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User Review : BioShock Infinite - Burial At Sea

  • A great story with a lot of punch
  • An immersive atmosphere
  • Solid gameplay
  • sky hook feels out of place
  • Bugged door that prevents repeated passage.

We're all buried at sea.

This review might contain SPOILERS for Bioshock Infinite main campaign.

Burial At Sea might seem like an off shoot what if scenario with main game protagonist Booker DeWitt & Elizabeth being transplanted from Colombia to Rapture but because of Infinite's ending off multiple possibilities it makes this return visit to Rapture a more meaningful experience.

The story sees this version of Booker DeWitt as a private eye working any case which comes his way when he's not too busy gambling away his payment. Booker sulking in his office one day when a gorgeous vixen walks through his doors and offers him a job, the woman is non other than Elizabeth.

The once sweet, innocent and generally naïve girl has matured into a more serious, cynical femme fatal and for story sake let's leave it at that.

In the first moments of the game long time Rapture fans will be treated with the sites & sounds of a city breaming with life and halls that evoke a sense of joy & wonder. These moments are a visual wonder that conveys how truly majestic Rapture was and emphasis the depths of how much the city has fallen by the first game.

It's not long when Splicers rear their ugly spliced up faces and its these moments where it becomes clear Irrational wasn't content with simply redo Infinite but switch the setting. Combat feels frantic & desperate as bullets run low with Splicers barring down on you without remorse.

Weapons & Vigors (now plasmids) are still the same minus some nice little additions which makes them feel different than their Infinite counterparts. If I have one complaint on the gameplay front is that they retained the sky hook in this DLC which feels out of place in an underwater city along with a weird bug that prevents you from opening a door again after getting through it.

The atmosphere of Burial At Sea is thick and often times evoke a haunting sense of nostalgia in a good way, and by the end you are left excited for episode two.

Final Verdict: Despite what reviewers may have you believe, Burial At Sea is a not only a solid entry but a great gaming experience regardless of its 2 to 3 hour length. If you love Bioshock and Infinite you owe it to yourself to get this add on.

Burial At Sea looks amazing with Rapture looking better than ever.
Great sound designs and music with Troy Baker delivering a well rounded Booker with Courtnee Draper stealing it with her voice encompassing all the changes her character has gone through.
Gameplay feels like a righteous mix of Infinite and the first game although melee strikes sometimes failed to cause enemies to be pushed back.
Fun Factor
While fun is subjective I feel people who either loved the gameplay of the original or Infinite will have a good time.
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