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User Review : 7 Days to Die

  • Great crafting
  • Building is a fun experience
  • Exploring is endless
  • Frame rate issues
  • Challenges are stupid
  • Animations and such are a bit off

7 frames to die

A fairly low key game, at least from my perceptive, no one seemed to know what to expect from this zombie survival game. With many elements borrowed from Minecraft 7 Days to Die became a base building survival coop game that gave my friends and I too many hours to count and weeks of in game time. I don't think there is anything we didn't do. We built a mine, made farm, built every single tool and material (including the weapons), went to the supply drops, discovered desert, forest, town, and snowy areas, made motorbikes, scavenged to the moon and back, built a pond, built a green house, we even made our base Jurassic park. We have probably upgraded and changed our base a dozen times. The zombies are noticeably copies from certain games but still make for a fun experience. But 130 days and 85 levels later, and I feel like we did it all. Not to say the game doesn't have enough content because all of that took at least 75 hours. So for a $30 game you get your moneys worth.

Unfortunately while content is strong the game is on the edge of play ability. I have had many instances of massive frame rate drops (I can't remember the last time the game ran at 30 fps) and crashing. While that is incredibly annoying and makes aiming something of a massive chore I still find the game playable. The only boring and annoying part I found about the game was the challenges. They seemed pointless and gave no XP for the amount of work some made you do. I also never found any story or lore to the game. However, I am quite oblivious to that stuff so please comment below about anything you discovered in that department.

All of those issues can be fixed with updates though. In fact I recall an update happening a week or so ago that said it fixed crashing issues. But either way, the game is fun to play with friends. Building random crap can be very enjoyable and making your base look epic is always a fun time. There is no lack of content although adding more materials, tools, and weapons is always welcome. 7 Days to Die is a great base for a fantastic game once they fix the frame rate and crashing issues.

Textures are generic however lighting is good.
Effects are good however I never noticed the sound track and am not sure if there is one.
Without frame rate issues the game would be glorious to play.
Fun Factor
Awesome time with friends however not sure when playing alone.
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