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User Review : BioShock

  • Gameplay. Other Devs Take Note. This Is How FPS Should Be.{Storyline. Deinitely One You Won't Forget.{Longevity. You Will Be Playing The World Of Rapture For A Long Time.
  • The D-Pad. Its Annoying When Trying To Hack Fast{Frame Rate. They Were Apparent, But Not Bad.{It Ends.

Bioshock. Enough Said

Apologies To Those Thinking This Is A PS3 Review. But it was the PS3 release of Bioshock that prompted me to get this game for 360. I remember hearing about Bioshock from a friend of mine last year, when I was far too poor to even buy games for my PS2. His son was screaming praise for Halo 3. But he was drooling over another game that came out around the same time. "Get Bioshock" were his Words Of Wisdom for me. He didn't like Halo and wasn't much of a Shooter fan. So this remark took me by surprise. But he sang praises for Bioshock. He said that there wasn't any other shooter out there like it. So needless to say, it was always on my radar. Its just it was on the outer edges of my radar. So with all the hype of the PS3 version and my recent purchase of an Xbox 360 it became the big blip on my radar. I went out and bought it and oh my goodness.

The Storyline of this game is twisted beyond belief. Take Total Recall underwater and you have Bioshock. I'm not a fan of Horror. But Bioshock delivers a story and an experience that no movie Director would be able to deliver. It keeps you intrigued. It keeps you sucked in. I'm not going to spoil the storyline for those that haven't played it. But you are in for a ride that will leave you thinking "Whoa." In a sick and twisted way, the Bioshock storyline delivers one of the best yet.

Controls are classic FPS. On the 360 that's awesome. What caught me off guard was the jump button. But it didn't take long to adjust. What lets the controls down is the D-Pad when trying to hack. I really hope Microsoft fix the D-Pad up when the next the next Xbox comes out. You can use the Analogue sticks to hack, but it doesn't deliver the quick precise input when needed. It spoils a near perfect control system. Some collision detection issues were apparent, but oh well.

Graphics are good. There is nothing in the game that make your eyes water, but it captures the essence of living in an underwater hell well. The atmosphere of the game is eerie and dark, with just enough color to say "Good Graphics." Some may complain about the darkness of the game. You can change the brightness to make it easier to see everything, but that's not what Rapture is about. Persevere and your in for a treat. There were slight frame drop outs, but it wasn't to bad.

Gameplay is AWESOME. And yes it is written in capitals because its awesome with a capital A. Yes there are guns, but its the plasmid system that makes this game unique. The different plasmids and what they do, The way combat tonics change your abilities, even the ability to hack every robotic object that comes your way to help you along your way. It is AWESOME. Believe me, it is one of the best FPS structures out there.

I don't have many gripes with the game in general, other than some graphic glitches and the annoying D-Pad which I already covered in my Review.

Bioshock is great. But if you have a week stomach or suffer from nightmares because of Saw then you might want to go play something a bit brighter and more friendly like Viva Pinata. If not then you must, I repeat MUST, play Bioshock. It is that good. It is a great thing Bioshock has been ported over to PS3. Because now Sony owners can enjoy one of the defining games of this generation.

Awesome. The Combat, Modifications, Hacking, Everything.
Nothing Spectacular, But Solid None The Less. They Are Good, And Rapture Is Quite Beautiful. In A Sick And Twisted Sort Of Way.
Splicers Are Spooky. But Wouldn't Be So If The Sound Was Poor. An Excellent Effort.
Fun Factor
The Only Time I Got Sick Of Bioshock Was When I Discovered I Had Played It For 6 Hours Straight.
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Killjoy30004584d ago

Once again, fantastic job, Weng. I would write a review myself, but I tend to make mine too long and drawn out. Not to say that my writing style isn't provocative, but people complain about my tendency of writing long reviews.

But the main reason? It's just time consuming.

WengYong4584d ago

But Its something i like doing now. I read reviews and when I play the game I tend to find the reviews very different to what I think. Like GTA 4, IMO that was 8/10 at best. FF12 on PS2 wasn't as good the reviews said. But then sequels IMO need 2 reviews to properly do them justice. One for fans and one for those looking into it for the first time.

Thanks once again Killjoy.