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User Review : Assassin's Creed Valhalla

My AC:Valhalla Experience

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a stunning open-world RPG game that takes players on an epic journey to 9th century England as they become Eivor, a legendary Viking raider. The action-adventure title brings the iconic elements of the series and introduces new intriguing mechanics that take combat and exploration to a whole new level. As you explore the breathtaking landscapes from the dark forests of Norway to the rolling hills of England, you’ll be able to customize your Viking character with different weapons and gear, build settlements across England, partake in intense naval battles and much more. Gaming fans will also appreciate that there are plenty of side quests, compelling characters and challenging boss fights along the way. Plus, with its stunning visuals backed by top-notch audio, Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a fully immersive gaming experience that will keep you hooked for hours. All in all, it's an outstanding game that offers something for everyone, and it deserves its critical acclaim. Gaming fans should definitely give this one a try – you won’t be disappointed!

The gameplay features many elements from past Assassin’s Creed titles such as stealth assassinations, parkour navigation and exploration of historic sites like Stonehenge. Combat has been improved with more dynamic and realistic fight mechanics. Players also have access to skill trees, crafting, fishing and hours of side quests. Additionally, the game provides an engaging online multiplayer mode that allows you to team up with friends or compete against other players in various intense challenges.

Overall, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a fantastic gaming experience for fans of the franchise as well as those new to the series. Its beautiful visuals, interesting story and an array of activities make it one of the best games released this year. It has earned widespread critical acclaim from critics who praised its immersive world and engaging gameplay elements. Whether you're a veteran gamer or just starting out, there's something here for everyone.

Exceptional graphics
Great sound
Even being a grind freak, I could not handle the amount of time you've got to waste
Fun Factor
Isn't fun after a while
Really good
GotGame818481d ago

It definitely isn't a 4/10! Even by the reviewers score 10-10-10-4-2 doesn't = 4! Try 7!

Also I liked the game, it wasn't as good as past Assassins Creed games, but not bad! I would like to see a Black Flag remake on new Gen hardware.

shinoff2183479d ago

I'd love to see an assassins creed in a future setting. Idk how but I'm sure they can figure something out


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GoodGuy0958d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Games are coming out with too much fluff and side activities that are horribly dull. That's my main issue with all these open world games. Open world should be about exploration, discovery and wonder, not have some stupid 10s or 100s of boring activities spread throughout.

IAMRealHooman56d ago

100% agree
All these ubisoft titles, Farcry, AC, Ghost recon, boast huge maps, but with the same, 3 missions or the same base to clear 100s of times. Hour 1 of any of those titles is the same as hour 100, there big for the sake of being big, with the illusion of player freedom, where we really want depth and player expression.

Ninver55d ago

Give me a solid 15-20 hour engaging single player driven IP any day. Life's too short you dig.

isarai56d ago

I stopped buying overfluffed games like a decade ago. Cant stand games with the Ubisoft mindset of just filling maps with uselss collectibles and fodder. Make it mean something. Ill gladly take 1/4 size of the map and 1/10th the "content" if it all meant more, were more unique and greater affect on your progression.

Abnor_Mal56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Well people complained like the world was ending when a few games were six to ten hours of gameplay. Developers listened and started making longer games full of repetitive gameplay, time wasting fetch quest and other forms of bloat. In doing so they were able to justify the high cost of a game being sold to the customers at seventy dollars or more.

H956d ago

Filler, it's like a 80 episodes show where only the first and last episodes actually matter

Inverno56d ago

It's been a problem with pretty much every modern AAA game all through last gen and this gen. God forbid you point it out tho because all these big games are masterpieces and people lose their minds if you criticize them. Death Stranding is a fetch quest fest, but people will die defending it cause it's a "masterpiece".

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Don't let the Assassin's Creed Free Weekend Sneak up on You

This weekend from August 10-14, players can play for free Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, Revelations, Black Flag and Valhalla on Xbox, PlayStation and PC (availability dependent on platform).

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dumahim288d ago

Thanks for the warning. I sure would have hated to have been surprised by installing a ubisoft game on accident.

Profchaos288d ago

Because you can't play all the games on every subscription already

KillBill288d ago

Valhalla is not on GamePass.

anast288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

I like Valhalla. The others haven't aged well.


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