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User Review : Burnout Paradise

  • Graphics - Supurb looking city and no framerate drops.{Crashes - So realistic you will be checking to see if you have sustained damage{Online - Best feature, many different options, could play for days on end.
  • Story - Nothing particularly bad, but nothing spectacular either.{Soundtrack - Apart from 5-6 great songs, relativley unkown bands and songs.

Burnout Paradise, the game that could possibly reinvent the Racing genre forever, what's it like?

First off let me say that I am not a lover of racing games one bit, I got this game as it just looked to fun to pass up, open world games are seeming to pop up everywhere nowadays, but never did I think it would extend to a racing game, usually so generic, but this one could very well make creators rethink their whole gameplan on making this genre of gaming.

As far as I know on racing games it is pretty much, here is your starting point, here is your finishing point, go through the checkpoints and do it all as fast as you can, this game offers so much more than that, you can follow a set path, you can go off on your own, you are encouraged to smash and crash into other cars, taking them out of the game, with several different car types and looks to choose from you can take a dominant authority into the game and look to mainly take out your advisories, you can choose speed over power in which you just try to get from point A to point B as fast as possible and maybe try and take 1 or 2 cars out in the process, but basically try and avoid at all costs.

My other thoughts will come a bit later but the basicness of the gameplay could work in it's own favour by involving something simple that can also be looked at in a complex way too, for me it was pretty simple to just pick up and get going straight away, but it does take a little longer to work out the little nuances that make your car tick.

Overall i thought that it was definetly nothing groundbreaking in terms of other racing formats that I have played, but the open world style certainly offers alot more possibilities and definetly adds alot more than a typical circuit track and race game would, the lack of menus is brilliant, no need fiddling about with stupid unresponsive menus, with just a push of the D-Pad you get online and can start playing with your buddies immediately, not only that but you can also complete minor tasks while in "freeburn" online mode, my final words would be this is definetly a game buy, with about 75ish cars to collect, online that will go for a long time and a competent story mode with many features, will keep you going for a fair while.

Nothing breakthrough in terms of gameplay except for it being completely open world, races and everything else is solid, nothing too over the top, but nothing groundbreaking either.
Superb graphics, crashes are amazing to look at, slow-mo cinematic style gives enough for you to see the intricate natures of the smash and not one bit looks pre set, excellent lighting, wonderful environments and absolutely no framerate drops or loading times in an absolutely massive city.
Everything car noise sounds fine and reacts well, some cars sounding like a heard of elephants coming towards you, Soundtrack is pretty pathetic, about 5 or 6 good songs, with the 360 you can customise your own tracks, hopefully that will come to the PS3 with and update, this would lift my rating.
Fun Factor
Whats not to like, awesome online, crashes that are so lifelike you will be checking to see if your ok. Fun Factor reaches through the roof with this one!!!
Undoubtedly the best part of this game, no lag whatsoever, huge amount of possibilities, challenges, races, just driving around, plenty to do and will have you playing for months and months.
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