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User Review : Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake Remastered Review

Alan Wake Remastered Review

It has been 11 years Alan Wake was released on the X box 360, scaring us and taking us down a Stephen King like mystery. Alan Wake graces us with its presence fully remastered on PS4, PS5, X box One & X box Series X. Does it survive or should it have stayed in the dark? Lets find out

For those who have not played Alan Wake before I will recap the story for you all in this case. Alan Wake is a writer with writer's block which seems to be because of burnout during his last book tour which we do not really find this out till the last chapter of the game. Alan and his wife take a vacation in a very small town called Bright Falls which seems cute, tiny, and quaint at first, but in a very short time takes a dark turn while you are at your cabin. Your wife goes missing and you wake up what seems to be a nightmare straight out of a Stephen King movie. This evil old lady really wants you to write the ending of your next book and until you do the evil and darkness will keep a hold of your wife until you do.

So the gameplay in this game you can definitely tell this game was made in 2010 especially when it comes to the character models but as long as you keep this in mind it is forgivable. The gameplay is a 3rd person action-adventure/survival horror, you will need to stay out of the darkness and remain in the light so that you do not get killed. The enemy types you encounter in this game are called the taken which are just the bright falls town people but all of them are coming at you with chainsaws, shovels and scythes (wait now that I think of it reminds me of resident evil 4 but none the less I digress). How you defeat the taken is by shining a flashlight on the taken and then shooting them; you can also use a flare gun, road flares, or flashbang to defeat them as well. Along the way you will also collect numerous coffee thermos, manuscript pages now keep in mind you can only collect some of these on nightmare difficulty. I felt like I spent 80% of my time collecting stuff rather than continuing with the adventure.

The game is quite a short game it's only 6 chapters long and that is enough of this game for me when it comes to this. It's a nice throwback to 2010’s games but wears off quickly with the dated gameplay but still an intriguing story. But I would wait for the game to drop to 20.00$ I know I will probably only play this game once.

I give Alan Wake a 6/10

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Seth_hun26d ago

Sound 2.0 ? Why ? If you give a score that low , at least explain it why do you think its that bad.
Online 5.0 ? What is this ? There is no online of anything in this game