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User Review : Blur

  • Online structure
  • Playing with friends
  • Boring career
  • Standard weapons
  • Unoriginal gameplay

A hardcore Mario Kart?

Before I started playing Blur, I was having mixed impressions. I had just finished playing Split Second and the demo of Modnation Racers, which each have their own unique feel and style (huge destruction, colorful kart racer) and from watching gameplay of Blur, nothing struck me as "must play". And after finishing my first race in Blur, I still had the same feeling. The game isn't very new and creative. Sure, Blur might be a hardcore mario kart, but is that we really want?

One thing I think Blur has going for it is its presentation. Right when you pop in the disc you feel the techno vibe and every menu is clean and slick. Blur's single player experience is based around a series of competitions from one specific challenger (Boss). In each series of events is 6 races (either destruction, checkpoint, or standard races) culminating in a boss race with said challenger, after you complete not only the events but 4 different tasks (i.e. evading 10 shunts, gaining 1000 fans). Boss races aren't as exciting as regular races (with up to 20 competitors), and don't leave you satisfied. Luckily there are goals to complete in every other event and you receive lights for getting 1st, 2nd, and so on as well as a fan target and fan run. Lights help you advance through the career, while fans help bump up your driver level. What are fans you say? Well, you will gain fans from competing hard, completing challenges, and coming 1st place. I enjoy gaining fans instead of xp or money, and I think this is something more racers should adopt.

When a game like Blur combines mario kart and Need for Speed like qualities, graphics are something that immediately come to mind, and I was not a fan. While menus have an electronic neon look, tracks keep to an almost gray color palette and the only things that pop off the screen are power ups and cars. Even though there is great track variety, letting you race from the streets of downtown LA to the pebbled sidewalks of Barcelona, they all have the same look and feel, and I almost forget sometimes just where I'm racing. Blur has an amazing collection of licensed cars to unlock, and even though they are as detailed as a Need for Speed or Burnout, they don't stand out and I found myself not caring very much about what color I wanted my car to be.

Gameplay, though, is the central problem of Blur's mistakes, as racing is a complete ripoff of Mario Kart and Need for Speed. As you race in Ford GTs in the mountain tops of the Hollywood Hills, you collect power ups that float in the middle of the road, just like mario kart, but you know what power up it is, which is useful, as well as the fact that you can collect up to three at a time and send them backwards. The power ups, though, are most you know and love, just in a sleeker form, like the shunt ( a homing missile), bolt ( 3 basic "red shells"), and nitrous (please tell me you know what that is). They are all fun to use, for 5 minutes, and then it becomes standard fare. Which is the problem- we've all seen it before, unlike a Split Second, where buildings are crashing at you with sheer force (don't tell me you've seen that before). This is why I was so disappointed in Blur, because there are some places where Blur stands out, and in the most important area, it falters.

While I was way down on Blur while playing the single player career, I fell in love with Blur's online component. It features a Call of Duty style online system, complete with hundreds of challenges to complete, cars and perks to unlock, and levels to rank (of course, by gaining fans). Playing with up to 20 of your friends in many different online modes never gets old. Playing with real people is not frustrating like the AI opponents and the action is always frantic and chaotic. Although some things need to be fixed, like glitching and occasional lag, the fun factor is turned way up online and I wish single player was built more like this.

That's not to say Blur doesn't have any faults, because as far as I can tell there were many more misses in relation to hits. It's gameplay might feel like an unimaginative cross between mario kart and Need for Speed, and the graphics might be a slight gray area in the face of the colorful techno vibe of menu screens, but this does not take away from Blur's online mayhem, where I can guarantee you'll have a great time.

All the cars and environments have a nice polish to them, but vehicles don't stand out and the environments lack the visual impact you expect from other racers like Split Second and Modnation Racers. Menus and power-ups have a neon vibe to them and set the tone for the game.
Cars sound less than authentic and menu screens contain nothing but a techno track that plays continuously.
Blur consist of Mario Kart-esque power-up kart racing, while retaining a hardcore sim feel. Cars, for the most part, handle smoothly and power-ups work as promised.
Fun Factor
While you will definitely enjoy Blur for the first few hours, working through the sluggish career becomes monotonous as you race on the same tracks doing the same objectives. Actual racing is fun for a while, but once you experience every game mode and every power-up, it grows tiring.
Multiplayer in Blur is where you will have the most fun. Online has a Call of Duty-like feel, with perks, mod classes, and hundreds of challenges that will take many days to complete.
PoSTedUP4901d ago

cool, will probably buy it in 2-3 years when it hits the 10-$15 price point.


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Kumakai1296d ago

there was more than one? man i must have really checked out after the first one.... or my lack of interest is showing. that game was..... not great.

SickSinceSix1296d ago

"there was more than one?" This is exactly what I just thought too. I just remember the one on PS360 and PC. The game was fun but I didn't play it much tbh

IRetrouk1296d ago

Wanted to love this game so much, but just couldn't, it was the cars handling more than anything else, why they couldn't have kept or remade the pgr handling model is anyone's guess.

JonTheGod1296d ago

2 mobile variants and a cancelled sequel do not a franchise make.

Gunstar751296d ago

Blur was a great game. Such a shame Bizaree Creations went bust.

Azraeia1295d ago

Tbf didn't know there was more than one. But looking at the other games in this list no wonder the series died after the first major title. Racing is an awkward series to compete in imo. You can't really go down the simulation route cause games like Forza have got that covered and if you want arcade smash up style racing then just play the old NFS or Burnout.


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evilkillerk2329d ago

Blurs servers were the main issue but would love to see it return.

AZRoboto2329d ago

I'll point out that these games are all from the X360/PS3 era - they've already had HD releases when they first came out. Split/Second and Blur - with the crazy vehicle physics capable today, why would we not want sequels to them?

The other games, all a matter of opinion of course, but... thank you for your ads between every single game. /s

TheDCD2329d ago

Problem with sequels is that they aren't very likely. Activision dropped Blur like a bad habit, and Disney isn't doing games anymore. So I'll happily take the originals.

Relientk772329d ago

Remember Me
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Miss_Weeboo2329d ago

Alan Wake
Lost Odyssey
Demon Souls

TheDCD2328d ago

As much as I'd kill for a Demon's Souls remake, isn't likely. We'll probably get Bloodborne 2 instead.

PhoenixUp2329d ago

Dafuq kinda title is that? These games were already released on HD consoles though...

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Blur is one of the best racers you have never played

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yarbie10003126d ago

Blur was probably my favorite racing game last gen. I hate it didn't go over well.

Gazondaily3126d ago

Shame we won't get a HD Remaster because of Bizarre Creations winding up.

I also remember Split Second which was a cool overlooked racer.

crazysammy3125d ago

I recommend those 2 racers all the time at my store. No one seems to have a clue what they are but every time I do they are enjoyed.

Roccetarius3125d ago

I'm sure Split Second could've benefitted a lot from another game. They showed what kind of ideas they had for first game, but how would they refine it and add features to another?

It's a shame Disney shut down the developer.