The Finals Best Ways to Use Recurve Bow

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

Introduced with the release of Season 3 in The Finals, Recurve Bow is a new weapon for the Light Build. Along with being a great new addition to the Light Builds stellar arsenal, this is also a good alternative to the sniper rifle. Moreover, combining the Recurve Bow with Light Build’s specializations and gadgets can be quite devastating. Read on to find out what the best way is to use Recurve Bow in The Finals.

Best Way to Use Recurve Bow in The Finals 

Screenshot of a Recurve Bow in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The Light Build’s Recurve Bow is a medium to long-range bow whose range and damage depend on how long the primary fire is held. The Recurve Bow can be used to fire quickly at opponents, but this will greatly reduce its range and damage. However, players can hold the primary fire button to increase the bowstring pull to gain additional range and damage. This versatility makes the Recurve Bow one of the most unique weapons in the Light Builds arsenal.   

The Best Build for Recurve Bow in The Finals 

Weapon: Recurve Bow

Specialization: Grappling Hook 

Gadgets: Vanishing Bomb, Thermal Bore, Sonar Grenade 

Due to the versatility the Recurve Bow brings to the Light Build, its best paring by far is the Grappling Hook specialization. This specialization will allow players to reach higher grounds easily, giving the bow the bonus of elevated positions. Additionally, Grappling Hook is a great tool to quickly get out of dangerous situations or to chase enemies down. 

Because the Light Build has the least health out of all the Builds, taking the Vanishing Bomb provides a means of escaping the most dangerous situations. Dropping this gadget provides invisibility for everyone in the radius, and it can be a lifesaver in certain moments. Alternatively, this gadget can be used on a whole team to ambush enemies or invisibly assault Cashout points

Cover plays a big part in The Finals, and it is always good to have a tool to remove it. Luckily, Season 3 brought the Light Build a Thermal Bore, which is perfect for bringing down walls and ceilings alike. Moreover, combining the Thermal Bore with the Sonar Grenade, which can be used to locate enemies, can be a lethal combination.


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