The New Major Order Exhilirates Helldivers 2 Players

Helldivers 2 screenshot of Pouncers and Scavengers

It’s been a month full of turmoil for dedicated fans of Helldivers 2. Some of the problems included weapon nerfs and the delay of a patch. Other events weren’t problems per se, but the community was shaken to its core due to big changes within Arrowhead. Now, following the celebration of the victory over Automations on Varylia 5 and receiving the new Exosuit, Helldivers 2 players are all set for the next Major Order.

The New Major Order Signifies New Possibilities for Helldivers

On May 27, the new Major Order was issued. This time, Helldivers will try to suppress the Terminid advances. As per MO: “The time has come to address the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia. Using an experimental substance weaponized by our top scientific minds, the Helldivers will conduct a targeted strike to permanently end the threat posed by the Supercolony”.

The current MO represents just the first phase of the operation – securing the path to Meridia. In order to succeed the Helldivers need to have three designated planets under their control. The planets in question are Fenrir III, Angel’s Venture, and Turing.

Helldivers 2 currnet Major order
Image via N4G Unlocked

Players were hyped to start. Sunderz said: “Time to dust off the ol Airburst. Who wants to squad up? Desire to live not preferred”. Another fan, Jawstarte028, added: “We have arrived, and it is now that we perform our charge. In fealty to the Super President, our Democratically Elected Lord, and by the grace of the Super Earth”.

Fans Excited About a Little Twist

Following the release of the new Major Order, the official Helldivers 2 X account posted a video. They announced: “Breaking: Casualties Minimized Following “Unfortunate” Incident at Dark Fluid Research Facility”. The fans were, naturally, super excited by this announcement. A Redditor, ralfcasma, noted: “Yeah, this doesn’t sound concerning at all. Just a close call”.

LUPASAN said: “Interesting…. This definitely feels like they are hyping up something. Love how you guys did this by using Corretta”. Another X user, Dread Captain James, expressed their loyalty to Super Earth. They said: “Whatever research is being done there is for the greater good, Super Earth is always right. Glory to Super Earth!”

Back on Reddit, the fans shared their theories on what would happen next. Damien_Sin guessed: “So, we predicting a wormhole will soon appear near that region and THEY will arrive?” If you are wondering who THEY are, who else than the Illuminate?
Another player, pocketlint60, shared their theory. They said: “I think the Illuminate are going to show up after this resolves. Maybe not this specific MO, but this whole “Dark Fluid” arc. First, we will have the choice of blowing up either Cyberstan or Meridia, and the surviving faction will get the first boss unit. Then, when it seems like one of the fronts has stopped being a serious threat, a new one opens up”.

While the new Major Order keeps the players occupied, the Helldivers 2 devs are still working on a patch. The ETA is still unknown. Hopefully, it will come in time to help exterminate some Terminids. Glory to Super Earth!


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