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User Review : Army of Two

  • Graphics are great, especially character models{Some fresh ideas to make the game feel different from other shooters
  • Baffling co-op matchmaking design{Generally poor game play{Short and repetetive campaign with no real multiplayer (just co-op games)

I hope you like co-op

Thankfully I realized pretty early on that Army of Two was rental worthy only. Call it a sixth sense, call it intuition, call it whatever you want but I can typically spot a rental quality game when I see one. The decision to rent instead of buy became glaringly correct when I first accessed the mid-mission shopping menu. The option to "pimp" your gun pretty much sums up what Army of Two is; a lot of flash and very little substance.

Army of Two features the two main protagonists Salem and Rios (both playable) and the convoluted set of side missions that EA calls a story. Ultimately the story climaxes in true horrible B movie fashion with a show down between Salem and Rios and those who had set them up and betrayed them. Typically I don't like to spoil the story for anyone who hasn't played it but it's as poorly told and horrible as it is boring so I don't think that I am doing anyone a disservice.

Just like almost every game (even the bad ones) there are some positives to walk away from Army of Two with. Let me say that I have never enjoyed looking at my character more in any game I have ever played. The character models look as good as any I have seen and the graphics overall are pretty nice. I also found the whole process of earning money to be refreshing. Knowing that completing objectives directly effected my character customization and upgrading added some extra incentive to get the job done. The Agro system is an interesting philosophy and I felt it did a lot to inspire team work instead of an "everyman for himself" type of game play that typical team based shooters employ.

For all it tries to do, Army of Two is in my opinion a rather pathetic game. It's as if EA through a bunch of ideas into the game but refused to really refine any of them. First off the co-op launch system is completely ridiculous. For a game that was completely designed with co-op to be it's main feature I can't figure out how they did not manage to incorporate seamless matchmaking. You can't just hop into a friends room who is already playing, you have to start from the last checkpoint with your partner already in the room, and if your partner leaves in the middle of the game or unexpectedly, the game kicks you back to the lobby. For a game that promotes itself as being all about co-op it sure does have an inferior way of creating and playing games compared to other games that incorporate co-op. Another thing is the awful and I mean awful hit detection for some of the weapons. I swear it didn't matter where I was pointing the Dessert Eagle; sometimes it would do damage and sometimes it wouldn't. I can remember instances throughout the game where I would shoot and shoot and shoot....and shoot some more only to not do any damage to the enemy and then all of a sudden they would start loosing health. Now the other 3 or 4 weapons I fired would on occasion have some suspect hit detection and to be honest I didn't try every weapon so I can't comment on all weapons, but the Dessert Eagle definitely needs to be patched. Both teammate, AI and enemy AI are awkward. Sometimes my teammate would not drag me to cover and other times it would drag me farther than needed while we get pounded by bullet after bullet. The enemies would sometimes just watch you walk right up to them (even when your partner is not very far into the Agro) and shoot them in the face, or they would run out of cover while you were shooting them only to die out in the open when staying behind cover would have been the logical thing to do. Finally the game play is repetetive and the campaign is way too short.

Now I will give credit (as I always do) for being bold and trying something new. The Agro feature is a refreshing edition to the shooter genre. However, as much as it shocks me to say this, Army of Two could have used a few more delays in order to create a better product. EA has laid some decent ground work but the game from top to bottom needs an overhaul if they plan on creating a franchise out of Army of Two.

Not very refined game play and questionable AI on both sides.
Player character models look great and the rest of the game isn't too bad either.
Voice overs are solid but the dialog will make you want to mute the TV.
Fun Factor
There is some fun to be had if you are co-oping with a friend, but a below average campaign and limited multiplayer options offer only limited enjoyment
Decent co-op game modes but lack of options, poor matchmaking for the campaign and poor game play diminish Army of Two's appeal.
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Sheriff Wyatt4601d ago

The only way to play this game is split screen co-op. I had fun doing it this way, but with the AI it sucked.

Weapons upgrade is not bad, and at least it encourages a 2nd play through.