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User Review : Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • Good graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Zombies
  • Should have taken out quickscoop
  • Single player is more dialog
  • to many camping areas

It is fun, but they could have fixed some areas.

I have been an avid Modern Warfare gamer since the beginning. I think that Black Ops was one of the best games for the franchise. With the weapons and how you ranked was a good thing for gamers who got rewarded for being good and now just how long they played.

The anticipation for BO2 was HUGE, I have to admit, I pre-ordered my copy when I first heard about it. I think the biggest selling point was getting the Nuketown 2025 map. I will say that I was kind of upset when I realized anyone who bought the game got the map.

Multi-player -

Well one of the downfalls about the game play in multi-player is that no matter how good you are, it all depends on how long you play. Like for example I do pretty good, usually my kills are above my deaths. There are times that I will be running and gunning and all of a sudden I am shooting a guy in the back, empty a full 30 round clip on him and he turns around with a shotgun and kills me with one shot. I think if they wanted to make it more "realistic" then it should not take 30 rounds in the back and the player not die.

The maps are ok, there are a few that of course players are going to love because all you have to do is camp and wait. It dos not take talent to just wait for a player to run past you and jump out and shoot them. They should have made it to where if you stop for a certain amount of time and you are not wearing a ghilli suit then you should show up on the UAV.

I thought that they were going to fix this issue from Modern Warfare 3 but they didn't it. Again it does not take any talent to do this quick scoping thing. You don't even have to aim when you do it so it makes the game not even fun to play when it always happens.

Remember there was a time when you only got rewarded if you played and you played good. Now it just seems that anyone can get leveled up if they just play long enough.

Another thing that I am sure a lot of other BO2 players are mad about is the taking away of Nuketown 2025. It was only available on the team death match during the fist double xp weekend then it was taken down and now only able to be played on certain game plays.

Single Player -

I do not care for single player at all. It seems there is more dialogue than actual game play. The graphics and the story line is what kept me playing it but when it came to actual playing the game, there wasn't much going on. You do certain tasks like jumping from a cliff, flying a helicopter, and riding a horse, but other than that I think there should be more player action as far as the dialog goes. I probably spent 30 minutes playing the game and 45 minutes listening to the game talk to itself. I buy a game to play it, not to watch the game take over and play itself.

Zombies -

Now I am not to familiar with zombies because I tried to play it in single player mode and you will not last long. Not only do you have to fight and hold off the zombies but you also have to put together equipment to make it to other levels of the map you are playing. I will say it was fun but it is something you cannot do by yourself unless you are a hardcore zombie player and know the ins and outs of how to survive.

The fact that they added the "puzzles" that you have to figure out in order to make it to the next level does give it a bit more game feeling than just running around shooting zombies like in the original Black Ops, so that is a major plus in my book.

Fun Factor
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