Some Players Brawl Over the Inconsistencies of XDefiant

Screenshot of a Practice Zone in XDefiant

Unfortunately, critiques have followed XDefiant since day one, anything from bunny-hopping, overpowered weapons, and controller issues, all the way to accusations of being P2W. XDefiant Players have been fighting a constant battle against inconsistencies, errors, and bugs. The latest issue isn’t a problem, per se, more like a mixture of confusion and admiration.

Some Fans Find XDefiant to be Overwhelming

A Redditor, FaZe_Sushi, raised an issue. They said: “The last few days of trying to play the game have yielded harder and more consistently difficult lobbies despite there being no SBMM. Did all the “normal” players leave already? The first week was perfect in terms of randomized lobbies, not the case anymore in my experience”.

The reason seems to be quite clear, most of the so-called “normal” players found the game to be too glitchy and quit. Some of them quit for good, but most until the next patch. A player, diobreads, said: “Overhunted into extinction. Or just waiting for the net code and b-hop fixes”.

Tintn00 noted: “Honestly I’m taking a break until the new code gets fixed. It’s an otherwise fun game that gets ruined by the frustrating net code. I’ve sucked in other games and that’s ok because it always felt fair when I lost. Not this time”.
Another player, upsidy, agreed but added that there was a shift in players’ behavior as well. They felt as if every player around them was either bunny-hopping or abusing some of the bugs. This fan said: “Something is strange and I really dislike it. This combined with no regs, I think I will quit the game. Which is a shame because I like the game very much”.

Screenshot during a match of XDefiant
Image via N4G Unlocked

Different Players, Different Strokes

Other fans see the rise in the number of “sweaty players” as a challenge. Expert_Nobody_8257 said: “Game has made me realize where gamers are actually at on the whole now in terms of level, I’ve spent years moaning about SBMM and longing for the days of old but the reality is gamers today are just much better than when I was slapping people about on Call of Duty 4”. They added: “I also realized that maybe I’m one of the sweats I always moan about”.
Prodigyyyyyy added: “No SBMM is a godsend. Still sweaty, but way more fun”. Brazenology confirmed: “The average player has definitely improved since 2007 but the beauty of it is that you’ll go from a game full of sweats to a lobby full of players that just downloaded the game”.
Obviously, with XDefiant still being brand new, there are a lot of details that need to be fixed. As for the way other people play, there probably isn’t much to do. One of the devs shared that repetitive behavior would be penalized in the future, meaning the bunny-hopping would finally stop. Other than that, they have no way of stopping the more competitive players. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, why not take a break? For a couple of hours, or, if needed, more. You should enjoy the game, it shouldn’t add to your stress levels.


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