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User Review : Bayonetta

  • Engaging Battle system
  • Graphics Modeling
  • Approach of the story
  • Screen Tearing
  • Framerate drop
  • Boss battle repition

The Best Japanese "Hack'n Slash" Action Game!

From the first teaser of Bayonetta, the audience already had Devil May Cry in mind. Both game features fast pace and cool battle system. The two game sure share very same aspects, but Bayonetta sure has a stand on its own.

The story of the game is your typical "I'm the hero and I will save the world." But platinum games did an excellent job on hooking the the players up to the game with its typical type of story with deriving it to a little different that you will forget its your typical story (I really don't like saying more about the story, I don't like doing spoilers). The cutscenes are fun and exciting to watch, especially in cutscenes with fighting going on.

First is the graphics. The graphics of the game sure is brilliant, the developers sure made wonderful environment graphics and excellent character modeling. There are hits in the graphical department for sure, first I noticed is the facial modeling of a guy named Luka in the game, his face looks so dull or sub par quality rendered compared to the facial modeling of Bayonetta and other characters in the game, Dante of Devil May Cry 4 still looks better for sure even it is almost 2 years old already when Bayonetta came out. In the PS3 version, screen tearing is everywhere, even with no enemies on the screen, rotating the camera view will already cause screen tearing. Not only screen tearing is the technical issue of the game, but also dropping frame rate is a lot in the game. When you are in place with wonderful environment and enemies, drop of frame rate occurs but still the game is playable.

The soundtrack of the game is great. When in battle, the background music sets the atmosphere to be engaging which is the same way in Devil May Cry. There are problems when voice dubbing, there are some that the voice kicks in earlier than the character's mouth.

Gameplay is the spotlight of game. From the same maker of Devil May Cry, the gameplay even exceeds Devil May Cry. There are so many attack combinations you can use, when I look at the attack combinations list, I remember Tekken. Not only there are so many attacks you can perform, you will also have lots of weapons such as guns (handguns, shotguns), katana, whip, large claws. Not only you have many weapons, you can make different combinations on how you want to equip them like you can equip shotguns on your feet, then handguns on your hands which really makes the game stands out. Other gameplay from other Japanese "Hack'n Slash" games is merely plain, what I mean is you just run around the place and slash all you want. But this game have more, you'll be fighting a boss on an ocean with you having surfing on the water also, you get to control a missile as a rocket ship, you get to blast a boss using a big artillery gun. Another factor that makes this game stands out are the finishing moves you can do, all are so fun to watch and rewarding like summoning a large monster and eating the boss, and the boss is like "Oh my god! Help" while running away from the monster and get eaten. The game is not easy, normal mode can even make you frustrated, then a certain feature comes in, which is the witch time. This phase puts the enemies around you to slow motion and you'll have an increase of movement speed (running and attacking) by about 2 times faster than normal which really feels engaging, rewarding and unique. Bayonetta also can turn into a 'non-human' form, she can turn in to a panther so you can run faster and do long jumps, and also be a bird to temporary fly and attack opponents with sharp feathers like missiles.

Each attack you made to your enemy makes it feel strong and engaging that will make you want to hit the enemies more, in this aspect Bayonetta outperformed Devil May Cry.

Ranks are on the game, and it is really comparable to Devil May Cry. The game rates you with the total time you complete a chapter, how much damage you've taken, how much combo points you made, and if you used any item.

There is also economy on the game, there is a bar that is called "The Gates of Hell" on where you can buy techniques, weapons, items, accessories and treasures from the bar tender or the owner. The money that you'll use are the halos that you get from killing enemies and from bonuses when you finish each chapter. The better the rank you get, the more halos you'll get as bonus.

The game disappoints me in one aspect. In other japanese action games like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, Megaman X4(yes..a PS1 game), an rpg named Star Ocean 4 and many others...Bayonetta suffers from the repetition of boss battles, where in the transition going to the final boss, you'll have to pass through the previous bosses again. (I don't get why japanese likes it that way)

In general, as a big fan of Devil May Cry, having played this game, I'll say...(this hurts me but its true)...Bayonetta is BETTER than Devil May Cry.

Action game players should really play this game.

some blurred textures, framerate drops, Luka's lack of face detail rendering(personally for me), and screen tearings hurts the game but still in general, the graphics is great with its character and environment modeling
Great Soundtrack, some mistimed voice dubbing
the battle system: witch time, torture, climax moves are so fun that really makes this game stands out
Fun Factor
with its unique battle system finishing moves and many unique features of its gameplay makes it the most fun japanese "hack'n slash" game, playing the game in hard mode will challenge you for sure
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kewlkat0072925d ago

This game is was a surprise when it came out and I want another one from platinum games.

Orochi2925d ago

I agree. Much better than Devil may Cry.

PS3Freak2924d ago

Right, the cheesiest, most ridiculously acted, terribly hectic game I've ever played is certainly better than DMC.

justinb12924d ago

Agree. Bayonetta was a good game but you really can't compare it to the few hack n slash greats. We all know who they are and they've proved untouchable for a while now.

Vesemir2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Total nonsense. Laughable. If Bayonetta isn't better than DMC the world shall rot NOW ! It didn't. You see.

It's better than DMC. MUUUUUCH better ! Dante fanboys...
Mama's Boys ! See ya.

PS3Freak2916d ago

What a compeling argument. So I guess only immature people like this guy like Bayonetta?

gamerz2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Download the free full color strategy guide from Sega called "The Perfect Witch Guide." Look for the link on the bottom left corner after the movie plays, here:

Can't wait for my copy to arrive from Amazon. Oh wait, I can since it wont be delivered till Feb 17 - ordered on Dec 29. Well worth the wait though... loved DMC. Thanks for the review!

skyblue142132925d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, and I bet that you ordered the game when it was $9.99 + tax and free shipping like I did. But hey they were practically almost giving it away at that price, so even though the waiting part is a pain, the price that I bought a copy of the game for makes up for the wait.

gamerz2924d ago

Yep... didn't know too much about it when ordering except for all the good recommendations and that it's by Platinum Games, but for $10 it's no risk at all. After reading about it while waiting am really excited to finally play. It looks sooooo fun! Sometimes anticipation is nearly as fun as the real thing, haha.

Three_Sisters2925d ago

the thing I love about this game is how simple you can evade this game you only have to press R2 but in DMC 3 and 4 you have to hold R1, right analog at side and then press, bayonetta has witch time :)

blackburn52924d ago

DMC 3 was the best. In my opinion they should have worked on making up for that travisty of that was DMC 4 instead of making this

Three_Sisters2924d ago

Yeah, that's what I've thought also...

But instead they created a character that puts emphasis on his right arm of his every picture or wallpaper in the internet and he's like saying "Look at my right arm! this makes DMC 4 cool!", and seriously...who is he? Virgil's son?...

Tommykrem2921d ago

Yup, and turning the twenty year old version of Sarah Palin into a game character and turning her hair into clothing was a waaaaaaaay better solution :P
NO! Dante and Nero anytime. (especially Dante)

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