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User Review : Assassin's Creed III

  • Naval Battles
  • Not enough Naval Battles
  • The ending

Naval Warfare Creed III

**Single Player Review**

After finally convincing myself to give up on the Assassin's Creed series, I found myself interested in Assassin's Creed 3. To be honest, I really enjoyed AC1, it was a very unique game during it's inception and provided us with some interesting stealth/platform gameplay, and, can't forget about it's gorgeous scenery and mountain like structures to climb. AC2 was ok but more of the same. Combat was stale at that point and the ending was just a total mind (think four letter word). Then the series started what I call the "Square-Enix Syndrome". SES (as I like to call it; ) is when you start to create spin off, after spin off, after spinoff (ahem Kingdom Hearts). Albeit, these games do contributes to the actual story but it ends up getting sloppy and, it's still another game not worthy enough to have a digit at the end of the title. Trying to keep up with the story from here on out just didn't seem worth I gave up on the series....until now.

Something captivated me with AC3 though....I would guess it would be because of it's American setting, that had a lot to do with it. Also, the game looked great, graphically, although with some minor glitches (like the one where my captain spoke with his mouth closed). The wardrobe design was spot on accurate, environments are full of life with vibrant greens and woodland critters and the snow and water effects are down right sexy. Mega Points for awesome water! Ubisoft did a nice job marketing this game with all sorts of trailers to get suckers like me, who are on the fence, convinced to purchase.

Anyway, this is Desmond's final story, and by skipping 2 major games in the series, I'm a bit out of the loop and confused when it comes to him. Connor's story on the other hand is easier to grasp and feels like I'm playing a different game where I didn't need to know the previous 2 games. Connor is the main protagonist of the game and is part Native American and part British....cheerio! Connor, unfortunately has the displeasure of seeing his birth mom die in a fire and then seeks revenge against those who did it....which would be those stinkin' Templars. On your journey you will be aided by some recognizable and historical figures, all in the name of freedom, to protect his people, and the start of the American Revolution. You'll be navigating through some flush, vibrant forest scenery where animals live...and die, New York, and Boston where those darn taxes tik everyone off.

Although the graphics were nice, there was something missing in the cities and I can't seem to pin point what it was, but I'm certain it was as tall as a Cathedral in Acre.....Ah yes! now I remember. Something great about the series was being able to scale vastly tall building, churches or what have you, and analyze your surroundings. Unfortunately in AC3, the setting happened to hinder their ability to create towering structures like that without compromising the realism of the time. So in turn, building were about no more than 2 stories high with an occasional church that was decently big. Cities just felt lifeless, and boring,with not that many inhabitants. So instead of traveling mainly by roof top, I found it easier to book it on foot because the foot traffic was non-existent.....lame.

What's lamer is going through the same, slow, and boring combat system in a lame, boring city. I will admit, it's better from prior entries but it still could have been done much better. Everyone basically just sits with their hands in the pocket wondering when it's there turn to jump in on the fight. Other times you will have to get strategic an occasional badass, which is certainly very welcomed.

The best part about the gameplay however were the NAVAL BATTLES!!!!!!!!!! This section of the game made me wish I had some beat up ship in my backyard ready to ship and sail the open ocean. The battle aboard the ---- were frantic and blood pumping excitement. Shooting a barrage of cannon balls and that poor little sale ship was immensely entertaining. One thing about this chosen time period, gamers were treated to some awesome battle/historical scenes and the Naval warfare is certainly one of them.

There wasn't anything particularly bad about Assassin's Creed 3, but I never had that "X" factor. Nothing really blew my mind as most of the environments were bland, along with combat. The story was ok, but nothing memorable. Connor was a good character but forgettable. It did have great voice acting and sound as they use tons of different languages and accents in the game (The Native tongue sounded funny)...I was pretty impressed by that. But overall, my final thoughts of this game will be it's poor and abrupt ending. You are ending Desmond's chapter and that's how you do it? Man, if I was heavily invested in this series I'd be way more pissed. It just felt that the developers ran out of time and said "Eh, screw it! this is the best we got".

It was a step down in the series from an architectural standpoint mix in with a bag of bugs, but, the game still does looks pretty, especially when coated with snow.
There are tons of languages/accents; French, Irish, Native American, English, etc. Really makes the game feel authentic and accurate.
It would be a 7 but MAN, do I LOVE those ship battles. Combat system really needs to be more aggressive.
Fun Factor
***Story*** The Assassin's story line is fairly good but the one and only plot twist was early in the game, so everything beyond was straight forward. Character development was also lacking making Connor an OK protagonist.
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Nimblest-Assassin2161d ago

Lol it seems almost everyone loves the ship battles. I previewed them early, and I really liked them... however my friends though everyone would hate them... guess they were wrong

Also, Alex Hutchinson and Corey May want to discuss the ending with fans in January after more people get the chance to play it