Horizon Forbidden West SOOOOOON! I can't wait.
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User Review : ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission

The Closest Thing To 4D That I Can Imagine - MAGICAL!!

I won't be long winded here but...

Astro Bot is truly a mesmerizing experience. I can't give enough praise to Sony for their ingenious way of utilizing the Playstation VR. This is Sony wanting to dominate the platforming market while subconsciously thanking Nintendo through the emotions you feel delivered as you play this game.

YOU HAVE NEVER witnessed virtual reality like this before and that's not even hype.

One concern I thought I was going to have was doing too much of the same things in the game but little did I know, every level and world kept getting better and better and for those who don't know (the colorful flowers that open up, mimick you, go face to face with them). Something I'd like to mention is, I played this for hours and not one moment of motion sickness.

I want so badly to talk about the levels but I'll let you experience that; just know that this is mindless, over the top, bring the kid screaming out of you, no thinking, just have NEXT LEVEL QUALITY FUN!

Astrobot For the Playstation VR is Iconic and Astrobot is VR's Mascot...

Firewall, Resident Evil, Wipeout, Moss, Superhot are all great and immersive but this game is the new standard for what VR is capable of.

If I could, I would buy everyone a Playstation VR just to experience this. DO NOT MISS OUT on the incredible masterpiece that will surely be the new standard.

These are the best graphics on Playstation VR but looks alone aren't enough, it's how these graphics are integrated is what will get you.
Every level has music that seems like it's a perfect fit for the stage. Sony knows music and the sounds in this game is a great compliment to the level design and what
You can tell the designers thought about the old platformers and said to themselves, "we need to make Shigeru Miyamoto proud when he sees this, something NEXT GEN". That's exactly what was delivered. Sounds like too much hype right? Believe me, it's an experience that's
Fun Factor
VR is here to stay and when it comes to pure fun this is the Go to game. I've had so much fun with this game and everyone that we bring to our game room loves it.
As you progress through the game you'll notice how the game seems to get crisper, I believe the developers created stages that stood out more and more as the game went on. There's so much detail in everything and it's incredible what they've accomplished. The best looking PSVR game yet.
GamingSinceForever2106d ago

Absolutely an amazing game and experience. I can’t recall the last time I was in awe over a game.

derek2096d ago

THIS × 100. Nothing like it out there. Truly revelatory.

fr0sty2103d ago

A truly wonderful game, one of the best platformers ever made, and definitely the most innovative.


5 Best PSVR Games That Need PSVR 2 Ports

Alongside big hitters like Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village, PSVR 2 is already home to some of the best PSVR games and experiences, like Moss and Tetris Effect. Better yet, some ports like Job Simulator, Song in The Smoke and Pistol Whip offer free cross-generation upgrades if you bought them for the original PSVR.

There are many PSVR titles we’d love to see leap onto PlayStation VR2. Here's our pick.

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ApocalypseShadow503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

True indeed. Great picks. I'd also like Raw Data remastered, LA Noire, Iron Man, Arch Angel, Mortal Blitz and many others. We'll see what gets ported over time.

SullysCigar503d ago

There are so many that would benefit from a PSVR2 facelift with all the bells and whistles.

To add to your list, I'd also like: Hitman 1-3, Xing: The Land Beyond, The Room: VR, Red Matter, Farpoint, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, The Persistence, To the Top, Until You Fall, Arashi: Castles of Sin, Sniper Elite VR, Fracked, Dreams - I'm sure there are loads I've forgotten!


To add a sixth game to that list I need on ps vr2 is Vader Immortal

Abnor_Mal503d ago

Did anyone ever play Robinson: The Journey?

Oh and to add to the list I’d definitely put Bravo Team up for porting to PS5. I don’t understand why that game got so much flak when the only problem was the camera zooming out from first to third person when you had to move locations.

Other ports I would like to see wake its way over at some point would be DWVR, Immortsl Legacy, The Mages Tale, Killing Floor Incursion. Never played although I know I own them Unearthing Mars1/2 and Budget Cuts. Doom and Skyrim VR I’m not holding my breath on but would be nice.

EverydayJoe501d ago

I did. Was a beautiful game for its time.

MIDGETonSTILTS17503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

I would just add SUPERHOT.

Great list otherwise.

I’d easily pay $10 for an upgrade for any of these games, or full price for a vr2 version if I don’t own it yet.

Idc if the games are brand new, just as long as they work for my new headset.

Please update and take my money, devs 💰


Play at Home 2021 update: 10 free games to download this spring

Download free indie games and PS VR games starting March 25. And get ready: PS4 blockbuster Horizon Zero Dawn will be free for a limited time starting April 19.

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Terry_B1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


- Abzû
- Enter The Gungeon
- REZ Infinite
- Subnautica
- The Witness
- Astro Bot Rescue Mission
- Moss
- Thumper
- Paper Beast

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition to be FREE starting April 19

Damn awesome. I doubt any other game company ever gave away so many games completely free.

CaptainHenry9161216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

It sounds like Sony is also more serious about PS now. They're investing and working with this cloud base company. I'm waiting for them to add PS now to PS+. PSNow has over 800 games on there 🤔. Sony need to start marketing that

darthv721216d ago

Would that cloud based company be... Microsoft? https://www.engadget.com/20...

CaptainHenry9161216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

They been working with Microsoft with Azure? What's your point? The Bloomberg article was just posted today. They're working with Ubitus as well

VenomUK1216d ago

Better than a punch in the face.

bouzebbal1216d ago

Moss is amazing.. But short

Drithe1216d ago

PS now should have always been a part of psplus

Babadook71215d ago

"Moss is amazing.. But short"

Have you played the DLC?

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darthv721216d ago

REZ, Astro, Moss.... count me in.

1215d ago
NecrumOddBoy1216d ago

Let me be the first to say, if you haven’t played The Witness... do NOT read or look up anything about it and just dive in. Absolutely the best open world puzzle game in ages; probably since Myst. It will really bend your mind. It’s buttery smooth on PS5. I am replaying it now (platinum’d’ it on PS4).

Don’t spoil anything for yourself and just let it take you for an experience.

oakshin1216d ago

Yea why not....I'll take your advice but I have one question how much puzzle variety does it have?

1215d ago
JangoMan1215d ago

Now u know how gamers with XboxGamePass feel when AAA titles appear in the list. Its great that Sony is doing it to. In the end its happy us! The Gamers

I played Zero Dawn Main story, this will be great time to play DLCs as well.

1215d ago
RazzerRedux1215d ago

Do Game Pass gamers know how that feels without paying anything? No, they don't.

chiefJohn1171215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

They get a small taste, this like a drop of water compared to the tank of gamepass. HZD like the only aaa on that list and let's be real EVERY PS owner on this site already played and bought it.

Willelmus1215d ago

MS Gave away tons of games over the years. I doubt that if they ever did it Sony would do anything.

But they have been slacking lately because of Gamepass.

Terry_B1215d ago

Huh? When did they gave away games for free and which ones?

darthv721215d ago

^halo 5 was free, gears 5 was free (recently too) too human was free, phantom dust... and a few others I cant think of right now.

And yes those were totally free. You can prob find the articles about it on N4G.

Master of Unlocking1215d ago

Awesome, yes. Especially considering the fact that this time, I don't already own most of these games. Horizon Zero Dawn being the exception. It's gonna be long and tedious to finish the game again, as my save file of the NTSC-J version I have probably won't be compatible with the Pal version of the game that I'll be getting, but definitely worth it ultimately since I'll finally get to play the Frozen Wilds expansion!