How to Change Worlds in Once Human?

Screenshot of a player standin in front of a Teleportration Tower in Once Human

If players do not like the world they have been put in after they created their character in Once Human, there is no need to panic, there is a way to change Worlds in the game. Along with two distinct server types, Once Human also utilizes a World system. This allows developers to partition the servers and give their players the best possible gaming experience. 

However, if players are not satisfied with the World they were given or want to play with friends in other worlds, there is a way they can change worlds. Although you can change the World using the methods below, you cannot change the server type this way. Read on, and we will explain how to change Worlds in Once Human easily.      

Once Human How to Change Worlds

If players find themselves on the same server but in different worlds, there is a way to change the world. Moreover, there is no penalty for switching from one world to a new one in the game, and it can be done infinitely. Additionally, keep in mind that switching Worlds will leave everything players have built in the previous world behind.

Screenshot of a Teleportation Tower location in Once Human
Image via N4G Unlocked

However, if players wish, they can use the Move Territory function to relocate everything they created to a new world. Moreover, all the items players have on their character and in inventory will be kept once the worlds are changed. There are two ways players can use to change worlds in the game, and here is how:

Screenshot of a player using a Teleportation Tower in Once Human
Image via N4G Unlocked
  • Spread across the open world of Once Human players can find Radio Tower-looking structures called Teleportation Towers. Players can use these structures to replace their current world with a different one. Once at the Teleportation Tower players can press “G” to use them, and select the world they want to move to. 
Screenshot of a player using a Teleportation Tower to change worlds in Once Human
Image via N4G Unlocked
  • Alternatively, players can use their Social Menu to create a party called Hive in Once Human. Once the Hive requests are accepted, all the players will be spawned into the world of a Hive creator.

If more ways to change the World in Once Human appear, we will update this article accordingly.


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