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User Review : Battlefield 1

Trench Warfare at its best

Dice brings back Battlefield with an all new installment in the franchise, taking us all the way back to World War 1. World War 1 was the world that shook and changed the world, it was the said to be the wars to end all wars, does this installment live up to its potential or does it die in the trenches? let's find out.

So let us start off with the campaign, in Battlefield 1's campaign you will play as six different soldiers, a British tank driver, an American pilot, an Italian brute soldier looking for his brother, a female soldier working alongside Lawrence of Arabia, legend of the Australian army and, an African American foot soldier fighting deep within the trenches of Europe. Across these journeys, on different continents of the world, you will experience different things like tank battles in a town square in France, dog fights over the fields of Germany, horseback fighting in the middle east. During the course of the campaign in just about every section, you will end up doing some stealth just so you do not get obliterated by every soldier in the area.

The campaign is not where it is at in this game though while being very good it's multiplayer that makes you really appreciate the game. The multiplayer consist of an all new operations mode which is what I have played the most, in a nutshell, operations is rush mode but on a bigger scale. The multiplayer gives you that true sense of what it was like being in the war at the time the dirty warfare of the trenches and, being in no man's land trying to pick off your opponent. You feel a shot of adrenaline pump through your veins when running from an opponent shooting at you through the trenches and the muddy field or, watching as an enemy tank rolls right over you while you hide out in a hole in the ground.

Battlefield 1 may have taken us back to a war that has not been done in many games to this scale, but it's a step in the right direction for Dice and EA. The campaign was short but sweet with very little issues and, the online is amazing and truly one of a kind experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Battlefield 1: 9.5/10
Excellent job Dice and EA.
Reviewed by ICE at Gamers of the Round Table

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