XDefiant Can’t Catch a Break As Weekly Challenges Bug Out

Screenshot during a match in XDefiant

Another day, another problem with the game. Unfortunately, even though the developers have been very cooperative and have actively worked on improving the game, it seems that every patch solves one problem but initiates a couple of new ones. Now, the XDefiant players are reporting a brand new bug that is ruining the Ubisoft Connect Weekly Challenges.

Players Face a Bug That Ruins the Weekly Challenges

One player, iWhiteout-, reported: “My weekly challenges for getting kills with certain gun classes don’t track at all for some reason. Last week’s challenges, I had to get 75 kills with LMGs, got to 70/75 and after that, they stopped tracking”. They added: “This week I have to get 100 kills with SMGs and 50 with Snipers. After the match ended I checked progress and both challenges are still at zero”.

Another player, jj_olli, experienced the same issue. They noted: “The weekly kill challenges don’t track. For me it says 0 out of 50 sniper kills even though I’ve gotten the in-game daily challenge for 20 Sniper Rifle kills, also SMG Kills. I played one game with nearly only SMG and the challenge didn’t even progress one kill”.

The other Challenges are working just fine, but the Weapon-related ones are completely off the rails. MrMadHat_ confirmed. They said: “Weekly challenges are not getting registered, specifically the Weapon XP ones”. Another player, belderone42, added: “Yep. I also have this problem. I think something went wrong when they put Xcoins into the Weekly Challenge award”.

Fr4gTr4p theorized: “Yes, it started after the patch Y1S0.4, last week I couldn’t complete 75 LMG kills, stuck at 68”. They added: “I tried to contact support on Discord and the Ubisoft website, but no one answered me”.

Screenshot during a match in XDefiant
Image via N4G Unlocked

XDefiant Developers Are Working on Fixing the Bug

Thankfully, one player had more luck in contacting Ubisoft Support. Frost reached out to them on the social media platform, X. This player said: “Not sure where I should let you guys know this but me and a buddy are having an issue with the weekly challenges on the Ubisoft Connect app for PC, it’s not registering SMG and Sniper kills for the challenges. We’ve played 3 matches and nothing registers”.

Ubisoft Support was quick to reply. They stated: “Hi Frost. Thank you for reaching out to report this issue with the Sniper & SMG Ubisoft Connect challenges not tracking. We are aware of reports of this occurring, and this has been reported to be investigated. Thanks again for the report”.

Ubisoft Support reply to a report about a Weekly Challenges bug in XDefiant
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

We can safely say that help is on the way. Once again, we’d like to commend all the people behind XDefiant. It is such a huge project, and we believe they are doing their best. Hopefully, with time, maybe even in Season 1, the game will become more stable, and a bug like this one with the Weekly Challenges will be a rare occurrence in XDefiant. Until then, be patient and try to enjoy other aspects of the game.


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