Astro Bot is The Future Of Gaming Creativity!!
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User Review : ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission

The Closest Thing To 4D That I Can Imagine - MAGICAL!!

I won't be long winded here but...

Astro Bot is truly a mesmerizing experience. I can't give enough praise to Sony for their ingenious way of utilizing the Playstation VR. This is Sony wanting to dominate the platforming market while subconsciously thanking Nintendo through the emotions you feel delivered as you play this game.

YOU HAVE NEVER witnessed virtual reality like this before and that's not even hype.

One concern I thought I was going to have was doing too much of the same things in the game but little did I know, every level and world kept getting better and better and for those who don't know (the colorful flowers that open up, mimick you, go face to face with them). Something I'd like to mention is, I played this for hours and not one moment of motion sickness.

I want so badly to talk about the levels but I'll let you experience that; just know that this is mindless, over the top, bring the kid screaming out of you, no thinking, just have NEXT LEVEL QUALITY FUN!

Astrobot For the Playstation VR is Iconic and Astrobot is VR's Mascot...

Firewall, Resident Evil, Wipeout, Moss, Superhot are all great and immersive but this game is the new standard for what VR is capable of.

If I could, I would buy everyone a Playstation VR just to experience this. DO NOT MISS OUT on the incredible masterpiece that will surely be the new standard.

These are the best graphics on Playstation VR but looks alone aren't enough, it's how these graphics are integrated is what will get you.
Every level has music that seems like it's a perfect fit for the stage. Sony knows music and the sounds in this game is a great compliment to the level design and what
You can tell the designers thought about the old platformers and said to themselves, "we need to make Shigeru Miyamoto proud when he sees this, something NEXT GEN". That's exactly what was delivered. Sounds like too much hype right? Believe me, it's an experience that's
Fun Factor
VR is here to stay and when it comes to pure fun this is the Go to game. I've had so much fun with this game and everyone that we bring to our game room loves it.
As you progress through the game you'll notice how the game seems to get crisper, I believe the developers created stages that stood out more and more as the game went on. There's so much detail in everything and it's incredible what they've accomplished. The best looking PSVR game yet.
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GamingSinceForever103d ago

Absolutely an amazing game and experience. I can’t recall the last time I was in awe over a game.

derek94d ago

THIS × 100. Nothing like it out there. Truly revelatory.

fr0sty101d ago

A truly wonderful game, one of the best platformers ever made, and definitely the most innovative.