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User Review : Burnout Paradise

  • Jump in jump out online play{Custom Soundtracks{Trophies are very easy to achieve
  • PSN version lacks Bonus Cars

You can rule the road but does Burnout Paradise rule also?

Paradise City, city streets and mountain roads, the peaceful tranquility of the mountain air an escape from the hustle of the city as cars travel along their daily routine only to be disrupted by a car verociously flying through the air breaking through a billboard and landing in the middle of the street and speeding off breaking through a set of gates entering areas they shouldn't be. Burnout Paradise is a game about cars, racing them, stunting them and destroying whoever gets in your way.

The game features a set of events, Races, Stunt Runs, Marked Man, Road Rage and Burning routes.
Races are just typically that a race, from point A to B get there first and you win, were you expecting more?, on your way to getting to first don't be afraid to rough it up a bit and ram some of the competition in oncoming traffic or wall. Beware of traffic though they can be a pain sometimes as they have no set direction to swerve when they see you approaching and might 90% of the time swerve in the direction to also choose to swerve off of them causing a beautifully cinematic experience of your car compacting against the other car causing you valuable time in the race.
Stunt Runs can be alot of fun, barrel rolling and flat spinning and making superjumps all of which there are a lot of places to be executed all throughout Paradise City.
Marked Man, it's like a survival game, you have to get from point A to point B similar to a race, only difference is you're being chased and their only aim is to ram you off the road. You don't have to be all defensive though as you can also bring the pain to them and ram them off the road too to increase your chances of survival.
Road Rages, simple, race around the city against some Ai competition, it's not about coming first it's also not about following a set path, the whole city is your playground as you drive around ramming other drivers to acquire something known as a Takedown, the more of these you get the better because in this type of race that's your aim, beat the takedown target within a set time limit. They are a few types of takedowns, there's the normal takedown where you ram your opponent into a wall etc, then there's car/van takedown when you cause your opponent to hit a car/van, there's vertical takedown where you take to the air to land on your opponent, then there's a grinding takedown, force your opponent into some barriers for a period of time until he crashes.
Burning routes are effectively like time trials, you race against the clock if you win you unlock a tricked out version of the car you used in that route.

Cars, what's a review about a racing game if there's no mention of the cars. As with the different gameplay modes they are different car types which would be best suited for a particular event, Speed car for races, Stunt car for stunts etc. With over 70 cars in the game there's something for everyone from Muscle to Import, nascar to supercar each with it's own advantages and disadvantages.

The gameplay in Paradise is solid, the game does what it is told, there's great sense of speed, very good cinematics, sound is superb and having the ability to play custom songs enhances that, what's better than tearing up the streets while blasting your favourite tunes?

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