What Time Does the Attack on Titan Fortnite Collab Start?

A titan from Attack on TITAN

As the release of the Attack on Titan Battle Pass in Fortnite draws closer, fans of both franchises are eagerly anticipating the upcoming collaboration. The Battle Pass will feature the highly anticipated Eren Jaeger skin and a range of other Attack on Titan cosmetic items.

What Time Does the Attack on Titan Fortnite Collab Finish Updating?

Based on past releases, it is expected that the Attack on Titan Battle Pass will be available at around 9am EST. However, this is not an official confirmation, and the exact time may vary depending on a range of factors. There is always the chance that there is an issue and the collab takes longer to start.

The Attack on Titan Battle Pass in Fortnite releases Tuesday, April 11. However, Epic Games has not yet confirmed the exact time of the collaboration. Players can expect to see new skins, emotes and other cosmetics based on the Attack on Titan series. It is also likely that there will be new challenges and rewards available as part of the Battle Pass.

Players are advised to keep an eye on official Fortnite social media accounts and community forums for updates and information.

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When the Battle Pass does become available, players will need to purchase it using V-Bucks if they already haven’t purchased the battle pass. The Battle Pass will include a range of cosmetic items, including the Eren Jaeger skin, a spray, back bling, emote, harvesting tool, emoticon, wrap, and banner icon. Players will also be able to complete challenge quests to unlock additional Attack on Titan rewards.

The main attraction of the Battle Pass is the highly anticipated Eren Jaeger skin, which will be available as the mid-season of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. The Battle Pass will also include a range of other cosmetic items that can be unlocked after completing a series of challenge quests.

Here is a list of the Attack on Titan items that will be included in the Battle Pass:

  • Eren Jaeger skin (Epic)
  • Eren’s Faceoff spray (Uncommon)
  • Basement Key back bling (Epic)
  • Scout Regiment Salute emote (Uncommon)
  • Titan Strike harvesting tool (Epic)
  • Determined Eren emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Regiment Gear wrap (Uncommon)
  • Training Corps banner icon (Uncommon)

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