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User Review : Battlefield 2: Armoured Fury

One of my all times

Yes this is a really old game, but I loved it so much that I have no qualms about writing a review for it. In fact, my first review of it ever.

It was truly for me, where teamwork gameplay was just so fantastic. My colleagues and I would log in after work at home, converse with each other over the ear piece will playing with each other on the computer in multuplayer. Teaming up and grouping together. Being able to get on a helicopter and do some zany tactics we come up with.

One of my most favorite experience was when an artillery round hit us and all of us were done except for me. So I ran in to the artillery rounds landing on the ground trying to get myself killed on purpose to spawn near my teammates. And somehow, not a single shell hit me. I was unscratched.

There is also the times where we decided to get on a helicopter together and go as high as possible (took us a long time). Had nice chats while doing so. Once we reached the height we thought was high enough, all of us parachuted down to the enemy base at the other end of the map, trying to find the commander. Its just so much fun that BF2 allowed us to do all of that.

From a ridiculous scenario where a jet fighter shot down landed on me as I was just strolling casually with a friend on a map. Its that level of ridiculously insane gameplay, the first for its time. Loved it endlessly.

To me, being 37 now and looking back. It was an amazing experience and was a fantastic memory. I was never really good at the game but I enjoyed it through and through

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