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User Review : Army of Two

  • BEST CO-OP GAME EVER!{Cool Customisations
  • Weak Vehicle Use

Brutal Carnage With A Buddy.

Army of two is a third-person shooter from Electonic Arts that focuses on co-operative gameplay. It works best as a co-op campaign with a friend but can be enjoyed single player or online.

The game tells the story of two rough-necks that trade government paychecks for the big bucks of a Private Military Company, SSC. They take on countless enemies as they travel to destinations ranging from Afghanistan to Miami. The story is clever and relevant.

I don't want to make a big deal about the politics of the game. All I'll say is that it's interesting and the characters instantly appeal.

The combat system is brilliant. The method of drawing fire so your teammate can sneak up and attack from a different angle works very well. It's nice to see something innovative in a game that actually works well.

The AI in both your team-mate and the enemies you encounter is well-designed, applying different tactics and learning from your actions. For example, they may sneak up from a different angle and will learn if you try to play dead twice.

The weapons are what make the game I guess, as you complete mission objectives to earn cash so you can customise them. There are lots of guns and all can be tricked-out and 'pimped' to add an extra level of cool to the game.

The two principle characters have great presence, it's a joy to play as them. Working with a friend through the game is a great experience. This game excels at co-op gameplay in a way no game has before. It shows what Kane and Lynch or Gears Of War's co-op modes could have been.

The graphics are beautiful in cut-scenes and in-game. The terrain and environments are alive with detail and design. The animations are fluid and it suffers only slightly from glitches and bugs.

It doesn't last long (about 5 or 6 hours) but has multiple difficulty settings and a few online modes which together aid it's lastability significantly.

My only real criticism of the game is the vehicles. You only only really pilot a hovercraft and when you do there isn't much destructible elements to them. It breaks up the game a bit but doesn't do anything remarkable. And what happened to the fork-lift that we saw in the trailer?

Overall, I thoroughly loved this game. It's a keeper and will give me hours of fun anytime a friend wants to play split-screen or online in EA's best game in years. I love co-op games and this is the pinnacle of the genre.

Bravo EA. Let's have a sequel...

Works very well co-op or solo. The tactics you can employ are not endless but add a new dimension to gaming with a chum.
In-game graphics engine does a fantastic job of rendering the enviroment and characters. Cut-Scenes are ultra-realistic in places.
Music is nothing special but the various weapons sounds, battle-cries and character chatter give it real depth.
Fun Factor
The desire to earn money to 'pimp' your shotgun into an elaborate gold and silver design with a riddiculously large barrell is almost unbarable.
A few nice online modes to keep you busy, but nothing spectacular for online enthusiasts.
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toughNAME4652d ago

But awesome review, I was planning on renting this but there were no copies left so I went with Bully: SE

So do you think it's an absolute must to play with with a friend instead of the AI? I've heard a lot of people saying this which means I'll get someone to play the first time through with me, but when I go back for achievements I'll probably be using the AI.

I obviously can't comment on the score, but overall really nice review.

"I don't want to make a big deal about the politics of the game."

lol you can bet when I eventually get around to my review I WILL make somewhat of a deal about the politics :P

sonarus4651d ago

i would say this game is worth playing for a coop game but there are so many flaws with this title i can't justify giving it more than a 7. But thats why everyone has their own opinion

cobhatecrew4651d ago

i bought this game and im really digging it, the only thing that ticks me off is in multiplayer if the other team is loosing and they decide to leave, you and everyone else gets kicked out of the game and noone looses, so there is no penalty for loosing then exiting the game if you dont want to loose. its stupid. other than that i love the game but i wish it had better menues and lobbies. i dont understand why ea doesnt know how to do that stuff


its like your those two bank robbers that were in CALF. with all the armor and machine guns battling the 100 cops!PLAY B3YOND!!

Stubacca4649d ago

I love it. I know I gave it a really high score but I feel it's justified as it's so much fun.

@toughNAME, I feel the game is best as a two-player. It's too fiddly messing around, ordering the AI to flank you etc. But as you can play online or split-screen co-op there's really no excuse.

I'm still playing it! Go buy it guys! Feel free to add me and play me sometime.

The pimping of weapons and buddy action animations rule!

chaosatom3334647d ago

how does the split-screen co-op work? Because i was planning on playing it with my brother.