Fun Factor
If your like me you will think this game is really fun when your first get it, but after a month or two you start to get really bored.
The online is fun for a little while, but this game starts to get you mad when you get into crappy spawns and hit markers.
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