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User Review : Battlefield 3

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Battlefield 3: a newcomers perspective

E3 2011, a new trailer for Battlefield 3 is shown and it quickly becomes a must buy. Before this, I've never played a Battlefield game with the exemption of the Battlefield: Bad Company series. I bought those games for the destruction and change of pace from other FPS multiplayer games, the same reason I bought Battlefield 3 a couple days ago. Excited, I put the disc into my PS3 and anxiously wait through the install to play one of the most hyped games of the year.

To start off, I begin with a couple rounds of multiplayer, because, let's be honest, multiplayer is the main reason most people buy the Battlefield series. What started off as a couple matches turned into a long session in which I became enriched in the community of players with actual skill and the tense 24 player matches. Battlefield 3 multiplayer is a little scarce on modes which brings me to my first complaint. There is Rush, Squad Rush, Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, and...That's it. I didn't know what to expect, so I guess it didn't matter much, but I was at least hoping for a Free for All or something more. Another aspect that seems lacking are the amount of maps, at the current moment there are only 9, which I'm sure will be greatly expanded upon with the addition of DLC.

On the Maps side of things, there is a great sense of hostility. The maps are huge and death awaits around every corner. If you're in the middle of an open field, you're going to die. Either from snipers, gunned down from a helicopter, or obliterated by a tank. It's truly amazing how many ways there are to die in this game, it's amazing and I don't mind getting killed because it teaches me a new lesson every time. With every death, you learn how to get better and are another step closer to becoming a pro. With the open field maps you have a strong sense of scale. It's an amazing feeling to be in a match with helicopters, Jets, and tanks all around you in an epic battle that sets the bar for what a multiplayer FPS should be.

I could write a book about how awesome the multiplayer in Battlefield 3 is, but I would lose your interest. In short, the multiplayer is a tactical masterpiece that requires cooperation and skill. It will keep you hooked for a long time with all the unlocks and customization options which include dog tags, soldier appearance, vehicle additions and more. Next up, we'll look at the campaign. It's a simple story, one that we've heard dozens of times with modern games. It involves terrorists, nuclear weapons, and flashbacks. Sound familiar? That's because it plays almost exactly like Battlefield 3's biggest competitor, Modern Warfare. Instead of the open maps found in multiplayer and freedom you expect from the series, you get linear corridors, scripted sequences, and as a result the whole experience suffers.

While some of the sequences are pretty neat, it isn't what I expected. Like I said, I've only played the Bad Company series, but I still expected something different. In about 6 hours, the single player is done and there isn't much reason to revisit it other than to collect achievements or trophies. The campaign brought up another subject that I need to adress. In the trailers, EA highlights the destruction that the Frostbite 2.0 engine allows. We were only shown campaign videos showing the destruction and from that I expected the destruction to be like Bad Company only much, much better. I was wrong, instead of the destruction I was expecting, you get scripted sequences in single player, and glitchy, limited destruction in multiplayer. While it isn't that much of a big deal, it still makes the whole experience feel unfinished.

In the end, Battlefield 3 is an excellent FPS that was perhaps let some gamers down by creating mass hype that it didn't achieve for the most part. While it did deliver on most of its promises, it left some of them unfulfilled and others ignored completely. Nevertheless, it's an amazing game with a multiplayer experience that is rough, but will be a masterpiece with a few patches. The content is enough to last for months, content which will last much much longer with DLC EA is promising in the coming months. I don't have a gaming PC, but because of this game, I am going to become one once I earn enough money to build my own. If the PC version is better than this already amazing game, I'd gladly pay more for 64 player matches and bigger maps. If you're a fan of team based FPS shooters, definitely pick this game up.

This has been my first review, any feedback will be greatly appreciated to help me make better reviews in the future.

Frostbite 2.0 creates amazing environments and there is great detail in the weapons and vehicles. There are occasional problems in which the textures load slowly and some pop-up problems make the game look less steller than it should.
What can I say, the sound is incredible. Turn your volume up and hear the bullets wiz by your head make you feel like you're in a real battlefield, without the risk of impending death of course. When you're in a vehicle and RPG's are flying at you, every explosion sounds lifelike.
The campaign is uninteresting if you expect something similar to the multiplayer with freedom and choice. The multiplayer more than makes up for this with huge matches testing your skill and providing epic battles that will keep you entertained for months.
Fun Factor
There's nothing more satisfying than getting show down in a jet and crash landing in enemy territory. The multiplayer provides endless fun with unpredictable matches. The single player, like I said, isn't anything new and feels like it's forced in.
a rough diamond, with a few patches, the annoying glitches that hinder multiplayer will be removed making this one of the best multiplayer games on the market.
2fk4418d ago

yea pretty good review....i never expected the campaign to be amazing because BF series never really concentrated on campaign...IMO it's the best FPS on the market by far =)

kennyboy4418d ago

lol endless fun? maybe to a world of warcraft lifetime player gamer demographic

Inzo4417d ago

Good review, but for me the SP has been disappointing if you take into account what Dice did with Bad Company and I feel they could have done so much better with this game but then again the Battlefield series has always been about the multiplayer.

Nes_Daze4416d ago

Good review, I haven't seen any glitches that stand out in multiplayer, but there is some stuff to be fixed.

Hufandpuf4415d ago

Great review. Im loving it so far and i enjoyed the campaign for what is was. But with the hype has to come the delivery, and the only thing that has delivered is the multiplayer. Everything else seems like the extra fat to an already great formula.


Battlefield Needs the Glory Days of BF3 and Bad Company 2 Back

Whether it comes through remakes or a new game with a similar style, DICE should aim to revive the glory days of Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2.

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masterfox384d ago

hmmm I think there will be no old BF glory days for EA since they are loyal to their greediness and laziness :D

Knightofelemia384d ago

You're asking for a miracle with EA that will never happen unless they can exploit the money making schemes behind it.

MadLad384d ago

We'll see what happens now that Zampella is overlooking the series.

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Father__Merrin384d ago

Anyone that wants to plat bf3 you can still go ahead and play it

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EA Needs to Push Out a Battlefield 3 Remake to Win Back Gamers, and Wash Away Recent Disappointments

(Opinion): EA needs to release the Battlefield 3 Remake in order to win back gamers. after the disappointing reception of Battlefield 2042 & Battlefield V.

MadLad631d ago

I've been wanting to see this for a long time; though I don't trust DICE to handle even a remake of their own work at this point.

Give it to Respawn.
Literally the only major in house developer I actually trust from EA at this point.

RaidenBlack630d ago

End-execution result aside .... Isn't that what BF Portal set out to achieve?
BF3 MP(maps + weapons) in a new Frostbite engine?
Hate it or love it .... but that's what they did.
Call it a Remaster technically ... coz Remake would be changing the mechanics and that's wot BF4 did over BF3 at MP side (barring the single-player story, which obviously has to be different)

SinisterMister631d ago

Man, cannot agree with you more.